Satrangi Sasural 19th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 19th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Granny is adamant on her stance not to eat or drink anything. All are tensed. dolly and pinky come and ask why di she take the jin thing so seriously, as they casually commented it. Granny eyes them tensedly. nilima gets to hitting them, that they are the reason for all this. Vihaan and kyra come to stop this scuffle. then, due to the stress, granny collapses on the bed. they rush to attend to her, as she is unconscious. then They call the doctor, who tells them that granny cant be this reckless, in such debiliating health condition, as her Bp dropped terribly, and that she should immediately eat soemthing. all are tensed, while grany s asleep. after she leaves, vihaan and kyra discuss with others as to what to do, since she needs to eat.

kyra tells him that she has a plan and takes him out holding his hand. they are all boggled. When they return,. they bombard vihaan and kyra with questions, while they say that they have organised for a feast for the priests in the house today. they again start reprimanding her, for this now, when granny isnt well. she then explains that its for her and her health only. all get to preparing the feast. Finally, the priests arrive. the members of the family welcome the priests and make them sit. they get down to eat, and then the head priest asks granny to come and start the fest, being the eldest. granny is tensed, and all eyes turn on her. They tensedly wait for her response. Granny denies saying that she cant eat. Kyra asks her to have the prashad just as they arent asking her to eat food. she eyes kyra tensedly, understanding what she is upto. The priest take it on his ego, and says that it would be their disrespect if the eldest member doesnt eat with them. granny immediately complies, and a plate is served to her too. she hesitatingly eats while all others are relieved that she ate finally. Granny however is angry.

Aftert he priest are fed and they leave, granny comes out with a suitcase and all are boggled and tensed. she announces that she wouldnt stay in a place where her wishes, her decisions and her say isnt respected. Therefore, she is leaving the house. all are shocked. They beg her not to, while she says that they betrayed her by connivingly making her eat food. They say that it was for her health. she taunts that if they are so concerned then they should agree to her wish. she reprimands kyra for her conspiracy in all this. Finally, frustratated with the amassing tension, he declares that they shall listen to granny, but for that, they shall leave the house and not her. the mothers are apalled, to see such tension between granny and vihaan, who used to be one soul at one time point of time. kyra is distraught to see them fighting, and says that she has a soltuio. they are boggled, as she goes in, and then asks the children, to be happy, and listen to their father and not be mischievous. sh gets emotional, as mili comesin, and she asks her to take responsibility of the kids from hereon. Mili is tensed as to whats kyra upto.

As people discuss outside, mili comes out with kyra and her suitcae, and they are alarmed. Vihaan says that they are ready to leave. kyra says that not they, but her, and says that only she shall leave, as he needs to be here for the family. he is aghast and says that she wont go alone. but she stays adamant and convinces him that he needs to be here. he sullenly, says that fine, if she cant stay without him, then so be it, and he can stay without her too then. he storms inside angrily. the mothers are tensed. the screen freezes on kyra’s distraught face.

Precap: Vihaan asks the mothers to pack up kyra’s lunch so that he can give it to her. harpreet is concerned and asks where has he put her up. He says that kyra is staying in red star. Meanwhile, the hotel has a fire and all the members hurriedly evacuate. kyra gets dizzy and nauseous engulfed by the smoke. and falls unconscious in the stairs. outside, vihaan arrives with the food. he is shocked to see the fire. when kyra doesnt come out, eh tries to break in the barricade but the police stops him back. he is aghast and apalled.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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