Satrangi Sasural 19th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 19th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: On the road
Rosy finds arushi cutting down on all the expenditures on herself, due to financial crisis. She is disappointed. When areushi goes inside to get the phone, she gets vihaan’s call, who first asks her if arushi isnt around. When she complies, he asks her to take her shopping, where he has deliberately kept the prices on discounted rates, so that arushi can shop to her heart’s content. Rosy is overwhelmed and says that every girl should get a husband like him, and hopes he takes care of arushi like this all his life.

Scene 2:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Arushi shows him the shopping list, and how incredibly low prices that she got it at. Vihaan is excited and says that his mothers’ too agreed on the expenditure.

Both smile happily.

Scene 3:
Location: Arushi’s residence
Arushi comes home to find dadaji talking about the money, that he has saved. she says that he should save it, but he insists that he shall spend it on his granddaughter’s wedding. Arushi gets emotional, and hugs him. He and her mother are relieved.

The next morning, when arushi gets to know that vihaan’s mothers have sent her a designer, she is shocked that her mother agreed to let her dress be worn on the mehendi and their dress on the wedding. Arushi goes to call vihaan. She asks arushi to overlook such minor things now that she is going to be someone’s else wife. Arushi gets emotional and says that she has a big heart, and that after marriage she wants to be just like her. She hugs her emotionally. dadaji eyes them happily too.

Scene 4:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
The mothers find that arushi has selected all the cheap jewellery from the catalogue. Granny thinks that this girl is really nice, she maintained her self esteem without hurting their sentiments too. She says that this shows she isnt greedy or after money. she says that despite all this, she is helpless, and every mother wants the marriage to happen, but she knows how it would change equeatios. Granny asks them to call arushi. they comply. She tensedly tells arushi to come right now rightaway, leaving all work. Harpreet asks why so upset on such a trivial issue. Granny says that this isnt a trivial issue.

when she comes, Arushi is questioned by everyone regarding the jewellery selection. She says that she didnt do it to insult them, but she hails from a lower middle class family. Arushi comes and tells them all that she isnt habituated to such expensive clothes, and hence if they felt bad by her reaction, she apologises profusely fr having hurt their sentiments. Granny tensedly says that if this girl has to become the bahu of this house, she would have to forget her upbringing and just remember where she shall be now. She says that she used to belong to middle class, but not anymore. She says that she would have to change her thinking and her lifestyle, and hence she should adapt to their lifestyle, she says that she should tell rightaway if she cant do it. all the mothers are tensed. Granny asks her to look at her clothes, and says that in this attire she wont be able to carry the status of the bahu of this house. Arushi stands hurt. Vihaan comes in and is shocked. Narmada asks asks granny to stop, but she goes on mercilessly, hoping that arushi’s self respect would be hurt and she shall herself call off the relation. Arushi says that she is absolutely right and right now, she doesnt deserve this house, but would work so hard that she promises that next time they see her, she is arushi vatsal. Granny gets up and goes inside. Narmada apologises along with all the other mothers, for granny’s statements. arushi says that she hasthe right to scold her. They all bless her. Arushi turns around and leaves, while eyeing vihaan on the way out, while he too stands tensed, hurt by what granny did.

Vihaan stands outside his room. Granny asks him to leave if he has come to favour the girl. he comes inside, with the pill and water, and she is surprised. he leaves without saying a word. Granny is guilty.

Scene 5:
Dadaji finds an old box, and asks mili to get something to open it. She gets a big metal chunk, and dadaji breaks the lock open. He is about to open it, when Prahlad comes and asks whats he doing. dadaji is angry that he is drunk again. Girish and he try to take it away. Her mother stops them, and asks whats in this. Prahlad wonders how to say that it contains 5 lakhs. Girish says that it contains alcohol and cigarettes, and before they can react, girish takes it inside. dadaji senses something else, and says that he is highly scared that he doesnt do any other faults before marriage. Her mother is tensed too.

In their room, girish and prahlad evilly think of their next plan to mug vihaan from his property. The screen freezes on prahlad’s face.

Precap: Vihaan and arushi, sit along with the seven mothers, who then finally leave them both alone, teasing that they wont get much alone time after marriage and hence should savour every moment. they leave. just outside, rosy comes startling arushi. She expresses that she is arushi’s friend. they tell her that she is getting to know vihaan and hence shouldnt interrupt. Rosy casually comments that they know each other so well already, and thats possibly the only good effect of knowing each other from before. all the ladies are stunned while arushi and vihaan are taken aback. Vihaan and arushi are shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. sorry to say this soap is not so interesting and it is also kind of boring to we the viewers writers please try and make it more suitable for the viewers pleasure

  2. I love this show but it is slow.Maybe it will pick up soon.I prefer to watch this than the others with all the revenge and hatred going on .

  3. the grandmother should reveal d secret and stop hurtin arushi

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