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Satrangi Sasural 19th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Kyra is shocked to see mili responding back, saying that she wont stand a chance against her at all, as she shall crush her completely, since she being fragile and gentle, doesnt stand any competition. she says that she shall make her living here so difficult that she wouldnt stand a chance against her. Kyra asks her to talk like her age, and what would happen if arushi’s spirit, who did so much for the family, sees her doing and behaving like this. Mili asks her not to even dare to speak about her sister. she jerks mili’s hand away and then slaps her tight, while mili starts screaming, not to hit her, in pretense. Narmada and others gather, while she presents her sob story, that kyra beat her, since the water wasnt coming,

and she held mili responsible for it. kyra is shocked. They are apalled, as mili pretends innocence, saying that she isnt a magician, but kyra hit her. narmada is enraged, while kyra says that its a lie. Narmada doesnt believe and takes her out.

Narmada comes out and tells granny what kyra did. kyra is tensed. Mili cries. Granny asks kyra, and confirms that she did slap, but when she is about to clarify the reason, narmada shuts her, asking her to apologise. mili smiles. Kyra is enraged thinking that she can play a better game, as she is a fighter and wont accept defeat so easily, and that she shall do everything to prevent her marriage. Kyra complies, while mili is amused. Granny and geeta are tensed. nilima is boggled. kyra leaves from there. Granny laments that whats happening isnt right, and begs for the lord to set things straight now.

In her room, kyra wonders whats going on, as something is amiss, and wonders why did mili challenge her like that. she then understands and thinks that she wants to take her out. Vihaan comes in and reprimands her for hitting mili. He asks her to keep her insecurities to herself, but mili is arushi’s sister, and his responsibility, as she has noone else, and with arushi’s loss, she too lost her family. He says that therefore he cant have mili thrown out of the house, and hence she shall have to adjust and thats final. kyra is apalled at his anger. He storms out. She understands mili’s game is based on the belief that noone shall throw her out, but she shall fail this plan, even if she gets vihaan and the mothers’ ire, but she wont let her Satrangi sasural be ruined.

Later in the night, the whole family prays in front of the temple. Kyra eyes mili, and then retreats a little to get to her, but narmada stands in the way, eyeing her. Kyra gets tensed and then slides past narmada stealthily, from behind her, and then gets next to mili, while she is tensed. Narmada opens her eyes and finds kyra next to mili. While praying, narmada nudges kyra, who collides into mili, and she hits her hand against the doorknob, and blood strats gushing. they are all tensed. kyra steps away from her, and stands apart. Mili finds that the remaining mothers have their eyes closed. as she sees mili with her wound, Kyra is shocked to see the wound disappearing, as mili continues her magic. Mili smiles evilly and continues magic. Kyra wonders whats going on as she has done something and something is wrong, and starts connecting the past incidents of wounds disappearing on her hand. she prays to the lord, that this seems impossible and how is this happening, as she cant even tell anyone, without proof, so noone shall believe her. she is determined to find out more about mili, and prays for the strength, to be able to do that and expose mili. she says that she shall have to meet pinky and then she can find out about her past.

Scene 2:
Location: Mental Institution
The next morning, kyra goes to the mental hospital, and requests to meet pinky, vehemently protesting that she might be able to help her, but the authorities dont let her. When she is tried to be taken out, she stealthily enters the room, where the mad women are kept, and bolts it from inside. The authorities are surprised. Pinky rushes to kyra and begs to be taken outside, as she suffocates here, vehemently protesting that she didnt do anything wrong. Kyra says that she knows and asks what happeneed. Pinky tells her, that the red dupatta clad girl is mili, and she hypnotised her last time. Pinky says that they can expose her together. kyra refuses and says that she is searching for more evidence. Just then, the authorities get in, and then they instruct the guards to show kyra out. Pinky is distraught, while kyra is shocked to see that the warden hits pinky. Kyra orders her not to hit her, and they forcibly take her away.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
At home, mili wonders where is kyra and whats she upto now. Mili meanwhile notices that priyanka in her room, is stealthily opening geeta’s money box and stealing money from it. then priyanka leaves. mili is amused, thinking about using it to her own advantage. when she comes to serve tea in the drawing room later on, she finds all worried for mini, who after shifting to Noida didnt even bother to call, and that maybe due to the fact that she changed her number, but they are tensed. Mini gets tensed hearing this. Kyra enters and all ask where had she gone. she says that she went to meet pinky. All are shocked, while mili is worried. geeta asks what possible reason she had. Kyra says that she had gone to find the reason as to why she did this. geeta asks if she could get it. Kyra says that she got an evidence, which she shall tell later. mili is tensed, while all are boggled. kyra notices her reaction.

Later, kyra enters her room, and then finds vihaan working on the bed, with his back against her, and hesitantly says that she wished to say something and she knows believing her would be difficult, but he needs to hear her out. she tells everything that pinky told her, and begs him to trust her, as she is saying the truth. When she nudges him, she finds him wearing headphones. he asks whats the matter as he was working on his business matters. She thinks its a signal that he shouldnt hear it yet and then leaves, without saying anything. She thinks that the evidence is the only way to expose mili in front of everyone.

Later, at night, kyra starts surfing through the store room, and then plants something in the carton, fully confident that mili shall come here and try to search whats the evidence that she has, and then her hands shall be dark with the permanent marker ink. She leaves, and hides. as her expectation, mili comes and starts surfing through the carton, while kyra happily thinks that she might be smart, but this time, she is faced with a smarter bahu, and asks her to be ready to get trapped, and be exposed.

Later, in the drawing room, Granny and all ask her to start and begin, as she was to present an evidence that states that pinky isnt the red dupatta clad girl, hence she called them all here. Kyra says that she has nothing. nilima asks then why were they collected, as all are boggled. Kyra says that she created this environment as she knows who is it, and then eyes mili. All are tensed. Kyra says that harpreet says that she needs evidence, and hence then explains the entire thing, as to how she placed the marker ink in the bowl, and whoever’s hands are smeared black, shall be the automatic culprit who tried to hide evidence. They are all tensed, including mili too. Kyra asks her to show her hands, while narmada stands for her, asking her to stop this nonsense. granny asks narmada not to intervene, and asks mili to show her hands. All wait in anticipation, as mili shows kyra her hands, which shocks her completely. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Kyra screams that mili isnt a normal person and she is merely acting, while all are tensed and apalled, as mili’s hands bear a huge scratch with blood gushing out. narmada attends to her. Vihaan rushes out of the room, frustratedly asking mili how did this happen and who did this. mili continues crying. Narmada accuses vihaan that he didnt believe her, when she said that kyra is abnormal and hit mili. He is shocked and then turns around and slaps her tight across her face. all are shocked, while mili viciously smiles.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. what is wrong with vihann and those mothers cannot they see that mili is the damn culprit imagine slapping kyra with him it is hit first and then ask question what kind of husband is he to tell the truth if I was kyra I would leave that house for good because as far as I see just living with them is a huge burden seven mothers and two ready made children way too much baggage for comfort and then to add to it is a crazy ass sister in law mili; kyra girl pack your bags and hit the road and please do not look back take what I am telling you you will be better off without them let milli turn that house upside down with Vihaan and his seven mothers they are way too dysfunctional can’t handle them anymore

  2. Ok. So the Bebo ( kyra step mother who is fighting for her property is over due to her death by Mili ) evil story line is over . Right. Why don’t they let kyra move back into her big fancy house and let vihaan and his family live there together with Kyra in luxury and happiness again. I cant stand narmada and harpreet constant b.itchiness. it is too sickening now. I cant believe that they cant see that mili is the evil culprit. So many damn easy sell outs and they cant realize. Atleast kyra has some damn sense.

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