Satrangi Sasural 18th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 18th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Vihaan is outraged, while granny is shocked at what narmada and harpreet did, and asks them to get lost. Kyra begs her not to do so, as after all they wanted good for vihaan only, and hence they were forced to do this. Mini says that if anything had to happen to him, it would have happened by now. narmada says that vihaan isnt out of danger still, and there’s still danger looming on his head. Kyra begs granny to think about it, as its true that she has a fault in her stars, which is causing all this. he asks her how can she be so modern and educated and believe in this stuff. She says that she didnt use to, but since things started happening, they forced him to believe. she asks what was he doing, and where was he, and why was his

phone not going through. he says that his phone got switched off, and the bike got down, and he didnt get the job too, and when he came out, and got the phone amended, the first call was from her, and he heard her voice, due to which he tracked down the number. he is shaken thinking what could have happened had he not reached in time. he says that he doesnt wish to clarify on this anymore. she is apalled, saying that she cant bear anything happening to him. harpreet begs him to understand that what they did was for his safety. kyra nudges him too, when she says that in such times, people dont know whats wrong or right. he says that nothing can justify this at all. Granny says that they cant be forgiven, but if all this is true then they have to find a solution. Mini asks how do they come to this solution and find a way out, as they cant go to the priest. They are tensed. Just then, geeta comes in saying that she heard everything, and she knows who can get a way out. She says that she doesnt believe in this, but if he is concerned then they have to believe, and asks him to lock himself, till they dont find a soltuion. he vehemently denies saying that he doesnt believe in it. granny and kyra too beg and try and convince, but he says that he doesnt wish to do anything, and walks off. Kyra asks geeta who is she talking about. she says that there’s a lady nearby who might have the solution. They are all tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Unidentified location
Geeta and kyra come to some suspicious lady, who instantly understands their problem, without them telling anything. kyra asks if there is a way out to save her husband’s life. She tells them that there is a spirit in that house, who has been trapped in the house and her freedom is the only way vihaan can be safe. geeta asks whose soul. She says that its arushi’s, who has to go, and the only way out now is to go back to where arushi died, as her soul is trapped there, and needs to be set free. geeta says that if arushi wishes to stay close to them, they dont have a problem. Kyra says that its vihaan’s life at stake, and asks the lady whats to be done. She says that they have to do a Yagna, right now, but with her only. kyra asks where she has to go. The lady says that the reason all of this has been happening is due to this. She also warns that the method is dangerous, and even poses a risk to life. but it has to be done. the lady says that arushi has to leave that house forever and go, and only his second wife can do that. geeta and kyra are tensed. The lady asks if she gives her consent. Geeta is tensed while kyra bravely accepts the challenge.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
geeta returns back, and granny asks where is kyra. Vihaan comes out too. Geeta tells what the lady told. he asks how could she let her go with a strange lady. geeta says that she too wishes to go, but the lady was clear that kyra has to go alone. he is frustrated and asks the name of the address and the lady. She tells it to him. narmada comes in saying that she got trapped too> geeta gets confused. Narmada asks who told geeta about this. Geeta says that someone from the neighbourhood was talking. Narmada asks her to wait as they get bebo inside. He asks where is kyra. Harpreet says that they heard her talks, and that she wishes to kill vihaan. they are all shocked. Narmada says that its true that kyra’s stars are faulty, but nothing happened to vihaan, as arushi’s soul is saving him, acting as a sheild against kyra’s fault. Narmada says that this was all her plan, so that kyra can go and free arushi’s soul, so that vihaan can die. He asks whats nonsense is this, and how can she believe in all this. geeta turns to bebo and asks if this is true. bebo pushes her away and then grabs a knife against geeta’s throat, asking them all to step back. they are all tensed and concerned for geeta. She tells narmada that he has to die, so that when he does, kyra’s property can be hers.

Scene 4:
Location: The ritual place
The lady explains the ritual to kyra, involving some rules, that she wont look back at any cost, as only wrong spirits shall stop her, and she might get restless, but she doesnt have to look back, and that she would have to walk naked feet, but she shouldnt wound herself, as if blood comes out, the ritual stands failed, and the most important, once the ritual has started, she cant utter a single word, as if she does so, then the ritual shall fail. she says that if she fails, then arushi’s soul shall enter her body and then control her. Kyra is scared, and questions that arushi was his life, then how can she deprive her of this. she says that she cant do this. the lady gets tensed, and then sprays some powder on her due to which she starts coughing and goes in a trance. she says to kyra that she is hypnotised now, and cant do anything, except for gfollowing her orders.

Scene 5:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Bebo locks them all inside the room, while all are apalled. As vihaan is behind bars, bebo comes and tells him, that now he cant stop arushi’s soul from exiting from the house, and once that happens, he is gone for life. Vihaan watches her tensedly. They are all shocked. bebo says that he needs to die, so that kyra leaves the house, which she otherwise wont, as she has started loving him. He is tensed as he remembers their moments together, and is tensed and worried. bebo says that she cant let her lobe blossom, as then her plan fails, which she wont let happen, as kyra has fallen in love with him, his children and his family, and has forgotten the mother who raised her up and she doesnt even look at her, and asks if they understand what she must be going through. Bebo says that she had instructed that she cant have emotional ties with this temporary arrangement but she didnt listen. he tells her that she is making a huge mistake, as he wont spare her, once he is out. she says that its too late, as he wont be alive to do anything. She says that now she has to go and see if kyra is doing everything right. She leaves. They start screaming for help, while they wonder what shall happen now. he reprimands the mothers that due to their superstition, kyra is in danger, and then geeta started something new, and both are unrelated to reality, as its all due to bebo. he asks them to lament now, as there is no other option, but he cant stay like this at home, without doing anything. Narmada says that before doing anything, she needs to point out that arushi’s soul shall forever go thats keeping him alive, due to kyra’s ritual. She says that kyra is trying to get arushi out from here forever and begs him not to let it happen, and if he has to save, then arushi’s soul cant go out, and stop kyra from doing that. harpreet tells him that kyra is the one trying to get arushi out of his life. he says that arushi was his first love, and he shall never forget her, but she was his past, and kyra is his…and then trails off at his own statement, when he realises what he was about to say. He then clarifies that she is his responsibility. granny smiles knowingly, while the mothers are shocked. He says that he has to save her. the screen freezes on his tensed face.

Precap: Vihaan comes and finds kyra doing the ritual, and screams at her. she doesnt look back. the lady gets tensed wondering how did he come here at the last minute and sprays some powder on him, that leaves him temporary blind. While he struggles to be able to see, as he starts feeling sharp pangs of pain in his leg, the lady tells him that the minute kyra finishes the ritual, then arushi’s soul shall be gone, and his shield broken too, and he would die within an instant.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Absolute nonsense as usual. Please take this rubbish off air soon..
    Producers are a disgusting species of witchcraft followers , goons , rapists and thieves.
    Shame on them

  2. You are right Farida, Indians are disgusting. The evils are always winning….. Shame

  3. What a stupid episode

  4. Good going. For now i like how this show goes on, guys it’s just drama

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