Satrangi Sasural 18th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 18th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Tau’s goons entering Kaira’s home to kidnap her. Veena walks from behind yelling without noticing goons. All ladies wake up hearing sound. Veena strikes her head to a door in dark. Kaira presses electric switches, but lights don’t switch on. She says power must have gone, she will go and check fuse. Ladies see goons running and run behind them to beat. BBC runs to catch goons, but ladies catch him and beat instead. He runs and clashes with Kaira. They both fall down. She tries to shout, but he holds her mouth and says he came to help her. He shows goons walking around searching her, asks her to hide behind table while he checks goons. He and Bulletin walk silently behind ladies, but they switch on lights and catch them. Maa

says they came to help us. They all see goons kidnapping a lady and thinks it is Kaira.

Goons take lady to Tau and when they open blanket from her, they are shocked to see Veena instead. Tau gets afraid seeing her. She beats him and orders to finish her work. He agrees and runs from there with his goons. She thinks Kaira is behind all this and she will not spare her.

All ladies search Kaira and she comes. They realize that Veena is kidnapped. BBC says Tau is very cruel and will not free Veena. Veena comes and says she taught his Tau a lesson and came back and shouts she knows who is all behind this. BBC says he will make sure nobody troubles them. Daadi comments if they have to take goon’s help. Maa says he is not goon. BBC gets emotional.

BBC goes to meet Tau. Tau scolds him for not completing his work and says if he does not get chawl vacated, he will have to lose orphanage land. BBC requests him not to do that and leaves promising to vacate chawl in 24 hors.

Kaira hears Veena talking over phone and ordering his goons to transfeer Arhaan and Aaru to her MG road godown. She rushes and something falls. Veena realizes someone heard her conversation. Kaira goes to Daadi maa and informs that Veena has hostaged Arhaan and Aaru in her MG road’s godown. Daadi says either one of them have to go and find godown. Veena enters and Kaira hides. Veena tells daadi that she will punish Kaira. Daadi pleads not to. Veena insists and tells what to do.

Bulletin tells BBC that they got 24 hours ultimatum from Tau and already 3 hours have left, he will sleep for 8 hours, then eat, etc, and will have only 5-6 hours left to vacate chawl, else Tau will send someone else and he will lose orphanage land.

Kaira tells Daadi she will go and find out Veena’s MG road godown. Tai maa informs that pandit has gone. Pandit says he came to do mundan/tonsuring ritual and asks Daadi to tell whose. Daadi maa says Kaira. Whole family pleads Daadi not to do that as Kaira will shatter emotionally. Daadi says she has to do this to make Kaira realize that she is a widow. Kaira says she is ready. Family continues pleading.

Precap: Kaira slaps Veena.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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