Satrangi Sasural 18th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 18th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Jail and Vihaan’s residence
The lady inspector reprimands arushi and her family for their reckless behaviour, which has made the police too a taunting issue for the media. Just then, vihaan comes and says that the bail shall be there soon. she also tells vihaan to take arushi away. asap, so that they can escape the media’s wrath, once and for all. vihaan and arushi are tensed.

Granny and others are assures by raunak, that there shall be no issue in getting bail for arushi. however granny is highly tensed. just then,. she gets vihaan’s call, who happily tells her and they are all excited to know that arushi’s bail is done. But priyanka is tensed remembering the accident, and the way she has always treated arushi. she tries to speak, but

they get distracted by the phone call, and say that they shall hear her out later. She however says that this isnt time for celebration, as the hearing is in two days, and they should be cautious. mini asks her not to paint a gloomy, negative picture. priyanka retaliates that she isnt negative, but just practical. Granny and others later, sit with the lawyer and ask about arushi’s stance. they are informed by the lawyer that it can go either ways. They get to know everything depends on vibha’s condition, and if she survives, then its okay. He says that they can also put Section 304, which shall minimum give 10 years, and if she dies, the punishment can be much severe. they are all shocked.

Meanwhile, outside, arushi and vihaan are thronged by reporters asking stinging questions. She goes to vibha’s mother, saying that she knows what she is going through and that they are highly apologetic, but its an accident. she says that they too care for Vibha. the mother says that, with much pretension, says that if anything happens now, she would berak down. arushi hugs her to comfort her, and assures her that vibha shall be alright, and they shall bear the hospital bills. she says to vihaan that she wants to see vibha once. cautious, vihaan warns her that vibha’s husband can do anything, and she might just regret her decision. the mother apologises on her son-in-law’s behalf. she says that she too shall come as she isnt allowed otherwise. she successfully manages to emotionally blackmail arushi, who says that after seeing vibha, they shall drop her off. As they get in the car, the mother dials a message, to the husband saying that they are on their way and their much awaited chance is finally here.

Scene 3:
Location: City hospital
Arushi is apalled to see vibha’s condition, and talks to her while she is asleep, inspiring her, to get out of this conditoon, as they have to achieve much in life, and that she has prayed to the lord, that she gets better soon, and is hopeful that he shall listen to her. She eyes vibha emotionally, and then leaves. outside, vihaan is tensed to see arushi coming out. he asks her whats the matter, and then asks her to relax, as he is hopeful that vibha would be okay soon. she says that she too wishes this, for the sake of Vibha’s husband and mother. Just then, the doctor and the nurse come and rush to the ward, as vibha gets critical. Vibha’s mother pretends to be distraught, while arushi,. rattled herself, tries to comfort her. The doctor comes, and tells them that vibha is on life support, and if in the next 24 hours, she doesnt begin to improve, then they shall come back. Arushi gets to know that chances are minimal, particularly non existent, and there has been a sudden chahnge, as she was alright some hours back. Vibha’s husband comes and asks her mother whats she doing. He points out that since arushi went inside, how could she when they didnt get the permission, and that vibha’s condition worsened after that only. vihaan gets enraged and asks how could he even suggest this. they enter into a scuffle. Arushi drags vihaan out. the mother compliments the husband, saying that now they are gone. she asks him to think, about vibha’s dead body and arushi’s jail served on a platter. she wonders what would they get. he is set to thinking too. she says that they got foolled, due to vatsala’s principles. he asks what to do now. She says that now its the time to threaten, as staying silent wont help. she asks him to think ahead like she herself.

Scene 4:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Narmada and others are highly tensed as to what shall happen now. Narmada reminds what the lawyer said. priyanka hears them all tensedly. narmada wonders why arushi drove the car. granny says that she feels sorry for arushi, but the truth is that she made a mistake, and hence is lawfully punishable. mini says that even pedestrians cant walk properly. granny asks how can she be so hypocrite. Priyanka asks them to be quiet, saying that it was just an aaccident., and she shall tell the truth. she begins to blurt out, but just then arushi comes in saying, that she shall say. all are surprised. She says that the truth is she made a mistake, and she should get whatever punishment the court decides. she says that she shall be a law abiding citizen, and she shall respect the punishment too. granny asks her to go and visit her mother too, as she seemed very tensed. She complies and begins to leave, but priyanka stops her, saying that she wishes to talk to her. All are surprised, while arushi is tensed. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Granny and others light up candles, while the entire house is dark. in its light, they are shocked to find that vibha’s husband stands in their way, warning and threatening them, that either they budge in, or else either the light or the wter shall keep going, and then finally maybe something happens that they havent thought of in their wildest dreams. All are scared.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. what shit is going on with this serial all these serials are just taking a turn for the worse don’t know what the writers are doing

  2. Nelima husband is a lawyer. You can expect a grand entry from him to save arushi by proving it’s a set-up and blackmail.

  3. When since rich ppl r scared of the poor? These money hungry persons or powerful this storyline just plain stupid… Aarushi why are you taking blame for something you haven’t done you are too good Priyanka don’t even like you smh

  4. personally speaking I find that it is plain nonsense that arushi is taking blame for prianka and the sad part is prianka is the one who caused the whole accident and now arushi wants to buy her love by doing jail time for her nay no way hosay let prianka do her own jail time she deserves it for sending Vihaan away to do work when she knew very well that he Vihaan and arushi had their honeymoon all planed out come on prianka you definitely need to be taught a good lesson you are never too old to learn LOL

  5. how can a husband be so cruel just for money to his wife

  6. Its interesting.

  7. totally boring. looks like no contents left or the episode is going to end now.

  8. I know this serial’s gone from bad to worse but this doesn’t mean you’ll skip the updates every alternate day ! Lol

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