Satrangi Sasural 18th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 18th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Mili comes in hurriedly, to find vihaan having finished his glass, and asks him why he drank the juice. he says that it was no juice, but milk. She is boggled. Just then, kyra comes in, and mili faces her viciously. Kyra tells mili that her end is near now, as her defeat has started, and soon she shall pretty much ruin her. Mili is furious.

The next morning, vihaan takes his leave from the mothers, while granny is emotional. he asks them whats the matter, while she says that its nothing. he teases them and they bid him a hearty departure. kyra smiles at their camaraderie. mili eyes them from a distance, viciously. Later, kyra is about to go out, when she gets vihaan’s call, asking where is she. she says that she is at the market,

on her way to pick up arhaan. He says that he called for that only, as he is coming with arhaan, and asks her to be at home only. she complies. she then decides to use the leisure time to buy a gift for vihaan, and gets to it.

When kyra comes in, nilima teases her about her gift, when she says that its for vihaan. Narmada asks about arhaan. Kyra says that vihaan shall get him. nilima asks whats she saying, as vihaan came long time back, but without arhaan. Kyra is shocked. he comes out. She asks about arhaan. he says that he had sent her a message that he shall be late, and for her to pick arhaan from school. she says that she didnt receive any. he says that it reflects in his sent folder. kyra is shocked. the mothers reprimand her severely. he says that he has the message in the sent folder means its delivered. Kyra says that she doesnt have it. Nilima says that they should focus on getting arhaan, first. Narmada says that she shall come too, and vihaan says that he shall call and find out. They leave. Mili meanwhile thinks that its so easy to befool kyra, as she checked the message on vihaan’s phone, to her name, but didnt check the number that wasnt hers at all.

Scene 2:
Location: Arhaan’s school
Kyra and narmada hurriedly arrive at the school, to know that arhaan isnt here, and the guard says that he went with someone called kyra, and even shows her signatures. kyra is thoroughly. Narmada eyes her accusingly and asks if its a joke. kyra says that this isnt a joke. Narmada continues to reprimand. kyra says that she didnt come, and there is something wrong. narmada continues to accuse her, while kyra begs her to believe him. Narmada says that she doesnt deserve their trust. they go looking for him.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Narmada tells everyone that kyra is behind this, and about the signatures. Mili continues to vent out her frustration against kyra, while vihaan shuts her up twice. mili warns them that if anything happens to arhaan, she would get to them all. he finally screams at her to shut up, while she says that she cant as there is a limit. she says that she wont eat or drink till he is back. he asks if that would bring him back. narmada consoles her. He says that he is going and shall be back with him. Geeta and the mothers are tensed.

Scene 4:
Location: Police station
Kyra goes to file a complaint but is distraught when she gets to know, that they cant, till 24 hours of disappearance. She is frustrated, and says that it shall be too late. he says that they carried the investigation at school, and shall continue. She asks them to do so and thanks.

Scene 5:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Vihaan and all the mothers reprimandingly ask kyra, when she returns, as to where is arhaan, while she stays silent. mili then says that if anything happens to him, she wont spare her, as she needs her arhaan. kyra then gets a call. Kyra screams at the kidnapper what does he want, and who is, and where is he. he says that he wants 5 crores. she is shocked. The mothers are apalled and ask who was on the phone. she says that somebody kidnapped arhaan. They are all shell shocked when she tells them of the ransom amount. They wonder how shall they get it. kyra says that she shall arrange for the money and get kyra out. nilima asks how she shall manage. Kyra says that she had and she shall get. He says that he can save arhaan, and doesnt need her money. Narmada agrees too. Kyra says that this isnt the time for this foolish behaviour. granny sides with kyra. Kyra again gets the call, from the kidnapper, giving her the address and time for the ransom amount. They are shocked that they have only one hour to arrange the money. He says that he shall get his son. Kyra wants to tag along, but he denies, insistently. Kyra is shocked. He takes her phone and then leaves. Kyra tries to rush out, but narmada stops her. granny however asks her to go, and save her child. Harpreet stands in the way, saying that vihaan has said no. Granny asks them not to be emotional and think straight as his life is at stake. but they insist and deny. They start fighting amongst themselves, as to whether to let kyra go or not. Narmada says that she doesnt have the trust on her. Granny lashes at them to listen to her and step aside. Kyra leaves. Mili fumes. narmada says that she shall

Scene 6:
Location: Captive Location
Arhaan screams and cries in despair and horror, pleading for being let go. Arhaan meanwhile continues to cry desperately trying to get out of ropes, while someone sprays gas inside the chamber. he untangles the hands, and then tries the legs, as the gas starts filling up. He screams to be saved. He remembers how his mother, kyra had told him a similar story of saving himself, by tying a hankey around hic mouth, during bedtime. the screen freezes on his traumatised face.

Precap: Kyra reaches the place and starts screaming for arhaan, oblivious that someone approaches her with an iron rod. finding no response, she breaks down distraught, screaming arhaan’s name. she turns around and sees someone, and is shocked. Just then, she gets a hit on the head, from behind her, and falls on the floor, dizzy.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Utter RUBBISH. Gosh. Please end the serial. It is the WORST show on this channel

  2. As per the title of the show the show is SATRANGI SASURAL but I only see 4-5 mothers in the episodes…. hardly we see all 7 shooting together
    creatives must think about it and get all 7 of them together


  4. tired of seeing kyra losing the show sucks plz end the pain I am going through of seeing it on TV

  5. Where is today’s episode written update?
    Rimjhim update fast

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