Satrangi Sasural 18th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 18th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Geeta gets mili to make food in the kictehn, while narmada comes and asks how can this be, as she is so distrssed that her husband has gone with another women on the honey. nilima is boggled and says that its no woman, but his wife, kyra, and he has all rights to do so. Narmada talks about mili’s rights too. Geeta taunts nilima that she has more brains than narmada, and she should in fact share it. narmada fumes. mili eyes them venomously. Narmada taunts nilima for listening to her insult. She is enraged, while nilima asks her to understand whats going on. Mili continues chopping vegetables in a rage.

Later, at home, geeta tells granny that she mixed bhaang in the snacks and the juice. granny is shocked, while geeta says that

she did this to get them close to each other only. Granny is amused and begs for geeta to be forgiven. she then says that she shall go and check if mili did her homework. Mili meanwhile eyes them evilly and uses her magic to get the work done fast, while the children see it too, in the kitchen, and are amazed. geeta comes in and is boggled to see that she did so fast. mili says that she isnt like her, as there is a lot of difference. Geeta says that she isnt humble like arushi. Mili says that she doesnt need to be like her. geeta then assigns her the task, to get the children’s homework, and then put them to bed. she leaves frustratedly. Geeta is tensed.

Later, geeta comes in to find mili asleep with the kids, and all the homework finished. She is marvelled at her magical effect, and then leaves. Mili, pretending to be asleep then opens her eyes and gets up, saying that she is, what noone even imagined, and then disappears from there. she takes an auto and drives off to the place. She swears to spoil their honeymoon, lest its too late.

Scene 2:
Location: Hotel room
Mini gets them to their romantic honeymoon hotel room, talking about how romance is necessary. kyra shys while vihaan is tensed, as they are teases by mini. Mini leaves finally. they both look at each other awkwardly, and then she apologises, while hesays that she neednt as she isnt at fault. He says that they can do this pretense for the sake of the happpiness of their mothers. She asks what he means for pretense. he says that he isnt ready for this relationship to reach the next level right now. He leaves. she is frustrated thinking that if they had to talk, then they could have done so at home too. Laster, kyra eats all the snacks, along with vihaan, excitedly. She starts getting inebriated under the influence of the drug, and starts playing with her. vihaan and kyra fight amusingly over it, and keep landing on the bed, one atop the other, causing romantic moments, that make vihaan conscious. As they both drink the juice, they both get totally knocked out, sing and dance and behave awkwardly. They get romantic too in their inebriated state.

Meanwhile, mili arrives at the hotel. Mili enters the hotel room, and finds mini inside. she is boggled, and asks where is vihaan and kyra. Mini asks whats she doing here, and asks if she came here expecting them, and to spoil their honeymoon. She comes in with venomous rage, with her witchy eyes at Mini. She then gags mini, while she vehemently protests.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
The next morning, vihaan and kyra come back to the home, both serious and tensed, and the mothers are shocked. granny says that she knew geeta’s plan would fail, but she is sure thats not the case. she decides to go and find out whats the matter. In their room, he and her face each other awkwardly and tensed, having found this new level of intimacy. The children come in hurriedly, demanding their surprise gift, a brother or a sister. they are shocked. arhaan says that granny sent them, saying that it would take some time. Kyra is amused, while vihaan walks out embarassed. Mili comes in and angrily tells them to go and get ready for school and not waste time here. she takes them out. kyra is furious at the way mili behaved with the kids. Kyra however is amused at what happened, and how vihaan is flustered.

Later, in the kitchen, while kyra is working, geeta asks her to clean the puja vessels too. She complies. Then geeta hesitantly asks how did she like the snacks yesterday. Kyra understands and asks what she mixed. They are amused and banter, as she gets to know that geeta mixed bhaang in it. She gets to cleaning the vessels as geeta goes out. Mili comes and does her magic, and the puja vessels turn into steel, and kyra is shocked. Then she finds that the tap stops itself, and she is shocked and horrified too. the tap suddenly comes back on, splashing her face and also after that, the vessels turn back to copper. She wonders whats going on. In the reflection, she sees mili standing behind her, and is shocked as she turns around. She goes and reprimands her for doing this. Mili pretends not to know, and then kyra angrily asks her to stop this drama, as she knows. but mili doesnt waiver and continues her sob story. Kyra says that she knows she is here for a motive, and the day she finds that, she wont spare her. they confront each other. as kyra is about to go, mili asks her to try and see. They eye each other yet again. The screen freezes on kyra’s shocked face.

Precap: While praying, geeta accidentally collides into kyra, who collides into mili, and she hits her hand against the doorknob, and blood strats gushing. kyra steps away from her, and stands apart. as she sees mili with her wound, Kyra is shocked to see the wound disappearing, as mili continues her magic.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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