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Satrangi Sasural 18th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location Vihaan’s residence
Vihaan says that he wants to apologise, for what has happened recently. narmada says that they just want him to be happy. he asks her what did they used to do, to spend time, anything special. Mini suggests that she knows, and sets up the karaoke machine, and they start singing together. All are very happy to be spending quality time with vihaan. then granny sings on public demand, and vihaan thoroughly enjoys it. then granny hands him the mike, and he asks how he shall sing, as he doesnt remember anything. Narmada says that he remembered the past two songs too, and maybe he remembers this one too, and asks him to try. he agrees and thinks that he did remember. geeta points out his favourite song from his fvourite movie, and mini hands him

the mike. he looks at the lyrics, while they look at him expectantly. He remembers the tune correctly, and sings, while all are emotionally overwhelmed and arushi is heartbroken yet happy that he is progressing. they all clap when he is done.

Meanwhile, in their room, vibha wakes up and finds Vihaan’s bed empty, and wakes up with a startle, wondering where he went, as she did give him a tablet, as its very difficult to keep a track on vihaan, and curses herself as to why she swore that she wont consummate her relationship with vihaan, till he gets his memory back. She thinks that she would have to find out where vihaan went. She comes out to find him singing with the rest of the family. she is boggled, and askss whats happening. He asks her to come, and then tells her that he remembers all the tunes. She is enraged, while the mothers are tensed. vibha says that its his time to sleep, and he isnt well too. He asks her to be okay, and come sing alone. She is tensed. He asks mini to put on a romantic duet, and she complies. Vihaan sings nice, while vibha sings awkwardly, completely out of tune, and all are amused. Arushi eyes them tensedly. harpreet asks vibha to let be, and vihaan too complies. He asks her not to be upset, as she doesnt know singing. But she gets upset and goes inside. Arushi takes up the portion of the female duet, and stands beside him, while he sings along. She is overwhelmed as she remembers their past moments. vibha sees them from a distance, and is furious. The mothers are highly happy and emotional to see them both together. They clap when vihaan and arushi finish. Arushi composes herself. The next song, Vihaan sings with much pleasure. As vihaan sings Jeena yahaan, marna yahaan, he has memories of vihaan and arushi lying on the beach singing this and then finally sinking in, when arushi is saved and he drowns, and gets a headache, as it causes stress, while he continues with his karaoke. Arushi and the mothers are extremely emotional. Arushi is barely able to control her tears. She sees him in stress, and reaches out to him, but doesnt touch him. He holds his head with a headache, while the mothers are tensed. granny asks what happened. Vihaan says that he feels that there’s some connection with this song, and is boggled, as he is unable to comprehend, what connection. arushi is highly hopeful. he says that he shall retire to his room, as he wants to rest. narmada asks him to go and rest. He takes their leave.

In the room, vibha wonders how does vihaan remember the tunes of the songs and he didnt sleep too. She opens the wardrobe and then the safe and eyes the meds. She finds that they havent expired too, and wonders why this happened, and then decides to double the dose from tomorrow. She decides to take care of arushi too.

Later, in the night, when vihaan is asleep, vibha clutches at her necklace, and then thinks of an apology that she doesnt have any other option. she says that she tried to send arushi out respectfully from the house, but she didnt want it. Hence tomorrow she would have to be thrown out of the house, with insult and humiliation, as she would be accused of theft tomorrow. She stealthily goes out of the room, into arushi’s bedroom, and then quietly stuffs the necklace in the pillow lying next to her, while arushi is fast asleeep. She moves out.

The next morning, vibha raises a hue and cry, while the mothers wonder whats the matter. they decide to go and find out. Vihaan comes in asking whats the matter. vibha says that she cant find her very expenxive necklae, and she is sure that she has stolen it, as she comes here everyday to clean the room. He asks who is she talking about. she says that its arushi who is the thief. He is tensed and boggled. She says that arushi has stolen her necklace and that she can prove it too. The mothers who have just come in are shocked and tensed. She says that they should search arushi’s room immediately, as she is sure that arushi is the thief. granny asks if she is in her senses, and how can she accuse arushi. All mothers vehemently support her. Vibha asks why are they siding with her, as she is the maid, and is prone to theft, and says that they have unnecessarily kept arushi on a high pedestal. Arushi hears this and is tensed, and thinks that vibha can be so confident, only when she has herself planted the necklace in her room, and wants to insult her in front of vihaan. Vibha tells them that they are wasting time talking here as they should search and if they still dont find, then she shall accept her mistake.

Scene 2:
Location: Karuna’s residence
girish gives the money to karuna, saying that he doesnt want to have relations with her anymore, nor does he wants her money and is disgusted. he says that he is embarassed, that for her, he is swearing false on his child. he asks her not to try and contact him again, as he cant do this anymore. she callously tells him that he wont decide what he can and cant do. He says that she isnt understanding. She says that he doesnt understand that he raped her, and she can file a report against him, and hence asks him not to even think about leaving her. he is shocked, but sways her away, saying that she can do whatever she wants to, and he isnt scared. he storms out. She evilly thinks that he is innocent, as he cant do this and go away, as she has invested a lot, and cant let it go in vain. She smiles evilly.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Arushi rushes to her room, and locks it from inside. she begins to search everywhere to find where vibha has planted the necklace. Meanwhile, granny along with others come out tensedly, from vihaan’s room and move towards arushi’s room, on an angry vibha’s urgent demands. Inside the room, arushi is determined that she cant allow this to happen in front of vihaan, and let vibha win. She searches vehemently, without bothering about her delicate condition. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: Vibha storms in with others. arushi asks whats the matter and why they came like this. vibha asks her not to be innocent, and asks her where is the necklace. Arushi stands speechless. Vibha says that they shall search themselves. Arushi stands tensed. Vibha pretends to searcha nd then stuffs her hand inside the pillow, to find out victoriously. granny and others pray for her to fall on her nose. Vihaan stands boggled and tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. come on writers we need to end this crap of a storyline let Vihaan regain his memory quick so he can throw vibha out the damn house we are fed up the vibha storyline now and do not forget the name of the serial satrangi sasural it is arushi that Vihaan is married to not vibha so honour the name please too much time passing and Vihaan is loosing out on his baby time with arushi he needs that time of closeness with arushi before the baby comes so please turn things around for them shake up vihaans head let him fall and remember but do something that will jog his memory so he can get rid of that witch vibha

  2. I detest vibha….omggg…I’ve never seen a woman so shameless&degrading&ungrateful…Lord help her…ankita(pavitra rishta) went through the same thing with naren & she got her love back…. Arushi is tht strong i know it…writers turn this story around soon

  3. That witch,Vibha doesn’t know how to sing.She only knows to defame Aarushi.So cheap!!!
    Wait and watch,Aarushi and little Arhan,along with Vihaan and his mothers will throw her very soon,let him get back his memory.

  4. I hope these writers will let Vihaan regain his memory soon so that he can get to spend some quality time with arushi supporting her in her time of pregnancy before baby Arhan comes Anonymous I do love the name you christened the baby it suits him or her boy I cannot wait to say that witch vibha thrown out of the house by police escort straight to prison for what she was doing to Vihaan she could have killed him with her deadly obsession wayaaaaaaaaaa

  5. i cant stand Vibha…

  6. VIBHA the wretched woman has to be exposed now long before the story ends so we can see some goods times with ARUSHI/VIHAAN.

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