Satrangi Sasural 17th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 17th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Hotel
Narmada and harpreet get kyra in a hotel, while she is boggled, saying that they said they would tell her the way out, then why is she here. Narmada says that she has said that she can do anything to save vihaan, and hence she should just go and wait inside. kyra reminds them that she shall do whatever it takes. harpreet gets emotional and asks her to go inside and take care of herself. kyra is bogglewd and asks why is she saying so. both control their emotions and do not respond. Not to disappoint them, kyra agrees to go in, and then tensedly gets inside the room, and closes it, while they are distraught.

Inside, kyra prays to keep vihaan safe, and that she doesnt know what she is here for, but prays for the strength to be able to save him, as her

love shall give her the strength to be able to save vihaan from everything. outside, Harpreet and narmada get ahead with their plan, but narmada starts having cold feet, saying that they cant make kyra do this, and she is a little child, and they are asking too much of her. she says that they cant do this, and should call kyra back. harpreet says that its too late now. Narmada is apalled as to what they are doing, as its a heinous sin. With steely eyes and stone determination, harpreet says that they are doing this for the sake of their child. She says that she wont be able to bear the death of vihaan at any cost, and hence kyra has to do this. They remember that the priest had told them that if vihaan is to be saved within the next 6 hours, then kyra has to consummate her relationship with another guy. harpreet and narmada are boggled as to how is this possible. The priest says that he knows kyra shall never deliberately do this, hence she has to be kept in hiding about all this, and asks them to get her to the address, after which he shall manage everything. they are apalled as they remember it, and hastily rush out.

Meanwhile, kyra is boggled as she sits inside the room. A strange person comes inside and locks the door, behind him. she is shocked. She is aghast and apalled, as he eyes her leeringly and begins to take off his shirt, while approaching her with a lewd smile. she asks him whats he doing, and why he locked the door, and asks him to get lost. he says that he got very less time, and asks her to come close soon. she is boggled, and screams for her mothers. He says that he doesnt have much time. She tries to rush past, but he wrenches her hand and throws her on the bed, while laughing at her. she asks him to stay within his limits. he gets on top of her, while she says that her mother in laws cant do this to her. He says that he has been given money by them to do this. She is aghast and shocked. he tries to take advantage of her, while she begs him to let go, and tries to get off him. She gets away and says that she isnt that type of girl. She tries to rush past the door, screaming for harpreet, but he slaps her tight and stuns her. She asks him not to come close to her. She kicks him in the shin, when he approaches, and he retreats back with a groan. she takes this time, to call vihaan, but he doesnt pick up. Just then, the person gets up, and throws off the phone, while the call gets through, as vihaan picks up on the other end, and must have been able to hear whats going on in the room. She is thrown on the bed, and he gets atop her, trying to get physically intimate with her. she takes the glass and then breaks it, and holds a broken shard piece against him. he retreats back instantly. she threatens him with it, saying that she shall kill him, and asks him not to get close. Kyra is distraught and stunned into silence. Kyra asks him not to even dare to come close to her, as she shall kill herself, while holding a shard of broken glass, and then he shall rot in jail being accused of her murder. he asks her not to do so. She is about to stab herself in the stomach, when vihaan stops her at the last minute. kyra is overwhelmed with relief, while the guy is tensed and worried. She collapses into his arms, while he is apalled. The guy asks her who is he, and he gets angry and faces him with kyra. He comes close to him, while she cowers behind him, and tells that guy how dare he touch his wife. She is overwhelmed and then shocked, as he slaps the guy tight across his face. Kyra is shocked.

Outside the hotel, narmada and harpreet are apalled and disbelieving as to what they just did with kyra. They are apalled as to why they listened to the priest and did this, without thinking about it. narmada wonders why they tore off the divorce papers. they are utterly shocked. But they are also thankful that vihaan didnt see them here and atleast he doesnt know they are behind this, as he would have been humiliated of them otherwise.

Scene 2:
Location: Granny’s residence
Granny asks priyanka where is everyone, and she just ignores the question. granny asks if there’s any problem. priyanka denies, and says that they are around, but she doesnt know for syre, as kyra never actually tells. she hastily rushes out to get medicines. Granny eyes her. outside, priyanka wonders what to respond. She decides to try and call vihaan. But just then, mini comes in and says that vihaan is not to be found, and that she doesnt know where they took kyra too. They are shocked as granny stands in the doorway hearing this. granny is tensed and asks them where is vihaan. they make her sit down, and tell whats going on, and they have no clue, where’s vihaan and what narmada and harpreet are doing with kyra. granny asks them to take her to the temple. they comply, and she alights a diya and they all pray fervently to keep them both safe. She tells them that till vihaan doesnt return back, the diya shall stay alight. the diya starts swaying, and granny and others are tensed.

Back home, vihaan and granny ask kyra why and how she landed in that room. she refuses saying that she cant. they coax and beg her to. But then mini comes in and says that she shall tell them. Kyra begs her not to, while mini is boggled. vihaan asks whats the matter. Mini asks him to ask kyra only. But she doesnt respond, when he asks insistently, unable to implicate narmada and harpreet. he cups her face and caresses her, saying that he knows that she is hiding something, and asks her to speak up, and stop crying. She is not able to. Granny is tensed. narmada and harpreet come in, and tell him that nothing is left to be said now. She says that she knows very well what she did and why. harpreet is shocked too. narmada says that she had no clue that she would stoop down so low for money. All are shocked to hear this. Kyra asks whats she saying. Mini too asks them to stop this now as its enough. vihaan and granny are boggled. mini says that she shall tell the truth, and exposes them and their deed in front of everyone. They are shocked. Mini tells him that he shall be embarassed if he knows what they have done, and then exposes everything as to how it happened, why it happened, and what kyra had to go through due to their naivety. Harpreet and narmada stand embarassed. mini says that even after all this, kyra didnt say anything against them, and she tells granny that itself shows how much she cares for their respect. mini says that it must have been so difficult for kyra to stay quiet, but she was and she is, and the only reason, is that she didnt want her mother in laws to be insulted in front of her son. Vihaan is distraught and breaks into tears, unable to believe that they could do this. Narmada says that it was a matter of his life, and they had no other option. Granny screams up asking them to shut up, and comes to them, totally disbelieving as to how could she do this, and slap narmada and harpreet tight across her face. all are shocked. unable to contain her anger, granny asks them to get lost immediately, while they are apalled, and mini, kyra and vihaan are shocked. the screen freezes on kyra’s distraught face.

Precap: Geeta and kyra come to some other suspicious lady, who tells them that the only way out now is to go back to where arushi died, as her soul is trapped there, and needs to be set free. The lady says that the reason all of this has been happening is due to this. She also warns that the method is dangerous, and even poses a risk to life. but it has to be done. the lady says that arushi has to leave that house forever and go, and only his second wife can do that. geeta and kyra are tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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