Satrangi Sasural 17th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 17th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Mumbai and Vihaan’s residence
Arushi and vihaan arrive finally, and it is raning heavily. a couple whose house they are staying in, has made snacks laced with bhaang, and keep it in the drawing room. Arushi and vihaan arrive, and the couple are tensed, as they werent expecting them till tomorrow. Vihaan rushes in nto get an umbrella for them, but when he comes out, he finds her dancing in the rain. Vihaan and arushi enjoy their romantic rainfall, while getting intimate. they finally come inside, and greet the couple, whose house they are staying in. They retire for the night. arushi and vihaan try one, relishing it completely. When the couple come out, they are shocked, that arushi and vihaan are eating those bhaang laced snacks. Buit the husband shushes the

lady. they say that they shall have dinner with the snacks, and ask for tea. arushi and vihaan retire for their room. the couple thinks that nothing would happen, while the wife is tensed. Her husband asks her to get tea for them. she complies. When she geos to get tea, they behave inebriated under the influence of bhaang, while the lady is shocked at its effect. they are laughing incontrollably, while she is tensed fr them.

Meanwhile, granny and other other ladies miss arushi and vihaan, while granny decides that she shall set a video chat, just like arushi set up for them, when nilima went from the house. she dials and finally, after much they pick up. they are laughing then too. dadiji reprimands them for getting wet in the rain. they behave weird, and they are confused as to whats wrong. Vihaan hurriedly cancels the call. this boggles them even more, but they decide to give them their space as they must be busy and amusingly begin their dinner. from a distance, Vibha is tensed to hear this, wondering how happy vihaan seemed, and that he didnt ask for her even once. Meanwhile, manohar comes and gives her a chit in her hand, and she flinches immediately, and vents out her anger on him, and asks him to never touch her again. he leaves hurt, while she is angry. she is shocked, when she reads that manohar likes her, and has asked her to meet tomorrow, if she too likes him. she is highly irritated. She decides to do something about it.

Scene 2:
Location: Jhanvi’s residence
Jhanvi serves food to dadaji and kasturi, but she walks off, saying that she is fasting. But he is too eager and excited to taste, and asks her not to worry, as kasturi would come around, and asks her to stay happy for the sake of the child, and assks her to give it time, as soon everything would be okay with time. Mili comes and is about to taste dessert when kasturi comes and stops her, shocking them all, and reprimands her severely. mili runs inside. girish asks why is she taking out her anger on mili, but kasturi leaves in a huff. all are tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Mumbai
Meanwhile, later in the night, arushi and vihaan lie on the bed, and discuss their future kids, innocently, and inebriated. As their haands meet, they are aware of their striking physical connection. They finally consummate their honeymoon love. The screen freezes on their faces.

Precap: Arushi overhears sopme people, talking about preparing and selling fake alcohol, and is about to report against them, when she finds a revolver against her head by one of their men. she is scared.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Omg ..dangerous precap

  2. what is this important change in comments are they tampering with other people comments please explain

    1. Click on it and read what is said.They are not tampering with anyone comments .Read what the rules says.

  3. arushi please enjoy your honeymoon with Vihaan and try and keep out of other peoples way I know you like to help those in need innocently but this time a gun is at your head so please enjoy yourself with your husband and let every other in trouble take care of themselves for one

  4. waw!!! fantastic at long last vihaan and arushi consumated dea wedding

  5. what the hell this is news for me I thought they had already consummated their marriage so all this time they sleeping as husband and wife when the lights were off and Vihaan got close to arushi and their love song played you want to tell me nothing happened I cannot believe this wayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa well I hope she get pregnant now when arushi was thrown in prison she was holding a tummy a lot in pain so I really thought they had slept together and maybe she was pregnant and was loosing the baby anyway I guess it was just food for thought

    1. I cannot believe this.Arushi and Vihaan has not become intimate as yet. Well this is the longest wait for a marriage to become united. What foolishness is this.

    2. They consummated already but this is the first honneymoon consummation

      1. Thanks I understand it now.

  6. It’s not first time they are consummating they did that when arushi was accepted by the in lows but it’s their honeymoon consummate what they are talking about in this episode

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