Satrangi Sasural 17th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 17th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
All are ghast at what granny suggested. She then provides the valid reason of the jinn being here, when vihaan was kept captive. all are boggled, as they start thinking. she then starts pointing out the omens, while vihaan and kyra are shattered. Granny says that she doubted, when nothing was visible in the sonography, and then other stuff happening, and hence for the betterment of the family, she wishes that kyra aborts this child. All are left stunned and shocked. Narmada asks how can she say this, and nilima asks how can she believe in this. Granny says that its her final decision that this child shall not come in the world, and it isnt open for discussion. all are aghast and shocked. The children come and ask whats the matter, if the

child inside their mother’s womb is hurt too. kyra and vihaan get overwhelmed with emotions. narmada asks them to go inside and rest, as arhaan is hurt. They comply. vihaan tries to speak, but granny continues to point out that she wont discuss anymore. Vihaan asks granny how can she suggest something like that, when she herself blessed kyra and the child. granny then asks if he knows exactly when he was kidnapped, and when was he hypnotised. He is baffled. she asks kyra to remember, while she says that she cant. granny says that when they are all confused, then how can she be so sure. narmada says that a woman knows the touch of her husband. geeta says that she isnt doubting, and that they trust kyra, but they should also listen to granny. The mothers start arguing amongst themselves, and kyra sits distraught, at this new dilemma that she is placed in. Granny continues to try and emphasise the point, while vihaan is distraught. She continues trying to connect the dots together, but they find the events and omens completely unrelated. the mothers are again at loggerheads as some of them side with vihaan, while others side with vihaan and kyra. kyra is distraught, while vihaan tries to convince them. Granny gives them the time till seven tomorrow evening, by which either they should agree to her, or else……and then stares at them, while they are shocked. dolly and pinky smile satisfied. granny leaves. Kyra begs to be left alone, and they all comply much to their tensed state. kyra is extremely worried and upset.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
The next morning, kyra walks on the road, still in a state of dilemma remembering what granny said. She doesnt realise that a car approaches her from behind, and she is barely saved by vasundhara, who then reprimands her for being so careless, towards herself and her child. kyra breaks into uncontrollable sobs. vasundhara says that such hormonal mood swings are normal, and asks her to talk it out, if she is comfortable with talking to her. Kyra asks her to drop her home. she complies. then vasundhara gets her to an orhpanage, wherein she laments at the way parents discard off their children, sometimes after and at times, before birth even, due to the pressure of the elders at home. she continues to indirectly point out to kyra, that it isnt necessary that the elders are right always, and dont understand why they fear the elders, despite knowing that they are right. she continues to emotionally blackmailing kyra, while she is distraught as she is at loggerheads.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
In the kitchen, priyanka and geeta discuss as to how granny is right and that they should listen to granny. narmada and nilima come in and they go silent. all are awkward and then indirect taunts begin, leading to a verbal scuffle. Mili comes and finds them fighting, and begs them to be quiet, as situation wont change by arguing amongst themselves. geeta asks her not to interfere in their personal matters. priyanka blames it on her and her presence in their life that started all this. mili asks if they had enough of blaming, and asks if that brought them all together. they stand silenced. She asks them to accuse her for all she cares, as she would listen silently, since she knows what she did was unforgivable, and in poor taste, but after that, she has considered this house her own, her relations, and that she is kyra’s younger sister and she shall do everything to bring them together. she leaves. narmada wonders whats going on, and what shall happen. They wonder where is she as she hasnt been visible since morning.

In his room, vihaan is visibly tensed as kyra’s call doesnt get through. granny comes in just then. he goes to her and asks why is she doing this, as kyra hasnt eaten anything. Granny says that whatever condition she is in, she must be thinking about what she said, and shall give her decision too. he then makes her sit down, and tries to point out that they both are right, but the child cant be Jinn’s and begs her to take back her superstitions. she says that she is thinking of their welfare and that she shall not change the truth. he asks why cant she change the stance, as he shall never be able to accept her demand. She says that their upbringing must have been wrong, as he is talking so loudly with her, forgetting whats eh is to her. they both are tensed. he apologises, and adds that he cant accept this. he then gets kyra’s call, and vasundhara speaks saying that kyra is with her, and was restless but now she is okay. granny is alert to hear that name. he asks her to take care of her, and assure that he stands by her. he walks out. granny is tensed.

Scene 4:
Location: Orphanage
Vihaan arrives at the orphanage. he meets vasundhara, and identifies himself. she says that she is happy that he recognised her. he says that kyra has mentioned about her, and hence it became easy. he takes her blessings, and then searches around for kyra. She takes him to meet kyra. Kyra is busy playing with children. He chidingly reprimands that he hasnt eaten anything, while she is happily gorging away on fruits. They happily banter. As she gets him to start talking, she starts pointing out the similarities between their culinary choices. kyra comments that they seem to have some old connection. Vasundhara gets tensed. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Vihaan asks granny, in front of everyone as to why is she doing this. Granny says that she shall neither eat nor drink anything, till they dont agree to her wish. they are all shocked and aghast.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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