Satrangi Sasural 17th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 17th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mini maa questions dadi about her behaviour, dadi scolds her n ask her tomaintain the dignity of their relation, minimaa says that they all always maintain that dignity n respected her a lot but today she questions their love for her n thats why she needs answer, dadi was not ready to answer it, tai maa interfares n ask for sorry if they have hurted her but she knows her place in their lives, they all ask for sorry n says that only if she agrees they’ll continue the talks with panditji, dadi agrees.

Dadi came out with everyone n ask pandit to fix the wedding date, 28th will come as subh mahurat, all were happy vihaan came n was happy n was pouring juice in glass n by mistake the glass fell down n break, dadi got scared again but pandit says its a lucky charm, all were happy except

dadi, vihaan immidiately informs aarushi, she smiles n told mother India that mothers are coming for marriage talks but she had to leave for office so ask her to manage girish n prahlaad.

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Other side, dadi was talking to vihaan’s pic n ask for sorry for what she’s about to do, may be it can hurt everyone but its for the good of their family.

Soon they all arrives at aarushi’s house n get a good welcome, mothers were adjusted to their place, dadi ask to talk about the matter n ask about the wedding plans, mother India says that the wedding is going to take place at this house only, dadu rudely rejected it as the place is too uncomfortable to sit how will it manage the wedding guests, prahlad says that their’s a school near by so they’ll take it on rent by some trick but dadi rejected it rudely n comments on their status n bring their status difference n ask that they’ll do it by themself, dadu n mother India needs some time to think as they too want to do it for aarushi, dadi gave them a day only, mothers also dnt like it, dadi leaves n mothers handles the situation.

Dadi came out, she was feeling so bad for behaving like that, mothers came n ask her, she says that she knows their status so their’s no use in strectching the topic, other side dadu felt bad n worries about aarushi’s future in that house.

Aarushi came backn gets to know the whole from prahlad, she also dnt want that they’ll take all burden but says that everthing’s gonna fine.

Precap; Prahlaad take 10 Lacs from vihaan for wedding expenses.

Update Credit to: Amor

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  1. Pagal hai prahalad

  2. T he story is too slow.Same thing every day.It is becoming boring now.

  3. Stupid storyline end this crap and please bring back show like punar vivah,yahan mein ghar ghar kheli,ram millaye jodi and choti bahu these you call powerful show with powerful actors n actresses not these outdated crap u people showing on tv as for this it only getting on people last nerves since this start it only pure maddness this show should go to hell

  4. Excellent story line .never heard of this till now.presentation of the theme might
    take some really innovative situations.cmon viewers dont compare with other serials. i would say this is more realistic .All characters are my favourites in this show. each and every person is clearly individualistic ,be it chachi ma , bua ma, mini ma, maasi ma asli ma, daadi ma, i love them all. vihan and aarushi are really good couple. i expect this show to be a great success in future episodes.

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