Satrangi Sasural 17th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 17th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Vihaan is tensed thinking that kyra is in danger and calls her, but she doesnt pick up. Meanwhile, dolly comes down that building, and hears kyra’s phone call, and then traces kyra in the black cellar, with her phone ringing. She is shocked and nudges her awake, but in vain. Meanwhile, He is tensed that she isnt picking up, and gets worried, while granny hopes and prays that all is okay. Granny is shocked to see that the diya suddenly goes off, and considers it as a bad omen, and lights it again, saying that they cant be at peace, till the red dupatta clad girl isnt found. he lighst it up. Just then, they find kyra returning back with dolly, hassled and distraught. he rushes to her asking where had she gone. granny asks how is she.

she says that she is fine. He asks if she found pinky. She says that she couldnt get her, but she knows who the red dupatta clad girl is. They are all shocked and hurriedly ask who is it. She and dolly respond in confirmation. Kyra asks about mili. harpreet asks whats the relation. kyra says that there is a deep connection. he asks her to be clear. Kyra says that the mysterious girl is Mili. All are shocked, while narmada and harpreet are enraged at her for suggesting this. she says that she can prove and rushes to mili’s room.

Kyra goes and starts arguing with mili, when she is playing with the kids, while the mothers rush is tensed, in her room, as narmada and harpreet hurriedly come in to save her, asking kyra why is she bothering her. She says that she saw mili in the red dupatta clad girl’s avatar, and she attached her. they are shocked. he asks how is she so sure. She also adds that she can prove it, by showing the scratch marks on her skin. She lifts the sleeves of her kurta, but is sshocked when she doesnt find anything there. All are tensed and boggled, while mili pretends to be sad and upset. Kyra is aghast swearing that shye saw. mili gets them all emotional, by her pretense, as to what she did wrong this time around. kyra starts shouting at her, but narmada and harpreet intervene, reprimanding her. She is branded jealous of mili. Mili eyes her evilly. All are tensed. They continue to praise mili, while kyra vehemently protests swearing on vihaan, that she is not lying. But finally, he too isnt able to believe her, while mili continues to influence them against it. Narmanda says that mili never went out and has been playing with the kids. Kyra wonders how is this possible as she cant be in two places at one time, and says that this cant be. Nilima meanwhile notices something and goes out. geeta tells kyra that she too saw mili inside. Granny asks her not to be so tensed, while kyra is distraught when they dont understand or believe her. he asks her to compose herself. they hear nilima’s voice, and rush out. they come out to find nilima having closed the door, that contains the red dupatta clad girl. They enter stealthily, Kyra takes vihaan and others to the store room, and they stealthily approach ahead, when a red dupatta clad girl springs on them from behind and attacks kyra. They are distraught, as vihaan hurriedly separates them. He then takes off the dupatta and they are shocked to see that pinky attacked her. Pinky swears that she wont spare her, while they hold her terribly, and then notice that she has scratches on the hands too. Kyra says that this cant be, as mili is the culprit and not pinky. She is thoroughly boggled. mili smiles evilly, that they have been introduced with the world of hallucinations. She shopws by cutting her own skin, which converst right back into normal.

Meanwhile, outside pinky is taken away by the police, while dolly is apalled. Kyra is boggled and distraught. Vihaan stands frustrated. inside, all are seated tensedly, as kyra and vihaan come in. Narmada asks if she wouldnt apologise to mili. Kyra says that she made a mistake and hence doesnt have any shame to apologise. She apologises and mili rushes inside. Granmny asks them to put this to an end, while asking kyra to go in. She complies. He is asked too to go and be by her side. He complies. Kyra again starts the same rant that she saw mili there. He gets frustrated and asks how can she be at two places, and why would she harm them. He says that pinky herself admitted, and then adds that she might have a personal problem with mili, but she cant pin the accusation against her. granny comes in and reprimands him to talk like this. He complies. granny then asks them to get ready and pakc their bags. They are boggled and ask why. mini says that they are being sent on their honeymoon. They are cpnfused, and he protests, but they dont listen to anything, and are ordered to go. Mili hears this, and says that she wont let them go. geeta comes from behind, and finds mili lruking, and wonders why is she standing here and that she wont let their honeymoon be tampered. They along with the mothers manage to convince the children on the pretext of getting the surprise gift for them. But they are sad still. kyra is distraught as she has to let go of the children. Mini and geeta are amused at their honeymoon surprise. Narmada finds mili upset and then thinks that she shall get her the rightful respect that she deserves as the wife. She turns around to find mili gone, who is herself fuming that she has to snatch her right. she wonders where mili vanished, and is boggled.

As mini sees them off, mili follows them swearing to spoil the honeymoon. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Mili enters a hotel room, and finds mini inside. she is boggled, and asks where is vihaan and kyra. Mini asks whats she doing here, and asks if she came here expecting them, and to spoil their honeymoon. She comes in with venomous rage, with her witchy eyes at Mini. Meanwhile, vihaan and kyra fight amusingly over something, and keep landing on the bed, one atop the other, causing romantic moments, that make vihaan conscious.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Please let Milli be caught. I have a feeling that she will be caught by the end of this month or in early January next year. Please no more Vibha attitude. Let Kyra and Vihaan live happily and just end the show. Dont let it run longer . Because it will become more crap due to running out of ideas.

  2. Farheen��

    This show is incomplete without aarushi….please writers bring her back or else plz end the show…arushi vihaan jodi was truly awesome

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