Satrangi Sasural 17th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 17th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location Vihaan’s residence
Before vibha can talk about the bracelet, grfanny and the mothers distract her by showing her more expensive jewellery and she gets engrossed. meanwhile arushi returns after having gotten the imprint, and then manohar goes to get a duplicate key made. Once the bracelet is returned back, they start commenting as to how this jewellery isnt fitting vibha completely and they would get new ones made for her, and collect it all, and leave, much to vibha’s disappointment. Vihaan assures that if they say, they would get her new jewellery. but she is unconvinced and thinks that they didnt come here for jewellery and had other purpose but wonders what, and if granny can really be a part of all this. she is tensed.

In the kitchen, while

arushi and harpreet are cooking, vibha comes in taunting arushi, about her latest feat, of getting gold and jewellery from her mothers, as a sign of their acceptance, and arushi smirks. a verbal arguement ensues. Vibha leaves. manohar comes in the meanwhile and gives arushi the duplicate key. She asks what took so long, and he says that it took time. he leaves, while vibha enters, and arushi immediately hides unde the dupatta, the key and then stands tensed. Vibha asks why is she so hesitant, and then finds that arushi is hiding something. Arushi says that she isnt hiding anything. She stealthily hides the key in the curry and then shwos the naked hands, and asks whats her stance now. Vibha fumes and then takes the curry bowl and leaves. Arushi thinks that the key went in that bowl too, and wonders what to do now. Vibha comes out and begins to serve the dal to everyone. Arushi stands tensed, and tries to signal them, but they dont comprehend. Vihaan commends harpreet’s cooking. They are all tensed, as vibha goes about serving everyone. When vibha sits, she finds arushi tensed, and asks her why is she standing here and if they need anything, she would be called for, and asks her to go. she hesitates and then calls geeta and stealthily tells her. she is surprised. geeta goes to narmada and granny, and they pass on the message to everyone. While passing the message, harpreet forgetfully is about to spill to arushi too, when geeta stops her.

Scene 2:
Location: Kasturi’s residence
While jhanvi is cleaning, she comes across the wad of notes in girish’s shirt, and wonders where he got so much money from. Girish comes out after freshening up, and is tensed and surprised to see jhanvi with the money, who accusingly asks him where he got this from. he callously replies that its none of her concern, and she responds that it is, since she is his wife, and has a right to know.

Vihaan finds them all tensed, and asks why arent they eating. they readily comply, and begin to search for the key in the dal. Arushi is scared that the key shouldnt be in vihaan or vibha’s bowl. vihaan lets out a scream while eating the first spoon. They are all scared that she might have had the key. But she relieves them by saying that it must have been a pebble. They begin searching again. Finally, granny finds it, and all are happily relieved. Arushi thanks the lord, and stands by granny, who stealthily gives it to her. Arushi leaves. Vibha hollers for arushi, and she doesnt come. the mothers get tensed. later the other maid comes, and vibha asks where is arushi. Pushpa says that she must be in her room. vibha is confused and suspicious. The mothers get tensed. While everyone is having dinner, arushi stealthily goes inside the room, and searcehs for the wardrobe key and finally finds it. she tries to open the safe with the alternate key, trying to get where she has kept the medicines. vibha gets suspicious and excuses herself for a moment from the dining table, while all the mothers are tensed. Arushi meanwhile is successfully able to open the safe and finds the bottle of meds that she gives to vihaan. she takes out the bottle that she has brought, and thinks that she should hurriedly replace these tablets with the ones that they plan to give vihaan, so that he gets his memory back sooner, oblivious that vibha is on her way to the room. when vibha opens the room, she is shocked to find arushi casually cleaning the room. she taunts arushi that she does clean nice, and asks if she finds only this room to clean. arushi says that she wants her vihaan to be safe and comfy in their room, as they dont compromsie on cleanliness, and dont tolerate durt. she cntinues to clean.

Later, harpreet asks how would they know if the meds have stopped its effect. Arushi says that the tablet that vihaan is given by vibha causes him to sleep a lot, and if he stops, then its effect shall definitely show, by him being not that lethargic. Narmada asks what if she has extra tablets and she changed them, since she found out. arushi says that they should pray nothing like that happens. Granny says that they are sure that today their vihaan shall not sleep. They all wait anxiously. Arushi looks up to hear footsteps, as they all wait. she is surprised to see soemthing and the mothers turn too in that direction. They are all surprised, as they find vihaan coming out. Arushi stands up, as he faces them all, and says that he doesnt feel sleepy, and hence thought of spending sometime with them. they are happy, while arushi thinks that she is shopeful that this effort shall help him remember everything back, and then they shall throw vibha out. the screen freezes on arushi’s happy face.

Precap: As vihaan sings Jeena yahaan, marna yahaan, he has memories of vihaan and arushi sinking in, and gets a headache, as it causes stress, while he contineus with his karaoke. Arushi and the mothers are extremely emotional.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. I find all this drama with vibha and Vihaan to be uncalled for in the first instance arushi should have stand firm and show Vihaan their wedding pictures and tell him what happened while they were on their honeymoon and jog his memory no matter what vibha said and the seven mother should have thrown her out of the house what I cannot understand is the house belongs to granny and the others why are they allowing vibha to run the show all this does not make sense and this is why I have to repeat myself the writers do not know what they are writing and so they just throwing any thing that comes to their mind at us now the tablet was white so then in order to make the switch the vitamin will have to be white also I did not see any change and there was not enough time for arushi to get the same colour tablets so what is really going on come one writers this is way too much nonsense you giving us what happen you writers think we the viewers are stupid come on wayaaaaaaaaaaaa get one thing straight we are very observant I am not the keen observer for nothing LOL

  2. How dare grishi do something like this to beautiful jhavi one day he will land in some big problems soon if he keep going n meeting that girl she is not some1 to trust n get cozy with despite having a wife and this same jhavi will have to come n save his a** when he get in to troubles
    Come on writer hurry up and let vihaan get his memory back so that we can see how vibha getting throw out of the house by vihaan himself hope she dont get suspicious by seeing vihaan change in behaviour we just want her chapter to come to an end as well as that girl that is between jhanvi n girish chapter too???
    READ THAT-satrangi sasural will come to an end soon??????

  3. Well,Rani have said everything tht i had wanted to say….in other cases,girish will learn tht riches,lust&stupidity is extremely dangerous…vibha on the other end will learn tht wht god himself has put together no man can stand to divide….

  4. A beautiful episode.

  5. if I could recall girish got himself mixed up with some drug lords already and it was arushi and Vihaan who saved him you mean to say he is soooooooooooo stupid to go get himself mixed up with this ugly old woman who is not even his age and is dealing with drugs come on girish what were you thinking well I want to see how you getting out of this one you better pray Vihaan regains his memory quick

  6. VIBHA needs to be taken out before the serial ends. NOnetheless I loved this serial since day one.

  7. This full of crap why writers why

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