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Satrangi Sasural 16th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Kyra’s office
Kyra arrives on the first day of the job, with a throattight top. The boss eyes her seductively, the same person who has sponsored the cycling event, in which vihaan has participated. he asks her if she got the advance. Kyra’s friend tells her that when she had wanted immediate money, and he had paid for her. kyra is surprised and thanks her. He signals her friend to go, so that they are alone. then he insists her to sit, and then sits right in front of her, at the table. he leeringly eyes her, and then comments that its beautiful and then refers to her earings, casually touching her earlobes. Kyra flinches. he then eyes something around the neck and she is tensed, wondering if he saw the mangalsutra. She clutches at the top, while he picks

her nose, saying that he is just joking, and patting a suggestive hand on her shoulder, says that she has joined on a wonderful day as they have an event. He asks her to join so that they can leave. Kyra is at discomfort.

Scene 2:
Location: Cycling Competition
Kyra’s boss arrives with her at the cycling ground, and kyra is shocked to see the conditions of the event, saying that its very risky. he says that its just a publicity stunt, and says that nothing can be more powerful, cheap and effective than this and if the person fails, he wont have to spend a single cent, and they shall put so much trouble in the contestant’s path, that he shall not win. she says that this is cheating and she wont let it happen. he asks her to focus on her work as he shall handle everything else, and as it is, its too late now, as the race has already started. Kyra turns around and is shocked to see Vihaan as the driver.

While vihaan cycles in the track, kyra is apalled to see him fighting for the 75000 and asks him to get down as its extremely scary, and people have even died. she says that she has got a job, and her company has sponsored this event, and they never shall let anyone win. he says that he is doing all this for the sake of his mothers and if his life goes for it, then so be it. But he doesnt pay heed, and asks her not to go home and tell the mothers about it. kyra is apalled and helpless as to what to do. she keeps insisting and begging her, when she is called by her boss. She gets tensed, while he asks her who is this man and if she knows him. vihaan eyes her while cycling, and the men too wait for an answer. she wonders what to say, as she is tensed. She says that he is an aquaintaince and when he hears this, he is shcoked and stunned as to why she said this. She eyes him tensedly too, unable to explain her helplessness. She apologises to the lord, saying that she did wear the mangalsutra but cant let her boss know more, and risk her job, as she needs it desperately. Vihaan is boggled. her boss hollers her to come around, while he keeps circling in front of her, tensed and upset visibly. She finally leaves. After two hours, he starts getting visibly tired, as exhaustion kicks in, but he keeps remembering kyra not mentioning him as her husband and that boggles him, as he keeps cycling. the employees are boggled as to how he isnt getting tired, and that till next morning he would definitely be out, and if not, then they shall play their final card. they have an evil laugh.

Scene 3:
Location: Dolly’s house
Suuny is asked by bebo to start getting kyra to fall in love with him. He is super confident. she says that if he fails this time, then things shall be ruined for them. Dolly overhears this and wonders whats the plan of getting kyra to sunny, then why she got her married to vihaan. She says that within the next 3 months she has to take vihaan’s place. dolly wonders whats she planning to do, and is frustrated why she heard it. She decides to go and tell someone before her stomach starts paining.

Later, sunny finds that his mobile is nowhere to be seen and thinks that it must have gotten exchanged again. he tries searching for it in dolly’s daughter’s room. just then, she comes out in a bathrobe, and wet hair, out of the bathroom, and starts combing, dancing in front of the mirror, while he ducks under the bed, and watches her from afar. Her comb falls accidentally on the ground. she bends to pick her comb, and sees him and is about to shock, when he rushes and pins her against the wall, and an awkward eyelock follows, as he closes her lips with his hand.

Scene 4:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Dolly comes to instigate vihaam’s mother, harpreet and narmada about what she just heard about bebo and her son. they are shocked. she even suggests that even geeta might be in this trap. they are unable to be convinced by that, while she keeps giving arguements one after the other, saying that vihaan’s sudden marriage after his years of denial to marry isnt easily digestible. they are worried, and boggled too. harpreet decides to throw her out. Geeta comes in just then, and asks her to not even think about it, as she is earning now, and they can use the money to run the house. harpreet brands her as greedy eyeing the bahu’s salary. geeta asks her to be moralistic when she has her own stand to earn and feed the house. thwe tensions amidst the mothers arise yet again.

While harpreet is counting short change, granny asks whats she doing. she says that she isnt able to understand how they managed so less. priyanka hears this and gets tensed, as she has money hidden in her saree. they are all tensed. They decide to pray and worship with devout ardour. geeta says that had that helped, he wouldnt have spoiled everything for the past 4 years. granny asks her to shut up. meanwhile, priyanka stealrthily goes aside and then saves the money back in her suitcase in a concealed box, inside it. meanwhile, geeta comes and says that they cant sit idle as that wont feed the children, and that she got an order of falls for ten sarees, each for rs. 50 and they can manage the ration for a couple of days. She says that god helps those who help themselves. harpreet says that she wont do this work. geeta says that she can keep up her high maintenance, but not come searching for food later when its prepared. harpreet gets angry and walks out. The other mothers get to working.

Scene 5:
Location: On the road
On the way back, in the car, the boss suggests that he gave loan sensing her emergency and hopes she plans to pay back soon, as he places his hand on her thighs, suggestively. Kyra angrily asks him to stop the car as her house has come. The driver stops. he comes out and extends his hand on the other side, for her to come out. She resignedly takes his hand, disgusted, and comes out. meanwhile, harpreet sees this and is disgusted. She gets the wrong idea, while kyra walks off in a rush.

Scene 6:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Kyra comes in and says that she had taken a loan sometime back, and has some money left that she can give to them. harpreet asks loan or infact business. harpreet asks if its loan or she has started professional business, citing prostitution. all are shocked and kyra aghast as harpreet casts aspersions on kyra’s morals and character. Kyra is boggled. She says that she saw her getting down from the car of another man. she says that its her boss. All are tensed. harpreet says that she is a woman of loose character. kyra asks her to stop it, and that she might have not have had her parents, but granny raised her up with manners, and she isnt that kind of girl who does hanky panky for money. harpreet brands her a liar. she then tells how she saw her boss opening her side of the door for her, and its sad that vihaan got stuck in her trap. Kyra screams that its enough, as she has no right to speak like this about her. harpreet makes another snide comment. granny shuts harpreet up finally, when she says that she shall get her out of vihaan’s life and money. harpreet throws her away, while her head lands on the temple, which causes the earthen lamp to fall right on the pile of sarees kept for falls. The sarees start burning. they find the sarees burning and are shocked. The screen freezes on kyra’s shocked face.

Precap: The employees of kyra’s boss, throw pins and bropken glass shards in vihaan’s cycling ring, to thwart his attempts at continuing, when he is already exhausted. he somehow keeps pushing on, but the glass shards and pins, puncture his cycle. he finds it hard and difficult to maintain balance. Then they splash red chilli powder in vihaan’s eyes which start stinging, and he is unable to see anything. he tells this to kyra, who walks beside him, splashing water across the eyes, to ward off the chilli powder, while he continues to cycle.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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