Satrangi Sasural 16th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 16th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Granny’s residence
Bebo and the priest, along with kyra are shocked as they hear mini screaming out vihaan’s name. Kyra rushes in, while bebo smiles. She comes in surprised, to find that vihaan is being scolded for stepping on the rangoli that kyra made. she is relieved.

Later, when vihaan and kyra tuck granny to sleep, they both lean in to kiss granny while she is asleep, from opposite sides, and an eyelock follows. they compose themselves and both ask the other to go and sleep, while they guard granny in the night. Granny in the night, has her hands in both of theirs, and hence when she turns, their hands fall on each other, and a romantic yet awkward eyegaze follows. He then composes himself and asks her to be with her, while he just comes

back, and they both can stay with granny. she complies. he leaves. Vihaan comes back with water, and finds kyra asleep in sitting position, with her hand in granny’s still, and dozing off her head lunging to one side again and again. he too sits beside granny and eyes the time passing by. somewhere past 3, he too doses off. In the middle of the night, a lizard grazes past the water jug, while vihaan and kyra are asleep, sitting beside granny, ultimately falling inside it, while they both dont see. he wakes up, and then puts her back again to sleep, as granny is slightly at unrest. he then gets to taking the water from the jug.

The next morning, kyra wakes up with a startle, to find granny still asleep. she wonders why he didnt wake her up, and is boggled as to where is he himself. Just then, Narmada and harpreet come in, while kyra impatiently asks them whqre is vihaan. they are boggled and ask her that she should be the one knowing that, and not them. narmada asks kyra if granny aslept well, and she complies. Kyra is tensed for vihaan, and they are boggled as to why is she so tensed for him unnecessarily. narmada asks kyra for water as its time, for granny’s medicines. Kyra goes to get the water. as she takes off the lid, of the jug kept beside vihaan’s nightstand, she finds a liazrd dead inside the water. she shrieks loudly and drops the water on the floor. granny wakes up with the shrill screams, and asks what happened. they are all shocked to see the liazrd in the water, but they dont tell her anything. Kyra is extremely tensed, as she eyes another glass half filled. Kyra is boggled that only vihaan could have have had this water and is scared as to what if vihaan drank this water too since the other glass is half full, and granny’s glass is full. they are tensed. granny asks them again but they deny. Kyra decides to call vihaan but finds that he isnt picking up. while they are tensed, she rushes out, and almost collides into mini. Priyanka comes out too. Mini asks why is she so tensed, as he must have gone out. Kyra doesnt reply, and when she tries his number again, she doesnt receive it. She leaves. harpreet and narmada come and think that something is the problem, and maybe the priest knows about it. They think that the way kyra is behaving, it seems that there is something serious that involves vihaan, and hence kyra is so tensed. They leave.

After sometime, kyra comes back inside and asks mini if vihaan came back. Mini denies and asks why is she panicking. She explains everything, and asks them not to tell granny. they are shocked. kyra hopes that he hasnt drunk it. They hurriedly keep trying his phone. narmada and harpreet come in and tell about their meeting with the priest, and point an accusing finger at kyra, that its all happening due to kyra. mini is boggled and asks whats the matter. they tell her, while mini is apalled. Kyra stands tensedly. mini hopes its all okay. Harpreet reprimands her while she breaks down, as to how could she do this. priyanka comes and asks why is she reacting like this. narmada asks how couldnt she think of vihaan. They then take forcibly take kyra from there, closing the door, so that mini cant do anything. they are shocked.

Scene 2:
Location: Temple
Narmada and harpreet come to the priest, who tells them that kyra is foolish, and then tells about kyra’s kundali’s prophecy, and tell them that the next 6 hours are very dangerous to kyra. He says that due to kyra’s foolishness, now vihaan shall die. harpreet asks him not to say such stuff, and nothing shall happen. The priest says that the truth wont change if they dont believe it. they are aghast. He says that there’s just one solution, that was to get him to sign the divorce papers yesterday before midnight, but that didnt happen. he also adds that this solution was known to kyra, but she foolishly rejected it. they beg him to do something, as they are ready to do anything. he says that there’s one way which isnt just difficult but impossible, but they have to do it, if they want to save his life, and that too within the next 6 hours, or else his death is confirmed.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Outside, harpreet and narmada lament and fume at her as to how could she do this, and why she didnt do anything. Kyra says that she didnt know anything about this. narmada says that its all a lie, and that now everything is all clear, that she deliberately married an elderly man, with two kids, and seven mothers, as he would be an easy task, as she must have known about the prophecy, and once thats clear, she would have married the person she likes. narmada asks what about vihaan now, as she is in tears, and asks how could she use vihaan, merely for grandpa’s property, and didnt even think of the children. Kyra says that she didnt know anything and asks why dont they believe her, as she loves her kids and her family. harpreet says that she is the reason, and that only she can save her now. Kyra is boggled and says that she doesnt know, and asks whats to be done, as she can do anything, to save his life, and even give her life too. she desperately asks what she has to do. Narmada tells kyra what the priest told, and hence they have to do the ritual, which is very difficult, but they have to do it for vihaan’s sake at any cost. Kyra asks whats it. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: Harpreet and narmada get ahead with their plan, but narmada starts having cold feet, saying that they cant make kyra do this, and she is a little child, and they are asking too much of her. she says that they cant do this, and should call kyra back. Narmada is apalled as to what they are doing, as its a heinous sin. With steely eyes and stone determination, harpreet says that they are doing this for the sake of their child. meanwhile, kyra is boggled as she sits inside the room. A strange person comes inside and locks the door, behind him. she is shocked. She is aghast and apalled, as he eyes her leeringly and begins to take off his shirt.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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