Satrangi Sasural 16th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 16th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Daadi maa pushing Kaira out of house and punishing her to stay out for 2 days. All ladies look at Kaira via kitchen window and feel sad for her. Daadi maa pleads Vadundhara/Veena to not punish Kaira like this as she is Vihaan’s widow. Veena shouts not to take Vihaan’s name from her mouth and says Kaira has to stay out tonight and she will also get punishment. Daadi gets tensed.

BBC with bulletin goes for a walk after dinner discussing who must have kept food again. Bulletin asks BBC to enjoy food and not think who sent it. BBC sees Kaira sleeping on street and getting disturbed by mosquitoes. He brings mosquito bat and sits killing mosquitoes. Maa senses someone near Kaira and peeps from window. BBC gets afraid seeing her, says he did not do anything, and runs from there.

BBC goes to meet his builder boss who asks why is he looking dull. BBC says he is fine. Boss asks him to vacate colony within 2 days and sends him out. He asks bulletin why is his boss looking dull. Bulletin tells boss has fallen in love. Boss asks girl’s name. Bulletin says Kaira. Boss asks him to keep an eye on BBC and sends him out. He calls his goons and orders to kidnap Kaira.

Tai maa, Chachi maa, and Kaira discuss how to teach Veena a lesson and send her out of their house. Tai maa says if they send dadi maa to mental hospital, Veena will be alone and they can tackle her. Kaira says they cannot do this to Daadi maa. Veena comes with Dadimaa. Tai maa says today Veena wants to prepare lunch and breakfast today and they cannot disobey her. They all 3 walk out of kitchen and watch Veena. Tai maa says she has done something and now Veena will be punished. Veena switches on gas and fire blurts out. She steps back and flour falls on her. They all 3 laugh standing near door.

BBC and Bulletin get food again and BBC sees his favorite sabji and fights that he will eat it alone. Their drama starts and finally BBC shares sabji with Bulletin.

Daadi gathers everyone in a hall and silently slips out of door. Kaira sees her going out and follows her.

Precap: Daadi maa calls someone from PCO and asks if he/she knows Arhaan and Arushi. She turns back and sees Kaira standing behind.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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