Satrangi Sasural 16th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 16th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Jail
Kasturi and girish come and pelad the inspector to allow homemade food for arushi. they decide to check it and then allow. But just then, vibha’s mother comes along with the media, creating a hype, that their daughter is on the verge of death, fighting for her life, whereas here they are partying away with the murderer. kasturi tries to empathise, but the mother is in a sentimental mode. the media too creates a hype and drama around it. The inspector is tensed. Girish gets into a scuffle with the media, saying that arushi isnt a murderer but her sister. arushi is shocked, as the police badly thwart them away. The inspector asks girish and kasturi to leave too, and not create anymore trouble. kasturi casts an emotional glance at arushi, and then leaves. arushi

is in distress.

Scene 2:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
geeta goes out to check the commotion. geeta informs granny that the husband is creating chaos outside, and the police have been called, but they shall take sometime. She and narmada coax granny to do something before they come inside. geeta then informs granny what vibha’s mother did in the jail, with the media. Granny asks the husband to stop it. the husband evilly says that he shall do what she tells him, as he cant stop it in two minutes, once he gets paid. Granny asks geeta to get the bag. they are all tensed.. geeta complies, and then hands it to the person, on granny’s command. He leeringly is about to place his hand on the bag, when vihaan comes and stops him from taking it. All are shocked at his arrival, while the husband fumes. the person asks about the man, and vihaan gives him a hard push. He asks why he got pushed. vihaan warns him to get lost, before he gets beat up more. the husband says that this isnt right, as he shall see to it, that he never sets his eye on his wife again. he avenges revenge and leaves. vihaan then turns to them. they all apologise to him, for not being able to save arushi. he asks them not to think like this, as he has come, and noone can separate arushi, not in this birth, not ever. he is determined.

Scene 3:
Location: Jail
Arushi, while sitting, hears vihaan’s screams. She rushes, and finds vihaan pleading to the inspector to let him see arushi once. She screams out his name, and he is shocked to see her. He begs the inspector for a single chance. the inspector talks about the media pressure and be co-operative. he gets angry, but they all take him and push him outside the station, while he keeps screaming his name, and arushi watches helplesslly.

Scene 4:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Vihaan asks granny how can they stop him from meeting her. she tries to explain how the media is creating a hype and they have to act and be mature, for arushi’s sake. he is shocked, and says that he is very scared. she is scared too, but composes herself, to be able to reassure him. the phone rings, and granny goes to pick it up. She finds that its Babita, who is hesitant to speak up, and finally spills that vibha went into a coma. granny and vihaan are apalled. they wonder what shall happen now. vibha’s husband comes in saying that now he shall rtrell whats going to happen, and that he shall have to forget his wife forever, as she shall be behind bars for killing his wife. he says that they dont understand the time and situation, and if they pay the money, all is ovber well within time, and save everything. he asks them not to overthink about such a petty amount. vihaan eyes him angrily. the husband retorts that he loves money more than his wife. Vihaan asks him to get out. granny remains silent. The husband leaves.

Later, vihaan sleeps on the floor, remembering that arushi too must be lying like this only. granny comes and asks why is he lying on the floor. he gives his reason. granny buckles under pressure saying that they should pay off the money, as they cant risk his and arushi’s marriage for this. Vihaan talks about principles, and reminds granny of her own teachings, and asks her not to waiver on their honesty, in these troubling and testing times, and he doesnt want to waiver now on their honesty, which is their trademark, and they cant risk to lose it. she says that she is proud of him, and then says that they shall fight it till the end. he assures her and hugs her saying, that everything shall work out. both are in tears.

The next morning, all are surprised to see vihaan extra cheerful, blowing loads of balloons. they are apologetic for being so forgetful, and are sad too at the irony. he informs them that she shall finally get to bail out, and once she comes, he hopes that she likes the surprise. they are overwhelmed to see his emotions, and plays to his tunes, showing in their efforts too. vihaan is very cheerful and excited. he asks them not to worry, as he shall just go and get arushi. He leaves. granny hopes that lord keeps trust in vihaan’s faith, and get arushi out on bail.

Scene 5:
Location: City hospital
At the reception, Vibha’s husband and mother see that babita is getting the permission to get priyanka discharged, after the formal signing of papers. Her husband decides that he cant let it happen and leaves. raunak overhears them, and then tells about it to mini. she gets tensed too. he presents a plan, and asks her to be ready with priyanka to leave and wait for his move. She complies.

Scene 6:
Location: Jail
Arushi overhears vihaan’s voice talking to the inspector. She rushes. vihaan again enters into a verbal arguement with the inpector, while he keeps saying that he is speechless before the media, while vihaan keeps protesting that arushi should have been out on bail on friday itself, and that she isnt convicted yet, nor is she a criminal, and hence he cant deny him the right to just meet his won wife for sometime. finally, the inspector buckles in and relents him to go and see. he thanks the inspector profusely. he turns around and finds arushi. both are distraught. he goes to her, and they hug through bars. She is in tears, while he asks her to relax as everything would be okay. she asks where was he as she missed him badly. He shushes her. Vihaan presents her a red rose, wishing her a happy birthday. she is overwhelmed that he remembered, when she herself forgot. He asks how could he forget as its her first birthday, after marriage, as his wife. he says that he promises today, that these testing times shall pass, and he shall be back soon with her, and soon everything would normalise and be okay. she thanks him. he tells her that the lawyer shall be soon here with the bail papers, then she shall be out to go to home, where a big surprise awaits her. he doesnt let her know. Just then, they hear a commotion, wherein the inspector immediately responds on the phone, that he shall come rightaway. they both are shocked and tensed as to what happened. the screen freezes on their faces.

Precap: Mini, priyanka and raunak are confronted on their way out, by vibha’s mother and husband and their crowd, telling them that they cant leave. They are tensed. raunak gets ahead, and then slaps the husband, while all are ouraged and shocked. Meanwhile, when the lawyer comes, vihaan anxiously and urgently tells him to present the bail papers to the inspector, so that arushi can be out and go home. The lawyer says that there’s a problem. vihaan and arushi are shocked and tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. again always some blackmailing or witchcraft in these serials the writers have one kind of storyline all the time please send these writers on a professional writing course they are way toooooo amateur when coming to writing

  2. Only in India….. Smh…… They can’t be happy from morning till night. Wtf!!!

  3. I agree this is just 2 much, we watch these serials after a long day expecting some good stories in the meantime they show us so much of crap tat we ar more stressed, its just 2 much. LOL. 2day we get ppl tat will go to any lengths to extract money frm rich ppl even if it means to murder a loved 1. Granny is rite shud never be blackmailed, inform the police staight away an get the Blackmailer put in2 prison, U pay them an what if the continue to blackmail?????? Ther is just no guarantee wit these idiots!!!!!! I geuss Vihaan will come up wit a plan,,, LOL just 2 stressful

  4. Keen observer……

  5. Yet again it is all about money and blackmailing the rich to make them look bad. Rich people too had to work hard toget what they have.

  6. Why is Arushi continuously crying!??!? Didn’t she willingly CHOOSE to lie and accept consequences for somebody else’s actions!??!?! Then what the hell you crying for!?!??! Fool.

  7. i am boggled.When this story started it was such a beautiful story.Then it started with a bit of controversial issues.Then in the middle was some beautiful episodes but now I am amazed at the story lines now.Everytime a series is going good with just simple every day life ,the writers must spoil it with some kind of foolish diversion.Look at what is going on now.lies and betrayal to the highest.What the heck happen to these writers.

  8. Nice episode.

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