Satrangi Sasural 16th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 16th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Arushi’s residence
Kasturi leaves from there, while arushi stands dazed. then all the mothers come to her, assuring her that soon kasturi shall calm down, and she neednt bother about it.

In her room, kasturi asks if she doesnt even have the right to be mad and angry at them, after what they did. Dadaji says that he has all the right, but asks her to think about jahnvi, the new bride, and what would she think. kasturi says that noone thought what she shall go through. kasturi is angry at dadaji, that she shall never accept them, like no other mother-in-law would, as they didnt even for a minute think how their decision would affect her. She says that she isnt that noble, nor does she want to be.

In their room, girish is upset. jahnvi says that

she knows that for the first time, kasturi is angry at him, due to her, and now she shall onyl revert everything back. she says that he brought her self respect back, and now its her turn, to bring back kasturi to normal terms with him, and earn a place fopr herself in her heart. She keeps her head on his shoulder. He asks her to rest, as in such times, eating habits, and rest need to be focussed. She complies. he goes down. At unrest, she too goes out. jhanvi comes down and overhears girish talking to kasturi, where he apologises and says that he couldnt have taken this decision without consulting with her, but things happened fast and he didnt have the time nor the space to even think. Jhanvi comes down saying that she is angry with her, then why is she angry at girish, as she knows how difficult it is for her. She comes to her and asks her to sday just once, and she shall leave forever. kasturi stands speechless. she then turns anrgily and says that she is noone to say anything, and storms off. they are disturbed.

Scene 2:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Arushi tells everyone, that for the first time, she talked to her like this, and told her that she isnt her daughter anymore. geeta tells that she too did wrong fir the first time, and hence she is upset and has a right to be. she tries to point out how wrong she was too in hiding this from her. harpreet tells arushi that she shall have to be patient, as she shall come around, and that jhanvi seems sensible and shall win over kasturi’s heart soon. Nilima says that she isnt angry as jhanvi is pregnant, but the fact that they tried to cover up. Vihaan comes just then, and tells her that all arrangements are done for their honeymoon in mumbai and they have to leave today via flight. Vibha hears this and is tensed. Arushi asks how can she go like this. He tries to cheer her up. The ladies say that they dont want their honeymoon to be cancelled once again, and when arushi pleads, she is ordered to go and thats final. Vibha is unable to see the showering of love and concern on arfushi as the bahu of the house. Arushi smiels through tears, saying that she is fortunate to have gotten the seven best mother in laws’. Vihaan asks her not to be upset as they can do anything. geeta says that she too shall pack the offerings for the various temples there, and nilima makes fun sayingt hat they are going on a honeymoon and not a pilgrimage. Vihaan however asks geeta not to feel bad.

While they are packing, vihaan finds arushi tensed, and teases her that she neednt go with that long face, as he shall keep hismelf busy with his girlfriends. she retorts that he can go alone, since he doesnt need her anymore. She turns to go. he turns her with a jerk to himself, saying that she shouldnt ever say it again,a s he cant stay a second away from her, and says that their honeymoon shall be a memorable one, he promises her that. They hug. vibha sees and overhears them, angrily fuming with rage.

Later, vihaan and arushi come down, and they have a light banter, refusing to take extra baggage, while all the mothers are concerned. granny suddenly remembers something, and reminds vibha that meds have to be brought from the chemist. She then calls manohar to take vibha there. He is surprised and amused. harpreet teases him asking if he is afraid of her. they are all amused, while geeta comments that he isnt in a hurry, and he can take his time while they handle here. manohar is bemused. vihaan asks whats this. nilima tells that harpreet and geeta want vibha and manohar to be together. they are all excited, but as vibha leaves, she overhears this and is apalled. Arushi thinks that this is perfect. All smile, while vibha walks out angrily. All bid them a farewell, while geeta gets all teary eyed and emotional. Vihaan teases them that they seem more excited than the couple itself. arushi takes their leave, as they all amusingly embarass arushi, while vihaan joins in the fun, when they talk bringing a new addition too, when they come back. they bid goodbye, and then finally leave.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
Vibha is in a rush to get home, refuses manohar’s request to have tea or coffee, and asks him to hurry home. he resignedly complies.

Scene 4:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Vibha rushes out and inside the house. manohar wonders what happened. She hurriedly gives the packet to granny, wondering if vihaan has left as he isnt to be seen anywhere. harpreet comments that they are already missing vihaan and arushi. geeta comments how is this possible within five minutes. Vibha thinks that had it been five minutes, they might still be out, and rushes out. they wonder what happened to her, that she is running out. she goes staright out, the main door even, and running on the road. manohar too is tensed. she looks on both the sides, and not finding him, gets upset, thinking that she couldnt meet him even once before leaving. Worried, she falls unconscious, and right into manohar’s arms, who catches her just then.

Vibha is lying, when the ladies ask manohar what happened, and he tells everything, saying that he doesnt know ahats wrong. just then she wakes up. they ask if she is okay. Vibha is tensed. Granny and others ask if they should call the doctor, and she says that it isnt needed. They ask her to go and rest. She complies and turns around to go. manohar asks them if he should go behind her, to see if she needs anything. They allow. he rushes after her. Narmada says that vibha needs support right now. Seeing this, harpreet says that they should finalise vibha and manohar’s marriage, as he would prove to be the perfect life partner for her right now. Granny says that she has seen much grief, and this might solve her problems. vibha hears this and is shocked, as she walks. She thinks that she cant let this happen at any cost, and would have to do something. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Vihaan and arushi enjoy their romantic rainfall. later, a couple whose house they are staying in, has made snacks laced with bhaang, and keep it in the drawing room, where arushi and vihaan try one, relishing it completely.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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