Satrangi Sasural 16th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 16th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Arushi’s reisdence
Vihaan doesnt let prahlad know that he knows about his theft. Prahlad meanwhile revels at his new theft. Vihaan takes their blessinsg, while arushi teases him by not complying. Her mother finds her teasing him, and asks her to go out with him till the door, to see him off. He gets happy and she complies. Outside, after teasing him muich, she gives him a goodnight’s kiss, and then sends him off, lovingly.

As vihaan walks, basking in the glory of their new found love. A motorcycle whizzzes past and scrapes him near the hands, creating a minor cut.

Later, Girish reprimands Prahlad for stealing the watch, while after that he displays what all he stole from that house. they both get excited and revel in their thefts, sunglasses,

perfume, bracelet, silver spoon and earrings. They start planning their next theft.

The next morning, girish wakes up to find arushi seeing the sunglasses, and then going through the drawers, but before she can, he distracts her so that she doesnt see other stolen stuff. She makes him sit down, saying that soon she shall leave, but makes him promise that he shall take over the entire household, and its responsibility. she also tells him that she shall send her entire salary to them. He complies. she leaves. girish says that he doesnt need her salary, as they have landed a bigger catch. He smiles evilly.

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Scene 2:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
As vihaan returns, moms notice a cut on Vihaan’s arm. He says it is a minor injury and he got into a small accident while driving home from Aarushi’s house. Daadi sees his injury and goes ballistic. She says she knew this would happen, hence wanted him to take sarthi. harpreet asks her to be clear. dadiji says that she is clear but they dont understand, and angrily says that they have just one son, and if anything happens, they wont be forgiven ever. She leaves. Mini is about to go in, while the other ladies insist her not to. All are tensed. While attending to vihaan’s injury too, all are tensed at granny’s strange behaviour and wonder whats boggling her. Vihaan asks them to ask her. Harpreet says that its maybe Arushi’s parents, but they think that its time for her to move on.

In her room, granny is upset when vihaan comes asking whats the matter. She asks if its paining too much. He says that he is in pain not due to the wound, but due to the fact that she is tensed for arushi’s parents. He tries to advise her to come in, and join them in their celebrations, and asks her to be happy in his mother’s happiness. He asks her to be happy, and she smiles. He leaves to tell this to the mothers. After he leaves, she wonders that he doesnt know anything, about the pain she gives them, but knows that this marriage shall be a disaster.

As the pandit awaits, all excitedly get dadiji down. Harpreet tells dadiji, that vihaan wants dadiji to be happy in all their descisions, and hence they should first start by fixing the date of the marriage. dadiji asks that its enough, and that she doesnt want to meet anyone, and asks why are they doing every without even asking her. she gets enraged and if her descision even matters or not. All are shocked. she says that since she and her opinion isnt needed, and they have to manage everything, its better that she doesnt stay here at all, so that they can work in peace. all are tensed at her repercussion, as she storms inside. The screen freezes on Narmada’s tensed face.

Precap: Mini asks granny whats the matter, as to how is she behaving so badly, and why isnt she happy. dadiji asks her to behave and check her tone, as she shouldnt forget that she is talking to her mother. All the ladies stand tensed. Mini says that noone has forgotten, but she has blamed them all for sidelining and neglecting her and they refuse to take it. She says that today she shall have to tell them of her inhibitions with this marriage. She says that they need an answer today. Granny is tensed to hear this.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Granny from the inception of the marriage is not happy but for some reason I believe she remembers the incident she had with Arushi at the temple when she wanted every one to stop doing their prayers whilst she was their and Arushi refused to abide with her wishes.Remember Arushi scolded her about thr rich not caring for the poor..Perhaps this could be the reason.I believe she ought to let bygones be bygones and think now of the future.Granny you must learn
    to forgive or else stop going to the temple to offer prayers.God is forgiving and so must you.

    1. HI,thank you,I do hope so because I am boggled at Granny’s behavior and could not figure it out.

  2. Rosey I do not thing that is the reason. I thing there is a big secret that granny is hiding from all the ladies and also Vihaan

  3. I think it has something to do with what was predicted by a priest about Vihaan future i can’t remember clearly, granny is even scared to let Vihaan go out of the city

  4. No it not that neither

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