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Satrangi Sasural 16th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Geeta comes to find narmada and harpreet purifying the house, and asks what are they doing. they say that they are getting rid of evil spirits, and that once they succeed, then they shall finish. geeta taunts that she wishes this could cure their madness too. As she goes inside, she scares harpreet deliberately, as she is already horrified of purifying the store room. The other mothers come in, and nilima laughs along with the rest asking about why they do such things that make them the butt of jokes. Kyra comes in with prashad for all. geeta asks kyra to help her as she needs to do the puja today, with the rest of the family. They both leave. Nilima asks them to give one chance to kyra, as she shall win over their hearts. they are tensed.

She tries to convince them to do it for him, but they walk out. she thinks that happiness has returned with much difficulty and that kyra has the quality to fill this house with happiness.

While kyra is searching for the knife, in the kitchen, mili comes and hands her,while kyra is tensed. she takes it and mili leaves. she cuts the apples for prashad, and finds that the knife is blood laden along with the apples. She is shocked, wondering whats going on. harpreet comes and asks her to come with the prashad. Kyra says that she shall just come. Harpreet finds her tensed. She finds the blood laden apple and knife, and then screams. kyra is shocked, and says that she doesnt know. Harpreet shows them all the prashad that she meant for them, and hands them the blo*dy apples. Nilima asks how is this possible. kyra shows them the knife. they are all shocked. Nilima asks them not to accuse unnecessarily, and then asks kyra to cut one more, and it turns normal. kyra is relieved. Nilima tells that this means someone wants to prove kyra an omen intentionally, and she wont let that happen, and would unravel the truth, even if she needs to stand against her sisters. Just then, they hear dolly’s screams, and they rush out to find dolly crying saying that she just got a call from pinky, from some landline, and begs kyra to trace it. she does, while mili watches tensedly. Mili is shocked to know that Pinky escaped, as if she ran, then she shall definitely expose her. Kyra checks the location through internet, and then leaves with dolly, to find her out. Mili is about to go. geeta asks her to be here, taunting that she is the half wife, and when the full wife isnt at home, the half wife shall cook. Mili silently complies. As she is peeling potatoes, geeta turns away, and she uses her magic to finish it all. geeta is surprised as she turns around. She then asks mili to wash the vessels, while she goes and gives tea. She leaves. mili again uses her magic to get to work. geeta is shocked that she washed the utensils so fast and asks if she is a magician. she is boggled while mili stands tensed, Thinking that she has seen nothing till now.

Scene 2:
Location: Undisclosed Location
When dolly and kyra arrive at the landline shop, they are ascertained by people that pinky was here, and they term her as a nutcase, explaining that she was hurt too. They are apalled to hear this. They get to know that she might have been taken to a hospital. she asks where the hospital is and leave for there.

Scene 3:
Location: Hospital
When they arrive at the hospital, they enquirte about pinky, and get to know, that due to pasychological instability she has been shifted to the safety ward. they hurry there and find pinky crouched in a corner, fully scared and petrified. They attend to her, while dolly is apalled to see pinky like this. she shoves them away and rushes out. they rush after her and miss. they ask the nurse and when she isnt able to answer, they go their own directions. kyra notices a table moving under the table cloth, underneath which actually mili has gagged pinky. Kyra meanwhile scared and stealthily walks upto the table, while mili anticipates her next move. she is about to lift the table cloth, when the nurse comes and asks them to leave as they cant meet pinky right now. Kyra tells that she has already escaped, and the nurse is shocked to know this. Dolly shouts atthenurse not to brand her as mad. They leave from there, while pinky bites mili’s hand in disgust and rushes out.

Scene 4:
Location: On the road and vihaan’s residence
Unfortunately, Kyra and dolly come out, and hurriedly get in the auto, while pinky rushes in the opposite direction. Mili silently goes after her. But kyra sees mili’s back in the rearview mirror, and is shocked as to whats she doing here, and they get down and rush after her. Pinky rushes with mili after her, while mili finally confronts her. pinky rushes away, but every where she goes, she is confronted by mili. Kyra and dolly come behind too, but they dont spot mili. They again separate to search in opposite directions, hollering for pinky. She hears pinky’s scream and rushes in that direction, shocked. Following the scream, she enters into an isolated building, in the dark. as she enters a room, searching for her, the door locks behind her. Kyra is locked behind a door, as she desperately screams for the door to be opened. But then she finds pinky, in a chair, guffawing at her. She asks if she is okay. Kyra asks pinky who is doing this, as she keeps changing position, while guffawing loudly. kyra is thoroughly boggled, and then gets apalled and distressed, seeing this horrifying scene. she rushes to the door for it to be opened. Mili comes from behind, with a big stone, and hits her hard. Kyra turns around with a heavy head, and finds mili with the stone. She collapses on the floor, but much to mili’s irritation, she holds her hand, as she looks at her, but then finally, her nausea gives in, and she lets go of her hand, while scrtaching it on the way, and goes unconscious. Mili eyes her tensedly.

Hearing kyra’s screams, instinctively, vihaanwakes up and hurriedly asks nilima where is kyra. She tells him that kyrta went with dolly, to search for pinky. He asks her why did she let her go alone, as her life is in danger. The screen freezes on kyra’s, vihaan’s and mili’s faces.

Precap: Kyra goes and starts arguing with mili, while the mothers rush is tensed, in her room, as narmada and harpreet hurriedly come in to save her, asking kyra why is she bothering her. She says that she saw mili in the red dupatta clad girl’s avatar. She also adds that she can prove it, by showing the scratch marks on her skin. She lifts the sleeves of her kurta, but is sshocked when she doesnt find anything there. All are tensed and boggled, while mili pretends to be sad and upset.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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