Satrangi Sasural 15th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 15th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Harpreet shows granny how kyra was taking off the mangalsutra and they all know what it means for a married woman to be doing that. vihaan comes in and hears this. harpreet tries to instigate granny against kyra. granny is tensed asks her to let kyra speak. But she doesnt saying that its evident. Harpreet says that she is declaring this in front of granny that if anything happens to him, she shall eat her alive. she walks off in a huff. he comes inside and walks off. Kyra is tensed. Granny asks kyra if she understands the meaning of this and that its a bad omen. she says that even if she doesnt believe it, but the mangalsutra is related with the husband’a longevity and safety cover. kyra is tensed. granny asks her to never take it

off. granny goes out. Kyra turns to the goddess, saying that she apologises, but the lord knows why she did this, and wonders what to do now.

Scene 2:
Location: Dolly’s house
Dolly excitedly tells bebo that her daughter is coming today. bebo is surprised. dfolly talks about her dreams of marrying her daughter to vihaan, but kyra won him over. Bebo mutters that kyra would be hers in the next 3 months. Dolly overhears some of it, but bebo changes the topic immediately. Bebo asks about her daughter. dolly says that she is a heroine and could have been, but currently she is coming here for some beauty course. She asks about bebo’s son, and bebo says that he is a hero too, and is coming to stay with him. Dolly is excited, and then goes to check where’s pinky, and bebo too thinks where is her son. meanwhile oblivous, to them, their children collide into each other at the busy market area. She falls in his lap. they then compose each other. they accidentally take the wrong phones, from the road. Their phones ring at the same time. bebo and dolly fire at the wrong children. They cancel the call. they both stop the auto at the sametime and say the same address. each asks the other to get off, but the auto driver says that they can go together since they are going to the same address. they resignedly comply.

Dolly and bebo come out to find their children. they realise the immense complication and understand that their phones got exchanged.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
In the night, the children complain of immense hunger and granny says that she shall go and check. she goes into find all the mothers standing quietly. granny asks why are they standing sullenly like this, as vihaan must have got groceries from the shop. geeta tells what happened at the grocery shop, and that there’s nothing in the house. granny is apalled, while the mothers are shocked. Granny asks where’s harpreet and mini. narmada says that they have gone to sell utensils, and get money and they shall use it to get food, and cook something for the children. granny is apalled, as the children keep demanding for food.

Scene 4:
Location: On the road
Later in the night, mini and harpreet walk with empty vessels on the road, disappointed that the Kabaadiwallah was closed, and wonder what to do now. harpreet gets frustrated. Mini asks how and what do they say to the hungry kids as they can stay without the food. harpreet says that she doesnt have the face to go back home empty handed. harpreet says that they dont have any other option and that they shall have to steal now. Mini is shocked, and asks if she has gone mad. harpreet stands distraught saying that they are helpless. As harpreet tries to sneak in trying to break the lock, her hand is stopped by kyra, seeing whom they are tensed. kyra eyes them sternly, with food packets in her hand, saying that she neednt do this, as she has brought food for everyone and says that she is going home and asks them to reach along soon. She walks off. harpreet says that she doesnt need this food. mini asks her to digest this anger atleast for the kids’ sake.

Scene 5:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
At the dining table, granny tries to keep the children distracted. Kyra comes in excitedly and cheera them up saying that she brought food for everyone. the children gorge on it, while the mothers eye the children with the food relieved. Kyra cheerfully engages them in feeding. the mothers get emotional seeing this. When they dont eat, kyra is tensed and wonders why arent they eating. they look at the food with temptation and then at the mothers with despair. Only when they get the nod from the mothers and granny, they start gorging on the food. kyra tells granny that she can do anything for the kids, and that she cant see them hungry, and that she was apalled when she saw arhaan taking up someone else’s food from the dustbin, and hopes such days dont come on anyone. vihaan who has just entered, is in tears hearing this, and the mothers are apalled as he collapses on the floor. he is distraught and in uncontrollable tears. Mini and harpreet go to console him, while he cries bitterly. He makes up his mind with steely determination and goes in. granny is apalled. kyra says that she shall go and check on him, and asks her not to worry. the mothers are apalled.

in his room, vihaan breaks down completely, at his helplessness and despair, and starts slapping himself at his inability to be able to feed his own children, until kyra stops him by holding his hand. he looks at her surprised, while she asks him to stop it, and calm down, as if he loses hope like this, how would they carry on, as she places a reassuring hand on his shoulder. She says that mothers live by his hope, and children maybe scared of him, but they love him the most. She says that if he breaks down, then all would break and begs him to stop crying, and relax and calm down. he barely is able to compose himself. they hear the children at the door, and both wipe their tears. The children come to vihaan and ask him to eat something, as he hasnt eaten anything. he gets emotional as they themselves feed him apple slices, and hugs them completely overwhelmed and breaks into bitter tears, apologising profusely to the children. granny sees this and smiles. kyra looks back and smiles at her too. Kyra gets overwhelmed to see this, and turns to arushi’s pic. she thinks that till the time she is here, she would make this home a happy home, and wont go till arushi’s satrangi sasural doesnt become like it was before, and promises this to arushi. She is emotional and teary eyed.

The next morning, kyra accidentally collides into vihaan coming out of the bathroom, having taken a bath and with a towel around his waist. vihaan immediately grabs a shirt to cover himself, while she lets out an overdramatic scream. She asks whats he doing naked. He asks if she takes a bath with clothes. She asks him where is he going. he asks her not to bother. she asks him if he wont ask where is she going. he says that he isnt bothered. she finds him with running shoes, and asks why is he jogging after bathing. He asks her to stick to her work. She reprimands him as being a snob, and gets inside the bathroom. vihaan goes to the kids’ room and finds them sleeping blissfully, and longingly eyes them and caresses the,, apalled and distraught. kyra comes and eyes the look in his eyes, as he gets teary eyed, and is boggled. She hides behind the door, as he gets up and leaves. After he is gone, kyra wonders why is he behaving so weird, and asks whats he upto. the screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: While vihaan cycles in the track, kyra is apalled to see him fighting for the 75000 and asks him to get down as its extremely scary, and people have even died. But he doesnt pay heed, and asks her not to go home and tell the mothers about it. kyra is apalled and helpless as to what to do.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Well he is doing it for the money n his mothers also his kids

  2. He’ll win.I hope

  3. I I haven’t watched this show for quit some time but i like this new girl can any one tell me what happen. was kaira ‘s grandfather murdered or die natural death and what happen with kaira ‘s money? Why can she use to help the vihaan ‘ s family

    1. Kaira’s evil step mother ‘ Bebo ‘ killed her grandfather.. she pushed him down the stairs at their house… and he suffered head injuries and died at the hospital.. Bebo wants the property and money.. Kaira’s grandfather had made a will and it said when he died. It said that Kaira should get married in a week and it will all go to her or else it will go the trust.. and Vihaan was working for her grandfather.. Vihaan mother got in a accident and he needed money .. so his only option was to marry kaira . So they both benefitted. Kaira got the property and Vihaan got the money for his mother surgery…. but Bebo is the one who helped paid the money… kaira’s grandfather bank accounts are all frozen so that’s she cannot get money.

    2. Oh and also kaira’s evil uncle is the other one who is after the property.. he is her grandfather’s son

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