Satrangi Sasural 15th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 15th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Daadi maa asking all ladies to touch Vasundhara/Meena’s feet. Vasundhara says no need to touch her feet. Daadi maa says they all obey her and should touch feet. Vasundhara says they can hug her and herself hugs everyone and then asks Kaira to touch her fet. She murmurs in Kaira’s ears that she must be having lots of questions in her mind, soon she will get all her answers.

Bulletin nurses BBC’s wounds and asks why did he go to fight with Kaira. BBC says it was troubling Kaira, so he tried to help her, but mahila mandali barged on her. Bulletin says let us go out and have food. BBC asks him to go alone and bring something.

Dadi maa goes to Sandeep and Vasundhara’s room and asks Sandeep what happened to him. Vasundhara says his

main problem is he is her husband, it not easy to be her husband and shows wounds on his body and says she knows about her black magic. Daadi cries and asks what she needs. Vasundhara says total control of this house.

Bua tells Tai and Chachi she does not know why Meena came here. Daadi maa comes and asks them to give house keys to Meena and let her decide everything from today as she is elder bahu. Everyone are shocked. Kaira thinks she has to get into Vasundhara’s good book to know her intentions. Vasundhara thinks Kaira is strong link of this house and she has to weaken her.

Narmada maa does her son’s shraad and keep food thali on a sidewalk and thinks it would have been good if her son would have been alive. Bulletin comes searching for food and takes food thali. Maa from kitchen window sees him carrying thali and walks angrily with stick. BBC gets happy seeing food and after tasting says it tastes like mom’s food, if her mom was there, she would have prepared same food. Maa watches it and gets emotional. BBC says he does not know when will he get mom’s food next. Maa leaves emotionally. She prepares food and keeps it in front of door and leaves. Kaira watches it from kitchen and thinks what is maa keeping in front of goon BBC’s door.

Daadi is served food and Narmada tries to sit next to her, but Daadi says Meena will sit here as she is elder bahu and pushes Narmada maa. Kaira drops curry by mistake. Daadi drags her out of house and says she will stay out for 2 days as a punishment.

Precap: BBC sees Kaira sleeping out and fans her with paper. Narmada maa watches from kitchen window.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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