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Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Arushi somehow consoles jhanvi. Then she finds girish walking off the mandap, and asks where is he going. he says that he is wrong, and he shouldnt have done this, without telling to kasturi first, andhence he is going right now to apologise. She stops him, saying that he hasnt done anything wrong, and that he shall not walk away from this mandap, without having married. She says that the marriage shall happen, even if she has to personally see to it. All are shocked. Vihaan and granny say that their priority is kasturi right now, and that if they make her understand she will. Arushi says that she wont understand, and hence first the marriage shaould happen. All are tensed. harpreet thinks arushi iss right. All question whether this is right

or wrong. Nilima says that this isnt right, and they should talk to kasturi, first, as they cant have the marriage, without the mother’s permission and blessing., Arushi says that she too feels the same, but when she is not complying, and if they feel that she should talk, then she shall try once, but if she doesnt reltn still, then she shall get jhanvi and girish married. All are shocked. Arushi leaves to meet kasturi. All stand tensed. She finds the door locked, with kasturi and dadaji inside. dadajio begins to open, but kasturi asks him not to. arushi is upset outside. dadaji tries to make her agree, but she stands determined. Arushi then turns away after much pleading, and comes back to the mandap area, with a sulken face, and tells everyone what happened. she says that they shall not cancel the marriage, and asks the couple to get ahead with the marriage preparations, and asks the priest to continue. he complies. She does the gadhbandhan yet again, and finishes the rituals, while vihaan and others are disturbed. As the sound of the chanting reaches kasturi and dadaji’s ears, they are surprised, while everyone at the mandap is tensed, as the marriage continues. After the priest confirms that the marriage is complete, girish and jhanvi turn to arushi for blessingsm, but are tensed, and she assures them that kasturi shall come around, just like vihaan’s mothers did, as she cant be mad at them for long. He says that he hopes her words are true. Arushi tyhen takes the couple to everyone, to seek their blessings, and they happily get so too. Finally, kasturi and dadaji come out, with her eyes blaazing in anger, and dadaji is worried. Girish and jhanvi face kasturi too. All stand tensed. they turn to kasturi for blessings, but she retreats her feet away, surprising the couple and everyone else too. Arushi asks kasturi what happened, as she should be proud of girish, who has set an example in front of the society. kasturi asks her to shut up, as he has indeed set an example, that has made them the laughing stock of the town. Arushi says that she shouldnt care about people, and get rid of the anger and do the grihapravesh. kasturi says that she wont do it. Granny tells her that they too made this mistake, and terribly regret it, and nothing good came out of it, and pleads her to forgive the mistake of their children. kasturi apologises and says that they wont be able to. Arushi stands up and says that if she doesnt do the grihapravesh then she shall. kasturi and others are shocked too, while vihaan and his family is aworried. arushi says that elder sister is like the mother too. she takes the couple from there, while kasturi stands in shock. All stand surprised, while she performs the grihapravesh ritual with girish and jhanvi, much to everyone’s surprise and tension. She explains the ritiual to jahnvi, and asks if she is ready for the responsibilities that come with this ritual. Jhanvi complies, and finishes the ritual, as she comes inside the house, with girish, and alta smeared feet, to face kasturi and others once again. As the trio enter, kasturi askss them to stop right there, angrily, and not step inside, as she doesnt accept this marriage. Arushi then goes to kasturi, and asks why is she so angry, just for the fact that girish didnt tell the truth. Arushi tells kasturi that she knew about jahnvi’s pregnancy, shocking kasturi and others too. she says that she wanted to tell her and they had decided that they shall tell her right after the pheras finish, and asks her not to punish so much for this. kasturi is hurt, as she adds that she has betrayed her trust terribly today. Kasturi tells arushi that she proved today that she might shower all the love in the world on them, but still she shall remain the stepmother. they are all shocked. arushi is hurt and asks whats she saying. She says that she is right, as she just showed that she has no right in girish and his life’s decisions, and thanks arushi sadistically for reminding her her rights and her limits. Vihaan comes to her, and sasy that she shouldnt be so angry at her own daughter, when she knwos arushi doesnt do anything wrong, and that her mistake was she should have told her. she again goes on a rant of her stepmother feelings, while arushi vehemently denies. But kasturi says that she is right, and maybe she has also now lost the right to call her as her daughter. She tells arushi that she can do whatever she wants, as they dont have any relation at all now, and when that isnt there, then who is she, to tell her or her brother anything. All are pained to hear this. girish coems and asks her not to speak like this, as she is mistaken. kasturi tells girish that he did what he had to do, but asks him to remember, that from this day forht, she shall never interfere in his life. All are shocked. Kasturi says that she has become so big that she doesnt need her now, hence she frees her too from this relationship today. All are distraught and unable to believe what she just said, while arushi stands dazed and speechless. She tells arushi that from this day forth, neither is she her daughter, nor she herself arushi’s mother. Arushi is apalled. All are shocked. The screen freezes on her apalled face.

Precap: Arushi tells everyone, that for the first time, she talked to her like this, and told her that she isnt her daughter anymore. harpreet tells arushi that she shall have to be patient, as she shall come around, and that jhanvi seems sensible and shall win over kasturi’s heart soon. Meanwhile, kasturi is angry at dadaji, that she shall never accept them, like no other mother-in-law would, as they didnt even for a minute think how their decision would affect her.

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  1. serial straying from the main point of this storyline Vihaan and arushi we want more of them please

  2. I always like arushi and what she stands for but what she did to her step mother was not right we all know that girish liked jhanvi even before he found out that she was pregnant with someone elses child ok but kasturi is the mother he knew growing up and he should have show her the respect of telling her that the girl was pregnant before running into a marriage with her and I am shocked at arushis behavior because kasturi is the only mother she knows and she always protected them and look out for them even when that no good drunking father of her was beating her kasturi up and the old grand father always had to stand up for kasturi now I am not saying that it was wrong for girish to marry jhanvi but it is under what circumstances imagine arushis behavior showed clearly that she did not care what her step mother taught or said and this made kasturi feel less of a real mother to them arushi showed plain that she did not care and went ahead with the wedding anyway and for me this looked very ungrateful to kasturi for all she have done for them at least arushi should have postpone the wedding till kasturi quiet down and came to her senses and accepted the fact the jhanvi was carrying someone elses child to tell the truth I felt real sad for kasturi because arushi denied her of the right as a mother to give away her child especially that the no good father of her was in prison and the thing is that special moment for kasturi to give away her son could never be recaptured apology or not

    1. Katsuri getting on like a spole child!!!! You disown your children because they wanted to live their own life!?!??!?! She behaving exactly like Priyanka,,,….ah mean the same woman who saw the torment that those women were dishing out to Arushi and she is getting on the same way!?!?!? If Girish love and want to marry a pregnant woman, that is HIS business! Katsuri look for that rudeness!

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