Satrangi Sasural 15th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 15th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Granny enters along with kyra, in the store room, that she shall help. kyra asks whats she looking for. Granny says that there is a lady who can help vihaan, and she has an old address, but doesnt know if she would be available on that. kyra eyes the address and gets tensed.

Meanwhile, in his room, vihaan is tensed, as nilima comes to him, while mili too is shocked. granny comes and then asks nilima to come along, as she wishes to speak to vihaan alone. mili asks whats the matter, and if everything is okay. Granny says that all is fine, and she neednt know everything. she asks her to go. nilima and mili leave. Outside, mili hopes that vihaan is okay, as due to her magic, there has been a mental imbalance with him, and granny might

ask some questions, that might expose him. she is frustrated.

Meanwhile inside, granny comes to vihaan, and asks whats the matter why isnt he talking, while he gets tensed, and says that he doesnt want to see her and turns away. she asks him to speak up, as he can share anything with her. he says that he doesnt wish to speak to her, with great ferocity, and asks her to leave, or else he shall bang his head against the wall. he goes to the window and starts hitting his head against the window panes, asking her to leave. she is distraught and apalled. he starts behaving like a mad person, and pushes her away, as she tries to get close to him. granny is shocked to see him like this.

Later, granny tells the mothers, apalled, that she cant believe he can behave like this. geeta suggests that he isnt his normal self, captivated by mili. Granny is still tensed. nilima says that whatever kyra was saying so far, was right, and asks her not to worry, as she has gone to search for a solution, and has the faith that she shall succeed. granny and geeta hope the same too, assured that vihaan shall return back to them. Granny hopes that the children are safe.

Scene 2:
Location: Isolated house and Vihaan’s residence
kyra comes in the given address and keeps asking if there is anyone here, and when noone responds, she thinks that there is noone around, oblivious that someone is observing him discreetly. As kyra is roaming around, she suddenly gets hit from behind and falls unconscious. when she wakes up, kyra finds herself tied to a chair, and her mouth gagged. she tries to wrestle herself free, but is unable to. Then a lady appears and removes the mouth gag, and kyra starts screaming for help, and why has she been kept captive. The lady gags her back and says that she can open her mouth gag only at one cost, thats she remains silent. she complies. the lady takes off the gag. She identifies herself as Jhumri Bai, and asks about her, and asks her to speak up. kyra asks why did she tie her up. She asks how can she roam around in her house only, without her permission, peeking around. She asks her to come along. kyra takes her phone, while she gets to the kitchen, to start cutting vegetables. she asks kyra that her name starts with K, and she has come from Chandni Chowk, and also asks her not to be surprised, as she saw it on her keychain. she asks why was she searching for her. Kyra hesitatingly says that she needs her help. the lady asks her to go on. she talks about vihaan being trapped, and asks if she shall help her. she asks kyra to get the tejaswini flower, which only blossoms on {urnima, which was yesterday, and if she can get him to eat it, he shall be free from the trap. Kyra asks where shall she find it. She gets the response, that she has to retrieve it from the jugnel, before sunset. kyra is tensed, but is undaunted that she shall do anything for Vihaan. Kyra asks how would she recognise it. Kyra says that she shall herself be able to, and when she does, she shall be able to know what she means, and gives her a map of the jungle, saying that if she takes the kuccha road, then she would get the flower herself. Just then, Kyra gets a call, from granny, asking if she found the lady. Kyra says that she found the solution and narrates it all. granny expresses fear that it might be scary to go in the jungle like that. Mili comes and hears their talks. Kyra says that the lord is with her. granny prays for her. mili hears this and goes inside frustratedly. She comes inside, and vihaan asks her whats the matter, and what happened. Mili says that kyra found the solution, and now even granny and other mothers are with her, since they believe her. mili says that she has had enough, and has to end it now. Vihaan asks what she wants to do. Mili says that she shall do, what she should have done a long time ago, as she wouldnt return back alive now, and kyra shall be buried in the jungle only. vihaan then asks what about the mothers. Mili asks huim to get to his work, while she takes care of kyra. they comply. Vihaan is about to go out, when he eyes the mothers, eyeing him tensedly, granny remembering what he did. He then walks out. granny is upset, while the mothers console her.

Outside, vihaan notices that noone sees him, and then turns off the fuse, and replaces it with another piece that he got, and installs it with the current wiring. He turns the fuse back on. he thinks that the whole family shall get ruined, as the minute, by the evening, people of the family turn the lights back on, the short circuit created shall fuse the entire house, and burn it down, along with the people. he thinks that he should get out of the house. he is about to go, when he is shocked, as he finds himself confronted by granny.

Scene 3
Location: In the jungles.
Kyra arrives with the map, and the lord’s idol, thinking that she has one hour to search for the flower. she gets to searching. Mili arrives and follows kyra, stealthily, when she notices her going somewhere, in the jungles. she is boggled, while kyra walks ahead, frantically searching for something. She then continues searching, and notices that she has merely 30 minutes for it now. after much efforts, she finally spots it, atop a high tree, and tries to retrieve, it, while mili watches her, hiding behind a boulder. she eyes the flower viciously. Kyra tries to climb the tree, to get the flower, and successfully manages it, while mili watches tensedly. she carefully steps down the tree, and eyes the flower. Mili thinks that now kyra is gone. Kyra is hopeful that she can get back her vihaan, and once that happens, they can throw mili out of the house, and their lives. she asks the lord to protect her. Mili tries her magic, but it falters, and wonders why nothing is happening, due to the idol that kyra has held in her hands. Mili stands defeated. kyra is determined. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: As kyra tries to get ahead, she finds herself locked inside a cicle of fire, that lights up, as she tries to walk. she is shocked and is distraught as to how to cross it now. Mili smirks evilly, and then comes walking towards her. Kyra is shocked, as mili comes in front of her to confront her, while kyra is shocked to see her.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. iss mili ko koi aake maardo.. bahuth ho gaya iski natak.. abh aur nahin.. aur uss vihaan ko tho koi shabd bhi nahin bolne ka.. khud ke parivaar ko maarne keliye schemes, planning kar rahe hai.. vo bhi uss mili ke saath milkar..

  2. hope the Mili and the black magic track gets over soon. they are taking the track very long. its becoming boring. hope that the real vihaan comes in soon

  3. Where is today’s episode update?
    what is this?
    all the other serials update come on time…..This is not done Rimjhim 😮

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