Satrangi Sasural 15th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 15th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Granny immediately distracts them from what they heard. nilims teases the mothers that they are all over protective about their bahu. granny begins to leave, but they say that they were just teasing each other, and she neednt be upset because of it. They then get her to take the thali of laddoos, to kyra, their favourite bahu. she silently complies. narmada then reminds her to cheer up, so that they can take kyra to the puja later in the evening, which is meant only for the benefit and well being of married ladies particularly. granny nods, and then taking the plate of dessert she moves towards kyra’s room.

meanwhile, in the room, vihaan and mili finally manage to get kyra to eat the chicken soup, which she drinks apprehensively

at first, but then loves the taste and munches it away. Kyra animatedly tells vihaan and mili, that they shall share this secret, that she loved chicken soup. They are shocked as they find granny standing in the doorway. Granny comes in and is about to slap her, while vihaan tries to give her defense. mili rushes out. granny asks how dare she try to do whats never been done in the family. Hearing her scream, the other mothers too come in, while granny keeps continuing to demand who got it here. they try and ask her to calm down, as it isnt any thing major. granny says that its a matter of principles over everything else, as she shall decide. she goes berserk. she wants to know who got chicken soup. Mili says that she got it actually. but granny is furious at everyone while they all try and calm her down, trying to make her understand that it isnt kyra’s fault. Vihaan says that it was medically prescribed. but she doesnt listen to anything. but granny is berserk and doesnt understand the logic. vihaan and everyone try and make her understand that she neednt overreact like this. but she doesnt calm down, saying that she broke the rules. He tries to talk to granny, but kyra shuts her saying that she wouldnt ever repeat it again, and granny is right and that she wouldnt repeat it again. all gets tensed. Priyanka comes and says to her, to eat the laddoo that granny lovingly made for her. Kyra says hesitatingly that she is full on stomach. geeta asks if she isnt eating merely because granny has made it. kyra immediately rushes to help to appease them, but vihaan says that she wouldnt eat, if she is full, just to appease granny. She leaves from there. he asks granny how can she make such a big issue out of nothing. granny asks how can he stand against her due to kyra, and if she is wrong, and then apologises. all are aghast, while vihaan asks her not to do this. Granny walks out. Kyra comes in and vihaan asks if she is okay. he says that its okay and everything would be alright. Narmada asks her to relax, as she has to go for the puja too. Kyra is tensed.

while outside, granny is made to relax and calm down, since she is upset about the recent incident, and other tensions regarding the baby thats been boggling her recently. narmada comes and tells granny that she told kyra about the puja, and that she shall join them in the evening. granny listens tensedly. then narmada asks granny whats the matter, as she seems visibly tensed since last night, and asks her to open up about whats boggling her. granny again gets berserk, and asks them to stop behaving like this, as she is completely sane, and they are the ones who has changed. she is also hurt at the way he behaved, and how he reacted, when all she was trying to do was make them see whats right. granny asks them to go and make preparations for puja. then dolly and pinky come, and get to know of the puja. They start dicussing in hushed tones, as to how shall kyra come if she has the jinn’s child. Granny reprimands them, and shoves them away asking them to stop talking nonsense, but she is herself worried about the same.

Inside, kyra is ready but tensed, when vihaan comes in and asks whats the matter. she doesnt say anything and smiles. He asks her not to tense herself about what happened and its repurcussions. he however doesnt comply and says that granny was to blame. kyra however makes her realise that granny is right and he silently complies. he aqsks her not to worry though, as they shall appease granny, and begs her to rest. he makes her lie on the bed, as the doctor strictly advised her to rest, while she is tensed that they shall be late for the puja. Later, Vihaan comes and finds kyra experiencing severe stomach cramps, and sternly advises her to lie down and not participate in the puja, while she vehemently says that she shall go. but he makes her lie down, and she is tensed that granny shall be angry, if she doesnt go. she doses off.

Scene 2:
Location: Temple
the priest narrates them the importance of this puja for married ladies, while granny is still boggled about kyra and the baby, and hopes that the lord shows her the way. the mothers and granny listen to his lecture intently. he tries to preach while granny starts implementing it on her own life. he then talks about how if they are good, then they shall not be afraid, but if they have vil spirits, then they wont step inside the temple, at all, and shall try everything possible to refrain from being in the temple, around godly spirits. granny is super concerned about kyra not coming, and begs to the lord, that she be proven wrong, but hopes that she shall come. She waits in anticipation for kyra, and is ecstatic when she finally arrives. Granny blesses her. the ladies ask her to bless the child too. she is boggled. the screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: Granny and the other mothers observe while kyra is in vihaan’s arms, and they tie the sacred thread together around the old banyan tree. They are oblivious of a heavy branch coming off. they are aghast as it finally falls on vihaan’s back and he winces in pain, disbalancing himself. granny is set to wondering whether this means that her doubts and concerns were right.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. like I said before what nonsense is this now all of a sudden the child kyra is carrying might be the jinns so wait a minute answer me there is no happiness for Vihaan with none of his wives what nonsense well it is best the writers end this serial cause it is one shit after the next so disappointing you writers really know how to destroy a good serial

    1. Well Vihaan’s character will be dying off soon.

  2. News Flash guys! Kyra and Vihaan (The Real Vihaan that is) consumated their marriage in the hotel room under the influence of bhaang and before Millie decided to substitute Vihaan with a Jinn. That child is a human baby. That lady, Vasundhara has something to do with this. If you ask me, I think she is the same witch who had imprisoned Vihaan in the mirror.


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