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Satrangi Sasural 15th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Mili walks in while kyra is shell shocked, as she asks kyra, who is she talking to. Kyra says that she just saw her on the bed. Mili apologises for her stressful state, for whats happened to her, thats why she is hallucinating. kyra says that something is wrong, as she is sure that mili was right here. she asls mili if she is normal. mili pretends to be hurt, and starts emotionally blackmailing, that she wont seem normal now. Kyra promises her that one day she shall make this place as it was with arushi, and adds that she shouldnt lose hope, as the way arushi took her care, she shall take mili’s care too. Mili smiles. kyra leaves. Mili thinks evilly that in the next 48 hours, she shall be thrown out of the house, and after that, she

shall rule the seven mothers.

In the kitchen, geeta compliments kyra on her cooking skills, narmada and harpreet come in saying that mili shall cook too. Geeta asks where is mili. they suddenly hear her scream and then rush outside. In her room, they are shocked as they find blood coming out of vihaan and kyra’s wedding pic in the frame. They wonder how is this possible. Kyra and vihaan are aghast to see this, and wonder who could have done this to them. mili is worried, and says that when she came here, she saw this, and apologises for it. All stand tensedly. harpreet again considers this as an omen, as what they have been saying is right. Narmada too reiterates the same. he asks her to shut up, as he doesnt believe in all this, and hopes that they both arent in this. they are shocked to be accused like this. He says that he isnt, and is merely praying that they arent involved. kyra begs him not to talk to them like this, or behave like this. As he tries to take the pic, his finger gets hurt, and the pic falls on the ground, shattering into pieces. all are tensed to see the blood, which immediately kyra sucks so that he gets better. they are all tensed. geeta comments whats happening, as vihaan is hurt. narmada says that this means omen. Suddenly kyra remembers something and rushes out to find her food burnt too. all are shocked. harpreet and narmada continue to point out bad omens. kyra asks her not to speak like this, as the red dupatta clad girl is still with them, and she is behind this, and they have to be together to do this. she says that she has seen her back, which proves that she is a normal person, and is merely doing this to scare them, and that she even doubts someone. Mili gets tensed. All are shocked. he asks who does she doubt. She says that she wont speak until she is sure, and then she shall expose that person in the next 24 hours. Mili smiles evilly, thinking that kyra considers of her as a person.

Later, at night, Kyra wonders what has she ever done, and then remembers mili disappearing. she thinks that she saw the red dupatta clad girl in the store room, and decides to go there and check, to find something. Kyra starts wondering about mili’s ghostly behaviour and then how she is against her, and wonders whether she is the red dupatta clad girl. In the middle of the night, she stealthily comes out to find something, and is shocked as she sees the red dupatta in a carton, in the light of the torch, and wonders who could it possibly be. She finds a box moving vigorously, and then thinks that its a spirit and then wards off her own concerns. she decides to go and check in the box. A white light comes up from the box and she screams in horror. She finds the door locked, and begs for it to be opened. She turns around and sees something, that horrifies her and she is shocked, as she screams badly. Hearing her screams, Vihaan wakes up and rushes out. He is shocked to find the red dupatta clad girl, with her face covered leaning against a drum. the other mothers come in too and are shocked. he suggests them to remain quiet. He lifts open the dupatta, and all are shocked to see who Kyra under the dupatta, extremely scared and terrified. He rushes to her, while others proclaim that she was indeed this red dupatta girl. granny and geeta are shocked, while narmada says that kyra was betraying them. Vihaan askswhy is she so scared, and trembling, while she only looks up in horror. He follows her gaze, but doesnt find anything there. they all look up. Kyra hesitantly speaks that she saw someone hanging from the roof. All are shocked. She says that she didnt see the face, while they ask her to relax. he hugs her, while all are tensed. Mili comes in saying that vihaan is right, as this cloth was hanging from the storeroom, and then shows them a black shroud. She says that as it is, kyra is extremely upset with whatever is happening, and hence has started hallucinating. They are all shocked. kyra is shocked to see mili saying this, and asks if she thinks that she is mad, and whether what she saw was wrong, as she didnt misread anything, and she is saying the truth. She continues to vehemently prove herself, when narmada walks out of the store room hastily. She starts doing some Holy Water chants along with sprinkling, while all are tensed. he asks her to stop this. She is too scared and continues doing so. he takes kyra from there. They are all tensed.

In the room, Kyra tells vihaan that they shouldnt have married and they made a mistake, even if its for the children, as its an omen, and that he should have married Mili instead. He is thoroughly boggled seeing her distraught state. he shushes her finally, asking her to calm down, as these are nonsense, as someone is deliberately doing all this, as they have done this for the freeing of arushi’s spirit, and for their children, and that the kyra he knew was fearless and brave, unlike thisd one. she is instigates, while he smiles, at having successfully distracted her. when she sees his bluff, she reprimands him jokingly. he says that he is happy to see her spirit back and asks her never to lose it. He reminds her that their marriage isnt an omen. He hugs her, and says that he shall never leave her. She hugs him back. He then asks her not to take advantage of the situation for physical proximity. She smiles at his joke, and hugs him back. Mili eyes them evilly and thinks that vihaan maybe with kyra for now, but not for long, as he is there today, but he doesnt deserve kyra, nor she, him, and neither of the people, deserve any happiness, and she shall ensure that they arent happy for long, as vihaan wont chide with kyra ever. the screen freezes on her evil face.

Precap: Kyra is locked behind a door, as she desperately screams for the door to be opened. Mili comes from behind, with a big stone, and hits her hard. Kyra turns around with a heavy head, and finds mili with the stone. She collapses on the floor, but much to mili’s irritation, she holds her hand, as she looks at her, but then finally, her nausea gives in, and she lets go of her hand, and goes unconscious. Mili eyes her tensedly.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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