Satrangi Sasural 15th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 15th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Vihaan is distraught as he finds nilima unconscious and startss to vent out his despair at the doctor, while all the mothers are apalled. they finally calm him down. He rushes out and bends on his knees and prays in the temple, asking why is Nilima being treated to all this. The family comes and calms him dowm, and assure him that she would be alright, and he neednt bother and torture himself like this. They then rush to attend to Nilima, who seems to be waking. Vihaan calls up arushi, who is being convinced by gautam, to convince vihaan, as he is very angry at him, and would only listen to his own wife. she is tensed wondering what to do. Vihaan tells arushi about nilima, and she immediately rushes from there, while gautam is tensed wondering

what happened. Meanwhile, the doctor tells them that she is out of danger, and would take sometime to wake up. Arushi arrives. He asks them if she is in any depression. vihaan says no. The doctor explains the severe consequences of depression. Arushi remembers how gautam had said that he would strive to keep nilima happy always. He asks them to stop her from taking stress and then leaves. When nilima wakes up, all are relieved. they then reprimand her for such a childish and immarture act, while she breaks down talking about how she still feels for him, despite his utter betrayal, and how she cant afford to have seen her family suffer due to her. they convince her otherwise and tghen ask her to rest. vihaan goes out, angry and furious at gautam.

Outside, vihaan and arushi talk, while he remembers how he had seen her talking to someone and how she didnt get back any groperies as she had said she would. She makes an excuse that she didnt get the time, as she got his urgent call. He complies resignedly and doesnt reply. She asks if she can go again and shall get late as she has to meet kasturi too, as she thinks she has to find out about gautam. He answers in a yes. they both part ways, she towards the market, and he towards the house.

Scene 2:
Location: Gautam’s residence
Arushi and manohar find out gautam’s address, and reach there. Arushi and manohar find gautam coming to his home, and telling his parents that now they wont have to work, as he shall take care of his responsibilities. they find gautam talking to his parents, who are willing to let bygones be bygones, and satarts afresh, trapping a new bait, an NRI widow, who shall be their last bait, while gautam is hitched that he loves nilima and shall not betray. his father slaps him while his mother tries to salvage the situation bu making them patch up. As he does so, arushi’s faith is shattered. But she is surprised when gautam jerks his hand away, remaining firm on his decision. His parents are enraged and asks him to think again. both of them are assured that he is a changed man, and she takes it on herself to unite gautam and nilima. But she is oblivious, that an angry vihaan who has found gautam’s residence, has come with a brigade of police to catch him red handed. Arushi is tensed to hear rumbles, and vihaan approaching with the police, as they siren through the streets. Arushi is tensed with manohar, wondering what if gautam is arrested again but are helpless as they find vihaan coming towards the house. The police barges in and arrest gautam, shocking them all, while vihaan taunts who does he plan to fool now. They take him away. She doesnt realise what to do.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence and the police station
vihaan returns and announces gautam’s arrest to everyone. they are all shocked. He asks about nilima, and geeta says that they have never seen her this restless. then they ask about arushi, and he is tensed that she hasnt arrived yet. He calls her up, but she doesnt pick up. then he tries her mother’s number, as that was where she had said she would go, but when he calls, he finds that arushi isnt there too. He wonders where is she and why is it taking her so long.

Meanwhile, arushi gets her boss’ help, in bailing out gautam and thanks him profusely. he then leaves. Manohar gives arushi’s phone which is ringing with Vihaan’s numerous calls. Vihaan gets arushi’s call, oblivious that she is in the Police Station, who clarifies that she got a little late in coming, and that she couldnt receive the call, due to the phone being in the car. He says that its okay and that he was just tensed for her. he overhears on the phone, that Gautam diwan has been bailed out by Arushi Vatsal, and is shocked. the screen freezes on her angry face.

Precap: prahlad locks all of the family inside, and then burns all the sarees that kasturi was saving for the order of her work. she is apalled and distraught, as she finds her labour burning to ashes. dadaji is upset too, while prahlad smirks evilly. later, as kasturi eyes the ashes resignedly, vihaan comes and sits beside her. Vihaan says that noone can stop her from climbing the ladder of success till he is alive. Kasturi eyes him overwhelmingly.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. this show n hello pratibha is two boring and slow show it like a snail it stuck one place it not going anywhere when they ready to speed it up then i will read n watch it

  2. I don’t trust Gautam one bit i think he knows Aarushi and Manohar they are outside so he’s putting on a show with his parents to gain Aarushi sympathy to make his way back into Nilima’s life

  3. Boring so slow

  4. Rimghim you are too slow with the updates

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