Satrangi Sasural 14th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 14th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Arushi through a chewing gum, gets the antidote out of the gutter and then calls geeta, who has meanwhile managed the fort by saying that arushi isnt here as she canr see her husband marrying someone else. Arushi comes in hurriedly to the house, with mini, and tells them that she got the antidote. they are relieved and administer it to vihaan. Vibha is stunned and shocked. Seeing her game up, vibha stealthily makes her way out. Arushi and the others go to attend to vihaan, and then vihaan places the mangalsutra back in her neck, whil they resolve to always be together. arushi suddenly asks where’s vibha and then her children. granny assures her that they are in her room. when they go to check, they find one of them gone. They are

distraught. Arushi gets vibha’s call, saying that she admits her defeat, and realises that she cant win over her. She says that she has much pride on her satrangi sasural and hence she would ruin it only. Arushi prays for the child to be left and vibhaasks her to name everything on he rname and then meet her a given, isolated location, alone and without anyone, to ensure her child’s safety. They sign everything off, and then arushi tells vihaan that she shall go alone.

Scene 2:
Location: Warehouse
Arushi arrives,a nd then vibha asks her to keep the papers in the basket and leave. Arushi says that she kept the papers in the basket and then helplessly leaves. just then vihaan comes with the police and they start searching. Vibha gets enraged and calls arushi, who vehemently denies that she didnt call them here. Vibha says that she shall never ever give her child back. Arushi comes back and then accusingly looks at vihan, who assures that everything is under control. But they dont find vibha anywhere, and the papers are gone too. vihaan gets berserk and asks him to search thoroughly. the police get to work. Vihaan tries to comfort arushi, while she is angry at him as she breaks down too, thinking about the child. Vihaan stands helpless, as she cries incoherently in his arms.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Meanwhile, the mothers at home, are shocked to find the house being ransacked by hooligans, who destroy everything. the same lawyer who gave the poison, saying that he left them the last time, but not this time around. the mothers are tensed. They are told that vibha has instructed them to ruin this house. the mothers are distraught. they spray petrol and alight it, much to their horror. They are shocked, as Vibha’s men set the whole house on fire, as they are trapped inside. Outside, vihaan and arushi arrive, and finds the whole mansion in flames. they are outraged. the screen freezes on arushi’s distraught face.

Precap: A promo of the new storyline in Satrangi Sasural.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. This show is not ending. Aarushi is going to die and some new taking lead. Show will do a 5 yr leap as well.

  2. Really will arushi die ohh god ?

  3. Omg
    Aliya ur so right I read this news on mega masti and it says arushi will die after fighting vibha
    They both die a the twins r left with vihaan

  4. the only comment I have to make is that this show has become total shit in the last few weeks of this wicked evil witch vibha involvement in it you want to tell me that after the whole scenario with vibhas husband and stepmother wanting to kill her and out of the goodness of arushi and the others good kind heartedness they took her in to live and work for them that she vibha just came into their lives and make it a living hell why writers why do this to the good ones now you are killing off arushi and in the process taking a five year leap and introducing another girl for Vihaan no way writers this is definitely not a good storyline I don’t care what others think but the name of the serial is SATRANGI SASURAL and the focus should have been on that all the time so you writers began with a nice storyline of a young girl and boy meeting and falling in love and working hard for the seven mothers to accept her that eventually that came around and they got married and after that all hell broke loose and it was one bad incident after the other wayaaaaaaaaaaaa unbelievable you writers then brought in the vibha storyline which you are hell bent on prolonging all the time and for no apparent reason my gosh tell me did you really have to destroy this serial so it breaks my heart to see the turn of events in this serial and after arushi has been through sooooooooooooooooooo much torture and mishaps you ending this serial killing her and introducing another woman for Vihaan THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE IT REMINDS ME OF THE BHANDAN WHICH STARTED OFF GOOD AND ENDED IN THE DUMPS I SAY AGAIN WRITE LEAVE THE GOOD WORK FOR THE PROFESSIONALS AND MAKE YOUR EXIT BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE Z TV NEEDS PROFEESIONALIM WAYAAAAAAAAAAAAA

    1. let the writters do their job … if u really sooooo annoyed abt the show then just stop watching it …… OMG

      Comment edited.

  5. they should end this serial

  6. This is crap, y aarushi has to die, I am so angry at this show

  7. This used to be a good show. This Vibha rubbish has to stop. I can see it hitting the skids for sure. I used to enjoy it, but now…….rubbish

  8. It is good that this show is going off air in the prime time slot.
    No one will watch now.
    Ridiculous logic in this serial. Vibha becomes just like a lady DON in six to eight months time whereas before, she used to be afraid of everything. She didn’t even knew the illicit love affair between her husband and her mother. And suddenly she becomes a lady DON.
    It is a super human story where the big shots having a big name like Vatsal House and their ladies doesn’t even know how to manage and a poor housewife knows it all hot to manage people, guns, injections and what not.

  9. Bring that witch down to South Africa, we know exactly how to deal with her, STRAATSMEIT STYLE!

  10. Very dissapointed at the way the story is going, shame Arushi did not hav much of a happy married life, since she got married there has been going thru major trials an tribulations. It started wit a beautiful love story and ended up wit her death, very unfair!!!!! Shud just end this serial!!!! Hope writer has sumthing better planned or get ready to end this stupid serial!!!!!

  11. I agree – if Vihaan and Arushi cannot be happy together – then what are we to watch this for.

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