Satrangi Sasural 14th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 14th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
granny says that instead of kyra owing them, they owe kyra the life of their children. All are shocked to know this. Narmada asks why should they believe as she always favours her. harpreet says that still she cant replace arushi at any cost. Granny says that till she is alive, she wont be treated inhumanly in this house, and that she is the bahu, and after she died, they can do and bahev whatever and howsoever they feel like. She goes inside. All are shocked and distraught.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
The children feel thirsty and hungry, while waiting for customers so that they can eat after having earned their first income. mamaji becomes their first customer, and arhaan gets to polishing his shoes. He asks them

if they want to earn money, and he says that he shall give them money. they are eagerly excited. He says that the money is in the car and they should come there as he shall give the money there. they excitedly comply, oblivious to his evil plan, and start walking towards the car. mamaji sits in the car, and thinks that now shall be the twist, as vihaan was shielding kyra, and now these children shall shield or have to shield him, and no one can stop him fromgetting the property now. the children stop at a snack stall, and they are tempted to see the good food. the girl asks him not to take from the waste bin, while he dives in. he says that there’s nothing at home, and if they ask for anything, they would be scolded. before he can pick up, kyra stops his hand. mamaji is shocked to see this. kyra asks whats he doing. They look to her apalled and hungry. mamaji decides that its better to skid off, and is frustrated that she is here to foil his kidnap attempt. he drives off. she tells the children not to go out without telling anyone and never pick up thingsd like this. They apologise, and say that they wanted to help her to earn money. kyra is boggled. they explain their plan, hearing which kyra is distraught. Kyra wonders what kind of mothers are these, that they cant understand the psychological damage they are inflicting on the children due to their fights. She says that she isnt scolding them but telling them not to do it again, and if they get any ideas they should share it with her. they comply. She thinks that anyhow and at any cost, she would work, but bebo is right that she has never seen poverty.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Whuile all sit tensed, kyra comes with the children, and all are boggled. kyra sends the kids in. They watch anxiously. After they are gone, kyra comes in and looks at all of them accusingly, while harpreet asks why is she staring at them like this. granny is tensed. harpreet says that her tactics with the children wont work on them. kyra says that she doesnt expect them to, and says that they dont understand the fights are causing severe damage to the children. Geeta comes and says that she has started showing her true colours, and asks if she can lecture them on how to handle children. kyra says that she neednt lecture them as they are all utter failures. Harpreet asks her to watch her tongue. kyra asks her to watch her actions. kyra tells them what she saw on the road, and all are shocked. They are apalled as they hear the heart wrneching tale of the children. she saw them picking food from the dustbin, distraught herself. granny and others find it difficult to believe. the mothers are distressed. granny finally breaks down into uncontrollable tears, and geeta comments that this was what was left to be seen. harpreet blames it on her, saying that its her fault. Kyra says that indeed its her fault, and that she wont cry or sit idle. Kyra tells them that she has decided that she shall work, and earn money and that too for her children, and not for them and do whatever it takes to give her contribution. harpreet is puzzled and asks how are they are her children. She reiterates them as her children, with emphasis. granny hears this and is emotionally overwhelmed. The mothers arew shocked and tensed. Kyra leaves disgusted from there. the mothers are apalled.

Bebo hears this from outside, and thinks that she cant let it happen, as kyra is getting attached to vihaan, the kids and the family, and she cant let that happen, as when vihaan dies after 3 months, she has to get kyra married to her son, to be able to have access to the property. She decides to call her son and he should start getting kyra to fall in love with him.

Scene 4:
Location: Playgrounds
Vihaan while walking on the road, finds a competition, of cycling non stop, for 24 hours, to win 75000, and hurriedly asks where’s the resgitration. they guide him, citing him as mad for entering the contest. he goes over to the registration counter. Vihaan says that he has a condition and he needs 1 lakh. the manager says that the conditions are theirs, and secondly its a competition only for cyclists. They ask him to go. He turns around resignedly. he comes in front of a tycoon, who asks if he shall be able to manage this feat. Vihaan complies. he then gets into a bet with a tycoon, who promises to give him one lakh, in return for cycling from 7 in the morning, till 7 of the next morning, non stop, without his feet touching the ground, as if its does, then he wont get a cent, and also he has to sign a stamp paper, that if anything happens to him during the competition, then only he shall be responsible. He asks if he understands what he is getting into, as it isnt just risky, but those who fall are often dead too, out of the people who have tried this feat, he asks if he is sure to do this, as its the game of death. vihaan stands perplexed and boggled. he then finally says yes and registers himself. He walks off. the employees ask the tycoon why he agreed for 1 lakh. The tycoon says that its just a publicity stunt, as its impossible for him to win,. They ask what if he wins. he says that he shall die and hence not win. they have a good laugh.

Scene 5:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Kyra calls up and thanks her friend, who finds her a job and tells her that the job is perfect and the salary is handsome too, but the only condition of the employer is that the employee should be unmarried. Kyra is distraught and worried, and asks why. she says that married women find it difficult to concentrate, but it isnt a problem with her, as she is unmarried, and smart. kyra is silenced and tensed. Her friend asks for her confirmation if she shall do the job, and why she became quiet. She eyes her mangalsutra and the vermillion on her forehead in the mirror, remembering her marriage and her concern for the kids. she gets emotional and then says that she shall do the job, and is asked to report at eight tomorrow. She complies and cancels the call. she then again eyes the mangalsutra and with great hesitation and difficulty, she is about to take it off, when harpreet comes and stops her from doing so. Kyra eyes her shocked and boggled. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: harpreet shows granny how kyra was taking off the mangalsutra and they all know what it means for a married woman to be doing that. vihaan comes in and hears this. harpreet tries to instigate granny against kyra. granny is tensed. Later in the night, mini and harpreet walk with empty vessels on the road, disappointed that the Kabaadiwallah was closed, and wonder what to do now. harpreet gets frustrated. harpreet says that they dont have any other option and that they shall have to steal now. Mini is shocked. As harpreet tries to sneak in trying to berak the lock, her hand is stopped by kyra, seeing whom they are tensed. kyra eyes them sternly.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. what d hell story is this??????????????????????????????!!
    its better if they had stopped after arushi death atleast…

  2. Sorry for vihaan…its time he change his ways n start living for his kids n get some love..his mothers should stop fighting ….kayra us so sweet.She reminds me of Arushi..his grandma should start setting down some rules as how .she was before…she’s the eldest what she says goes..can’t understand y they stretching this story so long.getting fed up of watching fights everyday.not even alittle romantic scene.bored..

  3. I agree with u acchu…

  4. Kyra will help them

  5. This show awful now, I only read these updates do not watch the show since they killed off Arushi. Dumb idea to kill her and her family and bring in this girl and her family, it really lost it’s essence no chemistry between the two at all !! The only people watching are fans of the new girl which are not that many and all the old fans of the show stopped watching look at the TRP.

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