Satrangi Sasural 14th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 14th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Hospital
Complying to granny’s wish, kyra goes into the ward while all others are bogled and say nothing, with vihaan and mini’s compliance. She goes inside and finds granny on the bed, and asks if she is okay. She tells granny that she is very mean, and asks how can she torture her children like this. she says that she too did the same. kyra is boggled. granny says that she saw the divorce papers. Kyra is shocked. Kyra understands that the heart attack was due to this only. Granny asks how did she plan to leave. kyra says that it isnt like that. granny asks her tp understand that 4 years back, when arushi left them all, then their house and everything were shattered, and they werent like this as they are now, and had huge love amidst each other, and

in these years, they have lost their power and strength but she had the hope, that someone someday would come along, who would turn the family back into a loving one, and after 4 years, the time came, when she came in their life, and if she leaves them now in this condition, then everything would be shattered yet again. Granny asks if she knows who revived her, and kyra asks boggled. granny says that its her, and makes her promise that she shall make her sasural satrangi yet again. kyra is tensed, as granny lays out her hand, kyra remembers the priest’s warning. greanny insists to kyra, that she shall never leave them, and vihaan and the children. kyra breaks down, and says that she is doing this for their welfare only, and apologises but she shall have to go. Granny’s health starts deteriorating again. kyra is about to rush for the doctor, but granny says that no doctor can help, but she has to promise, and that shall solve everything. kyra hurriedly promises that she shall never leave them. granny is overwhelmed with relief, while kyra asks her to get well soon, granny blesses her, and says that she shall be absolutely fine now, and asks her to go and tell the doctor, that she wishes to go home, and particularly celebrate diwali and that too with her bahu, since she has now started loving Vihaan. kyra is tensed. granny asks if she thought that she wouldnt know, as she knows it all and just hopes that she shall make it a happy home once again. Kyra says that she isnt well yet and cant go home right now. But granny insists that this might be her last diwali, and she wants to celebrate. kyra shushes her asking her not to say this. Granny asks her to call the doctor then. Kyra collapses beside her on the bed. granny too cries. bebo sees them and thinks that this girl wont agree easily now, and she shall have to take a stern step, that sets her mind back properly.

Scene 2:
Location: Granny’s residence
Vihaan and his family get granny back in the house. Granny thanks kyra for this. Kyra sees that its 11:30 and gets tensed remembering the prophecy. granny asks them to begin the arti, as kyra and vihaan shall do it. All are surprised including the couple. granny tells him to get ahead with it. They tensedly comply. he takes the thali and accidentally his hand grazes hers, and they look at each other. then they move their hands, and holding the plate together, they finish the arti, while she eyes him tensedly. bebo comes and sees the entire family busy in the arti, while kyra’s eyes are on the clock, thinking that time is ticking away. bebo meanwhile calls the priest, and asks him to hurry up. they finish the arti finally, while kyra prays for a miracle, that averts the danger on his life. Meanwhile, the priest arrives and bebo greets him. granny then asks vihaan to put the vermillion in kyra’s head. All are tensed, while kyra is apalled at the irony of the situation, while he himself is tensed. She eyes him, while granny says that whats past doesnt need to be forgotten, but whats present needs to be respected too. She asks vihaan to do what she is asking him to. The mothers wait and watch tensedly. he then picks up the vermillion from the puja thali, hesitatingly, overwhelmed with mixed emotions, while kyra looks on tensedly. He smears her forehead with the vermillion, as she closes her eyes, taking in the moment. The mothers dont like it, while mini and granny are happy. bebo watches irritably. Kyra opens her eyes, and they confront each other tensedly, lamenting at their ironic situation. He then gets back to praying. bebo finds that only ten minutes are left for midnight to strike and is tensed. Kyra smiles at granny, and then gives the arti to everyone. he too takes granny and others’ blessings. kyra then eyes bebo with the priest and is surprised to see them there. bebo nudges her to come out, while she gives the plate to him, and then goes out, while he takes everyone’s blessings.

Outside, kyra asks bebo whats all this, and why is the priest here. She says that she wanted him to remind her, and remind her of the time too. The priest continues to make her understand the importance of time, and not play with destiny, and she should protect her husband, being his wife. bebo hurriedly asks her to go and get vihaan so that he can sign the papers. Kyra stands boggled, as she remembers her moments with him, and her promise to granny. bebo asks whats she thinking, as she doesnt have the time to delay it any longer. kyra eyes the papers tensedly, and then deteremimedly looks at them. bebo starts getting impatient. In front of bebo and the priest, kyra tears off the divorce papers, shocking them, and says that she doesnt believe in such superstitious things. She vehemently protests adding that if there is destiny wanting this, then she shall fight against all odds, but wont accept defeat so easily. savitri brought back the life of her husband after death, then why cant she, as with her, nothing shall happen to vihaan too. She says that she loves him immensely, and the kids too, and the entire family, and that she wants to stay with her seven mothers Kyra tells them that she believes more in the power of her vermillion and mangalsutra than the destiny while harpreet and narmada watch this from inside. She says that she shall stay with them only. Just then, the clock strikes twelve, startling kyra and them. Just then, mini screams out vihaan from somewhere, and kyra is shocked and scared that he might be in trouble, according to the prophecy. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Narmada and harpreet come in, while kyra impatiently asks them whqre is vihaan. they are boggled and ask her that she should be the one knowing that, and not them. narmada asks for water as its time, for granny’s medicines. Kyra goes to get the water. as she takes off the lid, of the jug kept beside vihaan’s nightstand, she finds a liazrd dead inside the water. she shrieks loudly and drops the water on the floor. they are all shocked to see the liazrd in the water. Kyra is extremely tensed. Kyra is boggled that only vihaan could have have brought this water and is scared as to what if vihaan drank this water too.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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