Satrangi Sasural 14th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 14th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Daadi maa telling Kaira that she is widow and does not have right to live normal life. Kaira says even she is widow, but is living normal life. Daadi maa says she will live her luxuries and removes her gold ornaments and drops them in a box and asks all ladies to drop their jewelries in a box as they are also widows. They all drop their jewelries in a box. Daadi takes box and leaves. Maa cries that it is all Vihaan’s mistake that he left us all alone and calls him to come back. All ladies hug each other and cries. Daadi peeps from window and address

Bulletin badmouths about Kaira. BBC says she is widow and has to take care of so many family members. He complains god that he is punishing Kaira at this tender age. Bulletin says he should think

of vacating chawl. BBC says he will help Kaira’s family at any cost and asks him idea to apologize Kaira. Bulletin asks him to gift her something and suggests mangoes. BBC buys mangoes and asks Bulletin if Kaira will like it. Bulletin says 2 dozen mangoes came for 2000 rs, she will have to like it.

Maa tells Chachi maa that maa does not seem to behave like this before, soon she will come and apologize for her rude behavior. Daadi comes in. Maa gets happy. Daadi gives cuisine list and asks maa to prepare it. Bua sees long list and asks howmany guests are coming. She says someone special is coming and asks Harpreet/chachi maa to arrange arti thali well. Chachi maa taunts maa that she got back her jewelry and taunts..

BBC enters Kaira’s home from window with mango box and hides hearing chachi maa coming. Chachi maa goes back and he enters Kaira’s room and sees her coming out of bathroom and fixing her dress zip and drying hair. He imagines her dancing to a background music and then comes out of imagination. He then sees cockroach on her back and silently goes and picks it. Chachi maa enters and catches him. She calls Bua, maasi, maa. They all then start beating him with broom and sticks. He shouts one minue..and says why don’t they listen before beating him. Chachi says they beat first and then listen and starts beating again. He runs from there. They ask Kaira if is she is fine. Kaira says yes. Chachi says was afraid seeing cockroach. Kaira says even she was afraid. Daadi maa calls them and Kaira asks them to leave while she braidss her hair and come. Maa asks her to stay away from that boy and lock door and windows from inside. Kaira sees mango box with SORI written on it. She softens her mind.

Kaira sees a wheelchaired man on door and asks who is he. Daadi maa sees him and starts crying calling him Sandeep. She calls whole family. Tai maa calls him bhai saheb. Daadi says they all saw him before. Maasi says someone must have brought him here. Vasundhara enters. They are all shocked to see her. Daadi says she is her elder son Sandeep. Vasundhara and says she is his elder bahu and asks everyone to touch her feet.

Precap: Daadi maa asks everyone to touch Vasundhara’s feet and take her blessings as she is her elder bahu. Maa does her husband’s shraad and keeps food in open. Bulletin picks that food.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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