Satrangi Sasural 14th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 14th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Jagjeet comes with a pistol in the marriage venue, and holds it against jhanvi, while all are

shocked, and the bride is distraught. girish tries to intervene, but he asks him to stay clear or

he dies. Vihaan comes in the way and says that things can be sorted out by talks too, and asks him

to be sane and put the gun away. jagjeet comments that things have gone beyond talks now. vihaan

asks whats so severe that jhanvi has done, that he is so hell bent on killing his own sister. he

says that he doesnt wish to, but she embarassed them so badly, that he has no option but this.

Vihaan asks whats so worse that she has done. Jagjeet smirks as he comments that this means she

hasnt told anyone

her relaity and the truth. kasturi and others are boggled, and ask what truth is

he talking about. jahnvi and girish are distraught, while jagjeet plans to tell them everything.

All stand tensedly to hear. He says that he doesnt want to kill her, but her…..but before he can

complete, girish comes and stops him, asking why does he want to spoil their marriage. Just then,

one of jagjeet’s men comes to him and tells that his father is on the way. All are surprised.

jagjeet is shocked too. jagjeet mocks jhanvi what shall she say in front of them and her father

now, and says that he shall see who saves her now. Her father comes in with his entourage. All are

surprised and boggled. jagjeet asks him to come in and take jhanvi with them. he eyes the girl,

while all stand tensed. To their shock, he slaps jagjeet, who is himself baffled at the reaction.

jagjeet asks how could he. His father asks his men to take jagjeet away. They comply. Girish and

others are confused. her father faces jhanvi, who is confused herself, and then gets emotional, as

her father extends out his hands for her to come, and she rushes to be in his arms. all get

emotional seeing this teary reunion, while arushi thanks the lord. The marriage proceedings then

begin, amidst much glee. then the pheras begin. kasturi talks to her father, talking how well

mannered jhanvi is, and it shows her upbringing. her father tells kasturi that infact she has done

a commendable and pious work. kasturi is boggled and asks what she did. Her father says that not

everyone has the capacity and daring to accept a girl as their bahu, who bears another person’s

child in her womb, as noone would marry such a girl, and then praises girish fir being so good,

that even after knowing, he took this step, and talks about how noble they are. All enjoy the

phears, while kasturi is enraged and her faith shattered. Later, as the pious circles around the

fire begin, all happily bless the couple. but before they complete the final circle, kasturi asks

them to stop, and then unties the gadhbandhan, much to everyone’s shock. arushi asks whats she

doing. kasturi says this marriage cant happen. Girish and others are shocked, while jhanvi is

tensed. Kasturi is embarassed as she asks girish, if he knew that this girl shall give birth to

someone else’s child. All are outright shocked to hear this, while arushi stands tensedly. vihaan

stands shocked too. Jhanvi tries to speak, but kasturi reprimands her for betraying them so badly.

girish stands in her defence saying that this was his decision. kasturi asks if he has any shame

left, that he didnt think about discussing it with them, and then says that she cant allow this

marriage to happen. Arushi asks her to calm down and not create a scene. she apologises to vihaan’s

family too. Arushi says that its girish’s decision, and thgat if he wants to marry her, then they

are noone to stop him. she says that they brought girish on the right path from the wrong, then why

not now. Arushi says that if girish doesnt have a problem, then why them, as its their marriage

after all, and if he wants to take this child, then noone has the right to stop them. All are

shocked and tensed. kasturi asks what she means. Arushi says that its the matter of their lives

now, and they love each other, despite the fact that jhanvi’s pregnant. Kasturi asks if she is over

mature now. arushi reminds that she too had accepted their father with his kids, then was that

decision wrong too. kasturi is speechless, but refuses to understand, saying that this is the

question of her son’s life, and then times were different, and there’s a difference between girish

and her, and today he might do this noble work, tomorrow he would resent it, as its too much to

take for a male ego. Arushi says this wont happen. but kasturi is adamant, saying that she wont

listen to any of her reasonings. All are shocked. arushi tries to speak, but kasturi leaves. they

go after her, but dadaji stops them and goes after her, saying that he shall talk. all stand


Inside, kasturi berserkedly breaks and tears all the decorations, asking how could girish, arushi

and jhanvi do this. She tells that arushi pointed out that she is their stepmother, and she doesn

thave any right on them. dadaji tries to calm her down, saying that it isnt like this, as she

should behave the mature lady that she is, and think that the children are taking a well thought

step, and asks her to forgive them and move on. she asks him not to say anything to her, as she

doesnt want to listen to anything. Dadaji is tensed and dejected as she is distraught.

Outside, jhanvi asks her father to take her home and pleads, as jagjeet is right that she has

defamed her family. He says that he cant, as the society they stay in, they cant keep an unwed

mother at home, as the society never accepts it. Jhanvi is apalled. All are shocked at such

callousness from a father. He says that he doesnt know tjhe ramifications of what shall happen, but

he being a father of three kids wont understand it, and that he shall be defamed. Granny asks how

can he do this. he says that he has three more daughters to take care of, and he cant risk it. he

leaves, while jhanvi desperately calls out to her. Arushi composes her saying that they stand by her. the screen freezes on both their faces.

Precap: Arushi tells kasturi that she knew about jahnvi’s pregnancy and they had decided that they shall tell her right after the pheras finish. kasturi is hurt. Kasturi tells arushi that she proved today that she might shower all the love in the world on them, but still she shall remain the stepmother. She tells arushi that from this day forth, neither is she her daughter, nor she herself arushi’s mother. Arushi is apalled.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Now Katsuri is the drama queen? They send off Priyanka to turn Katsuri into the drama queen now? jah

  2. I can identify with what both sides are saying but in the end it is girishs decision if he wants to marry a girl who is carrying someone elses child it is his mistake to make and his mistake to correct so please carry on with the pheras and also as a daughter whether step or not she should not have embarrass kasturi like that she did not have to remind her that she is her step mother because kasturi brought her up from small so whether biological or not you do not know any other mother but kasturi so be grateful and show more love another thing arushi needs to stop being niaive and pay more attention to that so call vibha before she snatches Vihaan from right under her nose

  3. Maan bhi kao ab kasturi ji…

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