Satrangi Sasural 14th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 14th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: vihaan’s residence
Vihaan keps vehabing weird with her, while she is shocked. he lunges at her throat in anger, so much so, that she goes unconscious from exhaustion. He then eyes her as if in a trance. later, kyra wakes up in her own bed, dizzy head and finds geeta by her side, asking her to rest. She tensedly asks where is vihaan. he excitedly comes in with a glass of water, and asks her to drink it, while geeta is amused. she is scared and doesnt drink it. he gets tensed too. geeta asks her to take care of herself, and not fall like this again. kyra is shocked at vihaan’s life, but doesnt say anything. Mili comes in with the meds that kyra prescribed for the doctor, and geeta asks her to keep them, as vihaan shall himself give it to her. geeta gets

to go, but kyra stops her. Kyra tells geeta that she wishes to talk to her. geeta asks her to say. she asks vihaana nd mili to go, as she wishes to speak to her alone. they are all boggled, while she eyes them tensedly. Vihaan asks why she needs to be alone, as they are all her family. but kyra insists. seeing no other option, he pretends to be overconcerned for kyra, and asks her not to fall like this again, in the bathroom, and then leaves with mili. After they leave, geeta asks whats it that she cant speak in front of vihaan. Kyra says that what she is about to say is very weird, and she mightnt believe, but she has to trust her. geeta asks her to speak clearly. Kyra is tensed.

Outside, mili and vihaan eye each other tensedly, when finally geeta comes out with kyra. Geeta goes to vihaan and says that its Makar Sankranti today, and its very pious, for a fresh start, and she wants, that the whole family should pray together and then do the Gayatri mantra chanting. This boggled and shocks Vihaan and mili. geeta adds that she wants him to do the arti. He is boggled. kyra apologises but thinks that she is doing this for his welfare, as she knows mili has him trapped, but tonight, she shall get him free from it, and for that, first, she has to show in front of all mothers, that something is wrong with vihaan definitely. Mili frustratedly thinks that kyra is never at peace, and decides that she cant let it happen and wonders how to stop it. She eyes kyra angrily.

Later, vihaan comes tensedly, as all the mothers prepare for puja, and is about to stealthily sneak out, when granny stops him, saying that there is some urgent work, in the office. but granny says that he cant go as there is puja, and he has to do the arti, and the gayatri chanting too. geeta says that he cant go anywehre. just then, kyra too comes and says that he wont go anywhere. he eyes mili tensedly. the priest comes and asks them to gather up for the puja. he thinks that he has to go out anyhow, and hopes mili does something. kyra takes his hand and leads him for the puja. Mili too joins them resignedly. Kyra asks vihaan to take off his shoes, and he reluctantly complies. kyra then gets ahead and joins the rest of the mothers, while vihaan and mili eye it tensedly. As all pray, the puja starts. all mother starts doing the arti one by one, while vihaan eyes mili tensedly, as to what to do, and kyra prays intently. geeta then asks vihaan to come along with kyra, to do it together. kyra readily complies, while he is tensed and doesnt respond. kyra calls him to come on. all eye him boggled, when he doesnt budge. kyra again insists. he eyes everyone, while mili signals him to get ahead to do it. He follows kyra in a trance, taking each step, reluctantly, and walks ahead. before they can do, mili takes the thali and starts praying, while all are shocked. Vihaan takes this moment to retreat back, relieved that he didnt have to. All are tensed, while kyra and geeta are surprised. the priest finishes the arti. Granny asks mili why she took, when they were supposed to do it. Mili says that she felt that she too is a part of the family, and thought that she is equally important as vihaan and kyra, and since they had forgotten about her, she herself did it. Granny and others are tensed. kyra eyes mili viciously and asks the priest to start the gayatri mantra chanting. he asks for some water, and mili readily goes and gets it. He drinks it down, while mili is amused. Granny and all are tensed, as they start the chant, but the priest isnt able to sing with them, as his voice seems to have been choked. they ask whats the matter, as he doesnt seem well. he suffocates. They continue to chant. kyra starts chanting the gayatri mantra with much ferocity, which unnerves mili and vihaan. He starts getting tensed, and hastily goes in, and locks himself inside the bathroom, and cups his ears, to stop the voice reaching, while she is shocked and surprised. she asks geeta to follows him, and she complies. she asks vihaan, who has locked himself to open the bathroom. She continues to chant, while mili is super tensed. he continues to avoid and finally screams aloud, finally unable to take it, any longer. he finally doses off into unconscious state, at the affect of the chanting, his body full of dark black stains. granny and geeta ask whats the matter, and whats going on, andf ask vihaan to open up, as they find the bathroom door locked from inside. they continue requesting, but dont get a response. later, nilima asks them whats the matter, and why are they tensed. granny says that she is scared that something is wrong with vihaan. Kyra comes and tells them that vihaan is under mili’s spell, as how she didnt let him do the arti, and when the jaap started, he rushed away. they are boggled and shocked. Granny says that they have to get him out of this trap, and there is only one way out, and asks kyra to come along. Granny asks them to keep an eye on vihaan and leaves hastily with her.

Meanwhile, inside mili is shocked to see the stains on vihaan’s hands, while he says that he isnt able to bear it at all. she says that there would be a big problem, if anyone sees it. he begs her to do something. She uses her magic, and then caresses her hand on his, and the stains and the itching go away, while he gets dizzy as relief kicks in. Mili tells him that it shall be alright. just then, geeta comes to check on him, and they are startled. the screen freezes on mili’s shocked face.

Precap: granny comes in vihaan’s room, while he gets tensed, and doesnt want to see her and turns away. she asks him to speak up, as he can share anything with her. he says that he doesnt wish to speak to her, with great ferocity, and asks her to leave, or else he shall bang his head against the wall. he goes to the window and starts hitting his head against the window panes, asking her to leave. she is distraught and apalled. he starts behaving like a mad person. granny is shocked to see him like this.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. fhalthoo ka show hai.. aaj ke din mein kaun ye sab trust karega..
    ache family show telecast karne ke bajaye jantar mantar show banadiya
    bakhwas show

  2. End this crap please!!!!!!!!!! It is the worse of all the shows on Zee!!! This was such a great show when Arushi was there and after the entry of Vibha started the downfall of this show, it continues to get worse and worse.

  3. Wat the hell is going on

  4. kristelle I agree with you 100% satrangi sasural was a good show to watch in the beginning until all this crap with vibha started it just destroyed this serial my gosh you want to tell me that it is in all the serial is this blo*dy shit called witchcraft and spirits roaming around in the house common on lets be realistic in this day and age what nonsense lol imagine in the serial with survi a doll dressed in a sari walking around like a human and a dead man terrorizing his girlfriend’s brother my gosh WHAT NEXT? like I said I will truly miss zee tv but gone are the days when the serials made sense so it is a good thing that they are taking it off air because these writers gone crazy and so they do not know what to write next and what is making matters worse is to know all the good serials just going around in circles one thing over and over again end them I say

  5. What is going on in this zee tv?is zee tv behind black magic?all serials show us unbelievable supernatural stories .Please stop this stupidity otherwise nobody will wach zee serials

  6. What the hell !!! Like the director is giving too much power to Mili…. it should all end where Aarushi gave birth to her twins and Vibha got caught. Thats final !!!

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