Satrangi Sasural 14th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 14th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

All the moms return to the front door and Narmada informs Aarushi and her family that they are prepared to go ahead with the proposal. Everyone is delighted, except Daadi maa. She looks very stern and displeased.

Panditji arrives and checks the horoscopes. He says that they match perfectly, and that it is a very shubh muhurat for the Roka. Narmada asks Daadi maa to give Shagun. She hands over a wad of notes to Narmada and all the moms take one note each. They approach Aarushi one by one and bless her. Prahlad, who is sitting next to Aarushi, takes each note from her hand and puts it into his pocket

Geeta says that since it is such an auspicious day, they should conduct the engagement ceremony today itself. All agree happily but Daadi maa objects and asks her to keep quiet.

But the Panditji supports the idea and says it is a very good day for it. Immediately, all the moms run away to their own rooms Prahlad gestures to Vihaan that he needs to go inside. He enters VIhaan’s room and lounges around while marveling at the surrounding luxury and then steals Vihaan’s watch

The moms return with their respective rings. Maasi maa says that she has a ring for Vihaan as well. Mother India anxiously says that the ring for the boy should be purchased by the girl’s family. Maasi maa says that she will sell the ring to Mother India for Rs 101. Everyone smiles and is happy, except, again, Daadi maa.

Vihaan and Aarushi sit down near each other. All the mothers keep their rings in his palm. He is about to place the first ring when they notice the ring he had given Aarushi during the Mumbai proposal. They ask Aarushi about it. She reluctantly says her friend gave it to her. The moms insist that she should remove it. She is in a big fix as she doesn’t want to remove the ring. It is the first gift that Vihaan had given her. Vihaan tells the mothers that it is a “lucky charm” wala ring that Aarushi’s friend had bought for her from Tibet. The moms accept the explanation.

Vihaan places all the rings on Aarushi’s finger one by one. Both are rejoicing and can’t stop smiling (Adorable scene). He tells “Aarushi jee” to be prepared for her satrangi sasural where everything is multiplied by seven (SRs too?). Daadi maa looks veryyy suspicious (Anyone would be, considering how delighted the couple looked)

Moms tell Vihaan that he should love Aarushi as wholeheartedly as he loves all of them. They tell Aarushi that it is their responsibility as well to make sure she is very happy and comfortable in their house as it is an arranged marriage. Aarushi feels very guilty and looks at Vihaan.

Vihaan drops all of them home. Prahlad and Girish comfortably walk into the house, leaving Vihaan to handle most of the gifts that the Vatsals have sent. While he is about to pick up the stuff, he notices his watch lying in the car. He carries the gifts into the house. Inside, Aarushi, who is also holding a heavy basket, notices her father searching for the watch in his pocket. She asks him what he is looking for, but he evades the subject.

Vihaan walks in and asks them where he should keep the gifts. Prahlad leads him to a room and shows him a spot. Vihaan keeps everything down, and then stops Prahlad as he is leaving. Prahlad looks at him enquiringly. VIhaan shows him the watch. Screen freezes on Vihaan’s grim expression.

Precap: Moms notice a cut on Vihaan’s arm. He says it is a minor injury and he got into a small accident while driving home from Aarushi’s house. Daadi sees his injury and goes ballistic. She says she knew this would happen…

Update Credit to: kautilya04

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  1. I love them both but am afraid that the father will spoil things.This episode reminds me of Pavitra Rishna when the father was a drunkard and stole things.Otherwise keep the episodes beautiful as this one..WOW.

  2. daadi plz look at ua age and behave accordingly…
    u have no more long life to live…and plz let d couple live happily…

  3. ….i think arushi dad will spoil the marriage….
    plz dadi be happy
    let them (arushi and vihan) live peacefully.
    good luck arvi

  4. wat a nce epsd it was.
    Dono ki jodi pura acha lagta hai !;-)

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