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Satrangi Sasural 14th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Kyra is overwhelmed to see vihaan’s gratitude. She too thanks him for his support. he cups her hand inhis, and smiles at her. they both are awkwardly tensed. Kyra breaks the silence and tells him that he shouldnt have behaved like this with his mothers. he says that he doesnt wish to speak about that. she explains that she doesnt want to be the reason for his split with his mothers. He is tensed. She asks him to promise her that he would apologise to his mothers, for her sake. He is surprised as he looks at her, and then resignedly complies, after much thought. He smiles at her, while she is relieved. They eye each other lovingly. She goes to change to the bathroom. he smiles at her, as she leaves. he changes and is bare torsoed,

when she comes out, hesitant and tensed, saying that she forgot the towel. As he gives it to her, their hands meet, and instantly a connection clicks in, as they both eye the other lovingly. She then takes the towel, while he looks away. An overwhelmed Kyra hugs him, while he stands awkwardly in front of her, with his bare torso. She revels in their physical proximity, while he is in a dilemma to give in to his feelings for her, or hold back, due to arushi’s memories. He then takes her away, and says that they have married just for the children, and that he shall never be able to take away arushi from his heart. he places a comforting hand on her shoulder, and asks her to try and understand, as it would take time for him to cope with it. She complies. he leaves. She tells him that now she is his official wife, and four mothers have already accepted her, and the majority has won, and she would try everything to win his love, as a wife only wants her husband to love her immensely and she too wishes the same, and she is sure that one day he too shall love her, and the effort of her love starts from this day itself.

The next morning, while kyra sets the puja thali, granny comments that this is her first day as the bahu, and she needs to do the puja, and the geeta comes saying that she needs to cook, and if she makes good food, then she shall get good rewards too. Mili fumes. Geeta gives her desi ghee to use in the food to get the taste, but asks her to use it judiciously. Mini taunts her not to be a miser. Narmada comes and takes the ghee from her hand, saying that mili shall do the first arti. Granny asks her not to overrreact. Harpreet sides with narmada too. geeta too says that they should be thrown out, as vihaan is their son too, and he is running the house, and asks geeta to shut up. all get tensed. geeta gets enraged and starts frustratedly pointing accusations at harpreet. mini smiles hearing this in the kitchen. a verbal scuffle ensues, while which it almost ends up in fistfight, but kyra stops them asking them not to fight, as there shall never be peace. harpreet taunts her and then says that if she is so noble, then she should step aside and let mili do the arti. She complies. granny says that she has a problem. narmada takes the dei ghee away. Granny asks kyra to get the oher ghee from the store. She complies and leaves. Mili is determined to get an omen for kyra’s arti.She says that this time, the second wife confronts the first’s wife bsister and they shall see who wins. While kyra goes to get ghee in the store, mili takes the puja thali and rushes to the kitchen. With ghee, Kyra walks in the kitchen, to find mili burning the puja thali red hot, while its all set for the morning prayers. she is boggled. mili puts the thali venomously on the stand. Kyra wonders why is mili doing this, as she was feeling guilty for her sadness, but she is against her like this. she decides to go and talk, but doesnt find mili in the room, and wonders where she disappeared, as she didnt see her going outside then where did she disappear. Mili eyes her evilly and says that she shall try but wont be able to find her due to her magic. With her mind power, the glass move on the table, as per her wish. kyra comes out to find mili sitting on the dining table. She comes to her and then says that she saw her going inside, then how is she outside. She pretends to be innocent, and says that she never went inside. Kyra is boggled. Geeta comes and gets kyra to the prayer area. Kyra goes, and then asks geeta that she wishes kyra does today’s arti. Harpreet and narmada are boggled. Mili wonders what to do now, as its red hot. geeta points this to narmada and harpreet asking them to notice the noble character that she has. she asks mili to come. But she struggles to decide. Later, beside the temple, as all are ready for the morning prayers, Narmada asks mili to come and do the puja. She hesitates. Kyra too encourages her to come along, as all are waiting. Mili eyes the puja thali tensedly. She vehemently protests that she cant do this arti, and kyra too asks her to come along, as all are waiting. They are boggled. She decides to use her magic. Suddenly, much to their surprise, the puja thali falls on the floor, shocking them all. They wonder how is this possible. Narmada tells geeta that maybe kyra wasnt pure in her intentions. Mili pretends to be aghast, and begs them not to fight due to her, as she doesnt want to come in between kyra and vihaan, or her and the mothers, and she is staying here only for the children, as she doesnt have anyone other than them. kyra is boggled to see this turn of events. She leaves. harpreet taunts that this shows noble character. geeta goes inside tensedly. Kyra is boggled, and goes in to mili’s room, and then asks her what she wants to prove. she sits tensedly. Kyra asks why is she doing this, as she herself burnt the thali, and then did the emotional drama, and asks her the reason and begs her to speak, as she sits stoically, with her back towards kyra. She says that she thought that only harpreet and narmada are against her, but sdhe feels that mili too is against her. She touches her on the shoulder, asking her to speak, while she disappears, leaving her clothes behind, right under her hand. kyra is shocked and wonders where did she vanish. She hears a voice calling her and finds mili right behind her, tensed and worried. She turns back to the bed, and finds it empty, with the dupatta too. She connects the dots together, and wonders whats happening. The screen freezes on her shocked face.

Precap: Kyra starts wondering about mili’s ghostly behaviour and then how she is against her, and wonders whether she is the red dupatta clad girl. in the middle of the night, she stealthily comes out to find something, and is shocked as she sees something in the light of the torch, and screams in horror. Vihaan wakes up and rushes out. He is shocked to find the red dupatta clad girl, with her face covered leaving against a drum. the other mothers come in too and are shocked. He lifts open the dupatta, and all are shocked to see who they see under the dupatta.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. It mili

  2. this serial has become so much shit now since arushi death imagine mili was such a nice little girl growing up always taking pride in her studies now all of a sudden these writers turn her into a witch and a magician too could someone tell me why in all these serials these writing only binging in witchcraft and black magic cannot they write something that is in reality and true to life instead of this pack of shit even in qubool hai like the witchcraft not coming to an end it is just going on and on and on to tell the truth people fed up with you writers and your shit writing we want more reality things and more meaningful things not this set of CRAP

    1. So true. I used to like this serial a lot till Aarushi’s death. I really miss Aarushi/ Mughda’s fabulous acting. I started watching this show only because of the 7 mothers concept and Aarushi-Vihaan Jodi. I like Kyra’s acting but this serial has lost touch after Aarushi’s death.
      And yes, I have read somewhere that Vihaan/Ravish and Aarushi/Mughda are getting married in real life next year 🙂

    2. This story is kind of like qubool hai season 2. Where Aahil had 2 wives . One was normal and innocent and the other wife was a witch… and for milli. Well. It goes to show you how a sweet innocent person can change and become the most nastiest meanest person. You will never believe .

  3. Do you guys think mili is a ghost? Because when Arushi was alive vibha had killed everyone in arushis family.

  4. I wonder what is got into these indian writer’s head. for making such shit scripts , I’m just watching it for these lead characters, I appreciate their work.

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