Satrangi Sasural 14th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 14th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Vihaan and granny ask arushi whats she doing here alone, while arushi is surprised as she turns over to see that gautam is gone. she is relieved. He reprimands her severely for being so careless, when a criminal is on the loose, who kept her captive once. granny asks him to stop and asks them both to go and get some rest too. They both leave inside tensedly. Gautam sees them from hiding, and thinks that he shall make arushi believe his innocence so that she knows hne is genuine. Arushi paces around nervously in the room. Vihaan comes inside and tensedly looks at her, and then locks the door. He then comes to her. she is taken aback, when he hugs her, thanking the lord that she is safe, as he got so scared when that person had her captive,

as he was feeling so helpless. She says that its okay. He again vents out his frustration at gautam, and says that he feels like killing him. She again tries to make him see whether gautam had a helplessness, but he is beyond reprieve, and anrgily asks her not to dare talk about the man inside this house, as he would definitely be caught by the police. He angrily throws his coat aside, and then lies down. She tries to cheer him up, while he pretends to be angry. Arushi gets a message from gautam, asking her to come tomorrow, at 11, in Gandhi market, for proof of his innocence. Vihaan finds her tensed and wonders whats the matter. She deletes the message.

The next morning, while all are tensed at the breakfast table, arushi comes and tries to cheer them up wishing them good morning. she asks them to be happy for Nilima’s sake, as this would just remind her of the incident. mini taunts that its easy for her, as she isnt for this house. Geeta says that arushi is right. priyanka too taunts her for siding with gautam. Narmada too asks her to stay quiet and out of this, since she doesnt know whats the matter, and asks if she has any idea what nilima goes through. mini asks to be left alone. Arushi wonders that she isnt wrong, and that they should cheer nilima up.

In her room, nilima wonders why did this have to happen to her, when she also had same dreams about her marriage, her husband and her family, like any other normal girl. she is in tears remembering her tragedy. Arushi hears this from outside, as Nilima blames herself for the pain that the family is going through, and wonders why is god treating her and her family like this. Arushi is distraught, and thinks that she too deserves happienss, and she would get it for her, at any cost and create a way if she cant find one. She gets Gautam’s call and leaves. She then picks up, and asks him not to disturb her, and says that she cant meet him, and tries to explain what his arrival has done to the family. She says that if anyone finds out, it would be a big problem. Mini meanwhile tries to find who is arushi talking to in such hushed tones. granny passes by and finds mini eavesdropping and reprimands her for her manners, and reminds her good character. she then blames her and priyanka, for intentionally torturing arushi. mini tries to give an excuse, but granny asks her not to give fake excuses, and asks her not to eavesdrop on her at all. She sends her to Nilima instead. Arushi cancels the call in frustration.

In his room, vihaan is getting ready alone, when he gets an idea and tries to see her phone, remembering how tensed she was to receive the message last night. Before he can freach, she coems out of the bathroom, ready to leave. He asks her where is she going. She says that she was going to Gandhi Market to buy some stuff, and asks if she can go. he permits and she leaves. He is tensed still wondering why is she behaving so weird, as she is hiding something, and wonders why and what. As she goes out, vihaan follows her too, as she takes an auto.

Mini comes to nilima’s room and finds it locked from inside, and she not responding to her hollers either. she panics and then goes down. She tells this to everyone, and they too get scared. granny goes to get the alternate key, while others rush to Nilima’s room. As they finally open the room with a duplicate key, they are shocked to find Nilima unconscious in the room. They rush to her, and lay her on the bed, but she doesnt wake up, despite their efforts. They are highly tensed. geeta leaves to call vihaan. mini and priyanka notice that nilima has taken aleeping pills, while all are shocked. mini calls the doctor and asks him to come asap.

Scene 2:
Location: Gandhi Market
Arushi arrives. Gautam calls up arushi, and she takes the call, while oblivious that vihaan too has arrived there and is following her. She goes through the market. Finally, she finds gautam and rushes to him, while he stands beside a tree. Vihaan too arrives, and finds arushi talking to someone, who is hidden behind the tree, whose face he is unable to see. He tries to get close, but just then gets a call. geeta calls up vihaan about nilima’s condition and asks him to come home, and he is apalled and shocked. He rushes out. Arushi meanwhile asks Gautam what he has called her here for, as to how badly he betrayed nilima. he says that the only reason he was alive in the jail, is so that he can give nilima some happiness, but he wont force it on her, as if he sees any happiness, he would have stayed. He says that when he saw her, he saw the tears and memories of the tragedy, and still remembers her. She says that he only brings her grief, and maybe the only way to make nilima happy is by his going away. He says that he realises the pain nilima was put through due to his absence, as he wants to fill nilima’s life with happiness and complete it. she asks why should she believe him. he shows her the law degree that he attained just fr being a respectable that nilima can accept. He asks if she wants Nilima to be happy. She says that she cant take any decision on nilima or her family’s behalf. He asks her not to, and wants her help to make Nilima’s life happy. Arushi is tensed and boggled. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Arushi and manohar find gautam coming to his home, and telling his parents that now they wont have to work, as he shall take care of his responsibilities. both of them are assured thaat he is a changed man, and she takes it on herself to unite gautam and nilima. But she is oblivious, that an angry vihaan who has found gautam’s residence, has come with a brigade of police to catch him red handed. Arushi is tensed to hear rumbles, and vihaan approaching with the police.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim


  1. this serial is moving along toooooooooooooo slow and boring and what is wrong with these serials is that the writers place focus on the wrong things for instance up to now Vihaan and arushi have not consummated their marriage concentrate on that but instead you jumping into another storyline which does not make any sense writers again please be pragmatic these serials are all going down hill as far as I see do something quickly and save these serials

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