Satrangi Sasural 13th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 13th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Kyra is shocked to see the shop burning in huge flames. she hears the children’s screams calling for their mother, who are trapped inside the shop and is horrified. Kyra screams out their names, and says that nothing shall happen to them. the people rush around hurried, scared and shocked, while kyra is distraught too, screaming for help, as the children are engulfed totally in flames. When she stands with no other option, she dives in herself through one end, and clims into the shop and tells them that nothing shall happen. first she takes the girl out and then she takes arhaan out, while the other people help her. She then comes out herself too. she rushes to the kids, who ask her not to tell anything to the family, that they caused

the fire, and apologise profusely, as they would be severely reprimanded and beaten up. kyra is distraught.

Inside, while bebo and harpreet continue fighting amongst themselves, Dolly comes and shocks them all saying that her shop caught fire. they are all shocked and rush out. They find the entire shop being burnt down completely. Geeta goes berserk and desperately and frantically tries to save the fire eating up the shop. Vihaan rushes and tries and calms her down, while she is bothered as to how the house shall run now. Granny asks the children who are scared as to how this happened, when she left them near the shop. Geeta asks whats she saying. granny says that she kept the children outside, and came inside hearing the screaming voices. geeta is sure that the kids did it. She is about to hit them, but kyra stops her, shocking them all, saying that they didnt do anything and takes the blame on herself, saying that in anger she stormed out, and ciollided into the vessel and it caught fire. geeta is enraged and comes and slaps her tight across the face. all are shocked. bebo comes and composes her. Geeta says that the shop, that was their identity, and their bread and butter, is all turned into ruins. harpreet says that she had already told that this girl is trouble, and curses her. Narmada says that arushi has cursed them all, due to kyra taking her place. granny asks her to stop talking nonsense. Harpreet says that such tragedies shall ruin them all. Harpreet thanks that kyra is leaving now atleast. geeta says that she shall not go anywhere till she doesnt repay back the losses of the shop. Kyra is shocked while all others are tensed. Bebo tries to speak, but geeta asks her to shut up. bebo threatens to complain but bebo shuts her. Kyra says that geeta is right as she shall repay back by staying here. geeta breaks down saying that all is ruined, while he says that they shall manage somehow. The mothers are distraught. He says that he shall find out a way. Dolly thinks that now she wouldnt get rent at all from them. All are apalled.

Inside the house, in kyra’s room, the children come and apologise profusely for what she had to face due to their mistake. They cry while kyra composes them. Granny hears this from outsde, and is shocked. They tell kyra why were they doing so, and she says that she shouldnt and they also shouldnt tell anyone anything. She hugs them. granny is convinced that she is suitable for the house, and can replace arushi easily.

Outside, vihaan begs to the grocer for stuff on credit, while he continuously insults him by saying that he is amazed that vihaan has the guts to ask for credit after they have a pending outstanding amount of three months. he begs citing the reason of his burnt shop, but the grocer doesnt relent. He then suggests him to get money from his affluential wife, kyra, as they have heard, and repay the outstanding loan and then take again on credit. Vihaan gets enraged and grabs him by the collar, while the grocer gets angry and shoves him away. vihaan is tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Mamaji’s residence
When the goons come to demand for the money, mamaji thrashes them saying that they wont get a cent since the work wasnt done. the goons run away. mamaji is extremely worried and berserk, wondering how to get the money back. He then gets another idea, and smiles. He thinks that kyra has underestimated him, and now along with the property, kyra shall name herself too for him.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Bebo and kyra are discussing in their room, where she expresses her desire to renovate geeta’s shop. Kyra says that she can take the stipend and then pay it to geeta. bebo says that she would get the stipend when they prove that its a fake marriage, and the property goes to the trust. she tells her that she should focus instead on the entire property and not the stipend. Kyra wonders if they have some remaining amount in the account. Bebo says thats not possible as the court has frereezed all of dadaji’s account. Kyra is unable to believe that she is poor, and decides to get a job, to earn money, and then renovate the shop. The children hear this and decide to help her, wondering how shall they earn money. Outside, the children take to polishing shoes.

Inside geeta throws the empty vessels, and then blames it on narmada or her not eating,. that made kyra angry and she stormed out, burning geeta’s shop. harpreet asks whats narmada’s fault. geeta says that its because of her food, and her tantrums not to eat it. mini and priyanka come in and see this and is tensed. Kyra comes and asks narmada if she shall eat or not. harpreet asks who is she to question. Kyra asks if she shall eat or not, and as she burned the shop, she shall burn the house too. She says that she isnt joking. They are all shocked. Narmada is tensed and boggled, while kyra continues to threaten. Harpreet snatches the matchstick and she lights another one. harpreet begs narmada to eat while narmada asks kyra to stop this as she is eating. She starts eating, while mini and priyanka are relieved. Kyra smiles. just then, vihaan comes in and angrily screams at her. All are shocked. he asks how dare she behave like this. harpreet too starts reprimanding kyra, while she is tensed. They all begn to curse her. he asks kyra to apologise to narmada, while she is shocked. he screams at her, and kyra asks him to let her explain. he takes her and shoves her, and she falls in granny’s lap, who is outraged and asks how can a well mannered guy like him do something like this, as its good that arushi died before seeing him turned into this, having fallen down so badly. Then she starts reprimanding them too. Granny comes and tells them that they are all blaming kyra, whereas the truth is that the children caused the fire, and not kyra. She tells them all that infact she saved the kids’ life. All are shocked. The screen freezes on Vihaan’s boggled face.

Precap: Vihaan gets into a bet with the tycoon, who promises to give him one lakh, in return for cycling from 7 in the morning, till 7 of the next morning, non stop. He asks if he understands what he is getting into, as it isnt just risky, but those who fall are often dead too, out of the people who have tried this feat, he asks if he is sure to do this. vihaan stands perplexed and boggled.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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