Satrangi Sasural 13th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 13th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
harpreet and geeta are boggled, as to where is vibha, when she comes out arushi from her room. they are shocked, and ask vibha what was she doing there. arushi too asks this. Vibha tells them everything. they reprimand her for staying in a married man’s room, wile arushi innocently thanks her for being so concerned. Geeta asks her to beware the next time. ashe complies and leaves. then they ask arushi also to be stern and aware about this. She complies. she too retires.

The next morning, when arushi wakes up, she finds vihaan coming in, and she asks how is he. He casually jokes that he wont die so soon. She hugs him and asks him not to speak like this. vibha comes with tea and fumes seeing them like this. Arushi notices her, and

then asks her to give the tea. She does so, while arushi asks vihaan his choice of the sraee, from a pink and a blue one. he suggests blue, as its his alltime favourtie, but since her heart is hitched on pink, she pitches for that, vihaan gives in saying that when she has already selected, then why does she bother asking him. she is decidded on wearing pink. Vibha thinks that arushi is so mean, that she cant even wear what vihaan wants, disrespecting his feelings. vibha says that she shall wear it and that too today only. She gets dressed in blue, and admires heerself, when a phone call comes and she gets tensed. harpreet comes in just then, asking for vibha to come along, and complimnts that she is looking bful. She findsher tensed, and asks whats the matter. vibha tells her that today is her hearing for the divorce that she filed for. harpreet tells vibha that what happend with her was right only, as now she would be free, and that they shall together search for a life partner, amd that everyone deserves a second chance and gets one. she leavesd asking her to come. Vibha thinks that she has already selected, and hopes that just like her, vihaan too gets this second chance.

Outside, harpreet and geeta wait, while he is all dressed up for vibhas, who he catches swift glances at, and she keeps avoiding him. They all sit in the car.

Scene 2:
Location: Girish’s residence
girish and jhanvi are relieved, that arushi knows about this, and that they wont have to lie anymore. kasturi overhears them and ask what lie are they talking about. they are scared, as she confronts them. he makes up a story about jhanvi’s tension for her family, and were talking about the impending marriage where they might create a nuisance. Kasturi sympathises with jhanvi, saying that she understands what she feels, as she wants her family to be here, but situations here are otherwise, and they too stand helpless. she assures her all would be fine. jhanvi thanks her for being so considerate, and says that she is lucky to have her. kasturi amusingly says that shecan be strict too, and then reprimands him too for overexerting himself. he retires and leaves. jhanvi gets jagjeet’s call, saying that this is his last warning, as if she marries tomorrow, then along with her, her husband, girish too shall die. she is shocked. He cabncels the call. kasturi asks whose call it was, and she says that it was a wrong number. She thinks that she would have to talk to her father, as she cant put girish’s life at risk.

The next morning, jhanvi sends calls to her father but he doesnt pick up. She is tensed to know that girish has gone out, and rushes out of her room. Outside, girish sends jagjeet’s pic to all the police people, so that his entry isnt allowed. He turns raound and finds jahnvi clutching at him tightly. She tells about the call, while he is assured that he isnt scared and that he cant reach here. She is still scared. then vihaan and arushi come and assure them both that nothing wrong would happen, and teases them. Arushi asks jhanvi to call her father, and she says that she did, but he didnt receive. she is tensed, but vihaan assures her and asks them both to relax, and that whatever happens, they shall handle it together, and asks them both to get ready. they go inside, oblivious that an informer has given this entire event’s synopsis to jagjeet, who swears that he wont let this marriage happen at any cost, and that he shall stop it.

As girish comes dressed as a groom, he takes everyone’s blessings. All bless him, while vibha keeps trying to catch vihaan’s attention and when he doesnt, she feels dejected that she dressed up for him, in his favourite colour, and he didnt even bother to notice. Then the priest asks for the pagdi ritual. kasturi gets emotional as its the father’s job. girish says that for him, vihaan holds that position, and he happily complies to do the ritual. they search around for arushi, as she is nowehere to be seen. Vibha wishes that she could do so. Kasturi asks him to begin, and when arushi comes, she shall follow. He compleis, and starts. vibha leaves from there and stands beside vihaan, handing him the pious coconut and the puja thali. while she happily sees, arushi comes and shoves her aside, apologising to vihaan, as he got busy in getting jhanvi dressed up. Arushi notices vibha in blue but doesnt bother. she teases girish that jhanvi is looking very bful. The entire family watches in glee, while vibha stands tensed. Nilima asks vibha to come aside, and she complies. the priest then asks for the bride.

While all happily greet girish, as the ladies get jhanvi down, jagjeet gets entry inside the house, and asks them to stop, pulling a pistol at them. All are shocked. the screen freezes on Jahnvi’s face.

Precap: Jagjeet comes with a pistol in the marriage venue, and holds it against jhanvi, while all are shocked, and the bride is distraught. Vihaan comes in the way and says that things can be sorted out by talks too, and asks him to be sane and put the gun away. jagjeet comments that things have gone beyond talks now. vihaan asks whats so severe that jhanvi has done, that he is so hell bent on killing his own sister. Jagjeet smirks as he comments that this means she hasnt told anyone her relaity and the truth. kasturi and others are boggled, and ask what truth is he talking about. jahnvi and girish are distraught, while jagjeet plans to tell them everything. All stand tensedly to hear. Later, as the pious circles around the fire begin, all happily bless the couple. but before they complete, kasturi asks them to stop. Girish and others are shocked, while jhanvi is tensed. Kasturi is embarassed as she asks girish, if he knew that this girl shall give birth to someone else’s child. All are outright shocked to hear this, while arushi stands tensedly. vihaan stands shocked too.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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