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Satrangi Sasural 13th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: vihaan’s residence
Kyra asks if she considers herself oversmart. mili says that she is. Mili challenges kyra that she shall spoil her entire family. kyra asks if she would be able to do that, and ruin her family. Mili says that she would ruin her first, so that she cant save her own family, and asks her to try to save them. kyra says that she wont let anything happen to them, at any cost. mili says that she has no idea who she is, and what all she can do. Kyra mocks her, saying that she cant do anything, as in the battle between the good and evil, good always wins. Mili says that she wont be able to stand her magic. mili says that now she wont be able to escape her ire. kyra too vehemently says that he lord has, and always shall protect her. Mili says that

she is uselessly fighting with her. kyra asks her to go ahead, and says that she knows how to protect her family. They confront each other.

Outside, all the mothers enjoy the lohri festival, and granny tells the tale of this festival to the kids. She enquires about mili, vihaan and kyra, who are not to be seen. Arhaan goes to get them.

Inside, kyra and mili compose themselves as the children come in, and kyra hugs mili, to make the children at peace. they both continue to give indirect taunts to each other. the children ask them to come outside and enjoy. kyra agrees and says that she shall just come. she leaves with the kids. mili eyes them tensedly.

Outside, narmada and harprete get tensed as kyra joins the lohri gathering and enjoys with the other ladies, around the bonfire. mili comes and joins too, and then she too starts the circles around the fire. Mili thinks that she thinks that she might have won, but she shall ruin her. Kyra thinks that mili needs to save herself, as she has the family’s support and she wont let anything happen to them now. Mili says that her happiness was shortlived only, and now she should prepare herself to be finished. Kyra thinks that she has the bravity, of a bahu, a mother, and a wife, that she shall win at any cost. The merriment and dancing continues, while kyra is tensed not to find vihaan anywhere, and is boggled where he is. she leaves to find him. Others enjoy, and mili notices that kyra is nowhere around, and wonders where she went. Granny asks mili to stop this fight now, as everyone is nicely celebrating and tonight the Poornima has come after a long time. Mili thinks with horror, that tonight is Poornima, and is tensed what shall happen now. she eyes the moon, and then leaves from there.

meanwhile, kyra wonders why vihaan called mili, and when she was taken away, why wasnt he happy. She wodners why is he disappearing when the entire family is celebrating. she wodners if something is going on, that she doesnt know about. She suddenly eyes a shadow of a person on the opposite wall, of a person ascending horizontally. She tuens around and is shocked to see vihaan midair, while mili eyes her gaze through the window, and finding vihaan like this, she is frustrated thinking that now she shall know, that there is something wrong with vihaan. Mili is about to use her magic, but suddenly the lights go off, and kyra is shitscared, as she eyes vihaan, in midair. she rushes out to call everyone. mili is tensed that before others see, she has to do something, or else her entire plan shall be ruined.

meanwhile, kyra rushes out, and asks geeta and nilima hastily, to come inside the room. they are boggled to find her so worried and tensed. She says that she wishes to show them something. they say that they cant see anything in this dark. But she continues to insist. geeta and nilima get to go, but geeta gets hurt with a sprain in the ankle. Nilima asks kyra to be careful, as she goes in to get pain reliever spray. Just then, a mysterious hooded man, with fingers laced with rings, is shown to be entering the house, and wandering in the corridors of the storeroom. Having gone, to get the spray, Kyra through the dark corridors, finds the hooded person lurking in the distance, and asks who is it, and then follows the apparition as it starts moving. The silhouette hides behind a drawer, while kyra comes in the corridor searching for the mysterious guy. The apparition disappears, and kyra wonders who was it. she hears nilima’s voice regarding the spray and rushes away from there. after she leaves, the apparition again appears, and starts walking ahead.

In the room, mili continues to try and use her magic to get vihaan suspended, down, but in vain. she tries yet again with all intensity, but is boggled when it doesnt work at all. Just then, that same hooded apparition, puts a hand on kyra’s shoulder, and she turns around, scared of being exposed. she recognises it as some godmother, and begs for her help, or else she shall be exposed. The person raises her hand, and then tries to use magic on vihaan.

Meanwhile, kyra gets the spray and applies it on geeta, and asks her to rest. the lights come back on. Kyra asks nilima to come in, and she is boggled, but complies nevertheless. but when she brings nilima back, she finds vihaan sleeping on the bed, and is thoroughly ashocked. Nilima continues to ask what happened to vihaan as he is sleeping, and whats wrong. Kyra wonders what to tell her now. Nilima asks yet again. Kyra says that she wondered whether vihaan was sick, as he isnt enjoying the festival with them. Nilima asks her not to panic unnecessarily, and attends to vihaan, but finds that he is normal. She says that he seems fine. kyra is too stunned.

the next morning, kyra wakes up, startled as to how she got so late, as she realises that its ten in the morning, and wonders whether what she saw last night was a dream. but then she dismisses her doubts, that it was true, and rushes out to find where is vihaan. she is tensed to find him playing with arhaan, while the mothers enjoy. she tensedly says that she wishes to speak with him, right now and come along. Nilima teases her on being secretive. kyra tensedly says that its urgent. vihaan then complies, and they both go in, while the mothers are boggled and tensed. Nilima wonders whats the issue. geeta too agrees.

In the room, kyra asks vihaan whats the matter, and if he is fine. she asks if he knows what she saw last night. he says that he does. she is shocked and asks how does he know. he says in a trance that he knows what she saw. He suddenly lunges her around, and then throws her away, while she winces in pain. he asks if this is what she saw the other day. kyra is boggled. then vihaan suddenly turns sympathetic, and attends to her, while she continues to shove him away. then he gets angry and asks her to show the wound, and again turns caring and apologises for doing this to her. she asks whats happened to him, and why is he behaving so weird, as she cant understand whats wrong with him. she asks why was he calling mili that day. he asks if its necessary to bring mili in every matter. She asks him to tell it once. when she insists, he shouts at her and says that she doesnt need to know. the screen freezes on her shocked and traumatised face.

Precap: As all pray, kyra starts chanting the gayatri mantra, which unnerves mili and vihaan. He starts getting tensed, and hastily goes in, and locks himself inside the bathroom, and cups his ears, to stop the voice reaching, while she is shocked and surprised. She continues to chant. he continues to avoid and finally screams aloud, finally unable to take it, any longer.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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