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Satrangi Sasural 13th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location Vihaan’s residence
Vihaan is shocked and says that he shall not let arushi stay here and taking her hand, he takes her out of the house, after dadaji says that this is absolutely right, as she is best in his house. She eyes kasturi feeling sorry, that she had to present kasturi like this. kasturi too is heartbroken. Kasturi is in tears, as vihaan takes arushi’s hands and leads her out of the house. she breaks down thinking that she slapped arushi, with her hand. dadaji comes and assures her along with jhanvi, but she is in desolte tears.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Vihaan is still angry at kasturi for the way she behaved with her, and is unable to believe that a mother cant be like this with her daughter and says that he somehow

feels that she wsnt like this before, and asks if she was. Arushi says that he is right as she wasnt like this before, but she became like this now. she is grieving inside that she has to lie about kasturi’s character sketch. She thinks that even vihaan does this, and she is getting positive signs, that his memory shall come back, and that she has to get that woman out of his life, without hurting him. she asks him to stop at the medical shop, as she needs some meds. he offers to get them for her. She says that she shall be able to, and asks him not to bother as he has already done quite a lot, and she shall manage. he complies. she gets out of the car.

Scene 3:
Location: Chemist’s shop
When arushi shows the tablet that vibha gives to vihaan, to the chemist, he is shocked and says that he cant give this at all without prescription, as its a strong medicine. He also advises her that she shouldnt be taking this at all in her pregnant state. She asks whats this tablet actually, when he advocates so strongly against it. He says that its an anti depression tablet, which is given to mentally ill patients. she ie shocked, as he goes on saying that this isnt given to normal patients. She asks what effect it has. He says that this slows down the pulse on patient, so that he doesnt react on anything, and he becomes sad. She asks if there are any side effects. He says that in normal dosage it doesnt, but prolonged use shall hamper the health. She asks what if this tablet is given to someone who is trying to regain his memory. He answers that he shall never be able to remember anything back. she understands that vibha is giving these tablets on purpose, and is furious at her. He asks if he can know who is being given, as such a high dosage is given to mentally critical patient, so that they stay in control. she stands tensed, as she feels vihaan’s tap on the shoulders. He asks her to hurry up as it might rain. He leaves for the car. She remembers what the chemist just said, and wonders how can vibha do this, as she has tried to harm his existence by stopping him to remember things back, and that she would teach her a lesson.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Vibha is furious at all the mothers, for making her work like this. she sets the food on medium flame, and then leaves thinking that she has already thrown arushi out, and now she shall deal with the mothers too. Harpreet comes and puts both the flames on high, saying that now vibha shall understand what it means to win their trust. Outside, Vibha is tensed that vihaan isnt picking up the phone, and wonders whats taking so long. But then she is assured that as long as she gives those tablets to him, he would never remember anything back. granny comes out and asks if anything is burning, and harpreet and geeta smell too. vibha remembers her cooking and rushes to the kitchen. she finds that the dishes are burnt. Granny and harpreet and geeta come and intentionally ask what happened. Vibha says that she had put it on medium. geeta asks whats the use of excuse as she should give this excuse when vihaan comes. they leave. Vibha understands that they were behind this. she stops them and asks them not to be foolish, to presume that she is. she says that she knows one of them is behind this. vibha tells granny that she prepared the food after much effort, and now she intentionally burnt it down. She warns them not to try and be oversmart and stop with their tactics. Vibha warns them that if they dont comply, then arushi is already thrown out, and if they dont straighten up, then she shall start to throw them out too of the house, one by one. She says that considering their old age, she was quiet till now, but not anymore, and hence its best if they dont try to bother her anymore. She points a finger at them. harpreet turns her finger away and says that she had done it. Vibha is shocked. Harpreet says that she has already warned her not to take foul with them. They are tensed. she asks her to stop thinking that she can get arushi and others out. Vibha angrily breaks a vase, and asks how dare she did this, as they would have to pay the price. She says that she thought she would win them over with her good will, but now she shall stop thinking like that. geeta asks her to stay in her limits and asks if she has gone mad. Vibha struggles, and says that indeed she is. geeta says that she wont let go, as brats are dealth with like this only. Vibha finally pushes her away, and geeta falls behind with a jerk. granny and others are shocked. harpreet comes ahead and slaps her tight across her face. Vibha is in a rage. Vihaan comes in and sees this. Vibha is happy. he asks how can she do this. Vibha gets into an emotional tragedy that she couldnt make food, and they were beating hier up, as her worst nightmares of the torture of mother in laws’ came true, and here there are seven to deal with. he calms her down and then turns to granny asking how could she stand all this without saying anything. Vibha asks him to let be, as she would have to try harder to win their good will. he reminds them all that if anything like this is repeated ever again, he would forever leave the house with vibha. vibha smiles evilly. All are shocked. Vihaan leaves. Vibha taunts harpreet and thanks her for doing what she did, as she can never win, and her slap went back on her only. Vibha asks them to never ever try anything like this ever again, as by now they must be sure that if she can get arushi out, she can do the same thing to them too. Arushi asks her not to even dare think, that arushi isnt with them, as she would alwsys be with them. Vibha eyes her in shock and disgust, as she stands at the entrance. the mothers eye arushi, relieved and happy. Arushi says that she had told she would be back, and then promises vibha that she would be thrown out soon. She says that till now she was against arushi, but today she has insulted her mothers, and she wont bear it at any cost, and challenges her that she wont spare her, and asks her to do whatever is in her will. She along with her mothers faces vibha determiendly. vibha leaves in a rage.

Scene 4:
Location: Kasturi’s client’s residence
As the cleint and girish lie spent in the bed after their passionate encounter, when the door of the house opens, and she is scared that her husband is back. she hurriedly hides girish behind the curtains. The husband hollers at the wife, for not doing the work he asked for. From behind the curtains, girish hears the woman pleading to her husband and being beaten up. he wonders where is he stuck.

Scene 5:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Arushi tells them everything. Granny asks first they would have to find out where vibha keeps them. Geeta says that a shrewd woman like her must be keeping them safe. Arushi says that it must be in the safe that she has in her wardrobe. Granny asks how would she get the key. harpreet asks if they can the mothers that she has a plan, and she wouldnt let vibha hamper vihaan’s health anymore. they are boggled and ask what. she says that she has an idea, and that she shall change the tablets that she gives, with the vitamin tablets, as she would continue giving the tablet, without knwoing that its been replaced, and vihaan would be off the dangerous tablet too, which can help him get his memory back. she says that vibha shouldnt know about this at all. arushi says that first she has to get the key of the safe so that they can find out where the tablets are. the screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: Vibha taunts them all and points out an accusing finger at all of them, referring to all of them as her maids, catering to her wishes. As she waves the fngers at them, Arushi finds the key of the sake in one of her bracelets.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. nice going arushi do not stop at anything in order to throw that evil woman out of the house and redeem your rightful place as daughter in law of the house it is time that vibha get a taste of her own medicine arushi what you should do is spike vibhas food or tea with the same medicine she administering to Vihaan and with the help of the seven mother get Vihaan to go somewhere out of the city with you make and excuse if you have to but get him away far so that he can recooperate with you alone around and without the drugs who knows that is the only way that his memory will come back you must get him away from vibhas clutches go for it arushi act now

  2. Good gowing ARUSHI – teach her a lesson and claim VIHAAN back

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