Satrangi Sasural 13th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 13th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aarushi and Vihaan are in Daadi maa’s room. Aarushi requests Daadi maa to tell her about Gautam Divan. She says she wants to know the truth because she has never seen the whole family look so upset and shocked before. Vihaan intervenes and says she doesn’t need to find out. But Daadi maa says Aarushi has the right to find out. She starts to tell the story but gets a little choked and coughs. Aarushi rushes to get water for her.

Aarushi goes to the kitchen and there Gautam Divan pops up from somewhere. She is shocked and is going to shout for help but he tells her if she doesn’t give him a chance to speak he will kill himself.

Daadi’s version –

Daadi tells Vihaan that she chose Gautam Divan for Neelima after the latter’s graduation. The marriage

was conducted on a grand scale and everyone was happy that at least one person’s marriage will be successful. But in reality, Gautam and his parents had cheated many women. He had married several times before and he had run away with the bride’s jewellery and money in each case. On the first night after the wedding, Gautam and Neelima consummated the marriage, and when she woke up, he had left with all of her jewellery. The Vatsals found out later that the Divan family had rented the house only for a month.

Gautam’s version –

Outside the house, Gautam confesses all of the above things to Aarushi, but he also tells that he had not consummated the marriage with any woman apart from Neelima. Aarushi is disgusted by his statements. He says he had fallen in love with Neelima during the two weeks before the wedding, and she too had loved him. He wanted to spend his life with her and tried telling his parents. But his parents were rough on him and refused to accept his wish. His parents had given him a glass of milk that had some sedatives to give to Neelima, but Gautam says he never intended for Neelima to drink it. She wakes up when he is outside the room and drinks it before he can stop her. He tells Aarushi that he has paid for his crime by being jailed for 18 years, and he wants a chance to set things right with Neelima. He says he loves Neelima a lot and wants to give her all the happiness possible. Aarushi says she will not go against her family.

Gautams begs for her help. He says she is the only ray of hope for him, and she is the only person who can help him convince Neelima.

Aarushi is very confused, and doesn’t know what to make of him. Just then, Daadi maa and Vihaan come out of the lawns, and the screen freezes on Aarushi’s alarmed face.

Precap – Aarushi is going to meet someone. Vihaan sees her and follows her curiously. He sees her meeting and talking to Gautam, and is shocked.

Update Credit to: kautilya04

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