Satrangi Sasural 12th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 12th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
The goons wrap her up in a blanket and bundle her up, after taking off the headphones off kyra’s ears. they then stealthily begin to take her out of the house. As they come in the drawing room, harpreet takes them to fix a tap in the kitchen. they resignedly begin to get to it. meanwhile vihaan comes inside the house, and finds the blanket oddly placed, and is boggled as to who kept it. He goes aside. in the kitchen, the goons holler that they finished the work and decide to leave. they come out. Vihaan comes and asks who are they and what are they doing here. They accidentally blurt out carpenter, whne harpreet comes and boggled and confused says that they told her that they are plumbers. they make some excuse of doing that. He confirms

that they are workers. He then asks them to pick it up and take it inside the room. they are shocked. he asks them to get to it, saying that he shall pay for it. she sees it and is tensed and wonders who kept it here. he says that he too doesnt know. He again asks them to keep it inside. they comply scared and tensed, and then along with vihaan, they keep it back in the room, while mamaji waits outside anxiously by the car. He makes them put the mattress on the bed. he then asks them to open it. They are scared and worried, while he asks them to spread the mattress on the bed. they are scared while he hammers them to get to the work. just then, a noise comes from the kitchen, and narmada saying that she doesnt wish to eat anything. vihaan rushes to check whats the matter. they decide to make use of this time to kidnap her. They get to working. vihaan comes out to find narmada denying to eat food and get better while harpreet and vihaan try in vain. he goes out tensedly.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Dolly comes and gives the camera to mamaji, saying that she did the work, and now wants the money, as she has been waiting for it. he reprimands her saying that he wont give her a single cent, as she doesnt know how to do anything. she holds his collar and then says that if he doesnt give her the money, then she shall ruin him. he says that he shall expose her, and then she shall go for life imprisonment. she is scared while he shoves her away. he sits inside the car and she stealthily, punctures his tyre, deciding to teach him a lesson.

Vihaan comes and stands by geeta’s shop, and explains the situation to her, saying that granny isnt there and narmada doesnt eat. geeta scolds and says that narmada has gone mad, that she is wasting food. she asks if he spoke to kyra. he asks what should he talk as he doesnt think she is at home. She says that she didnt see kyra coming out and then convinces him to go and talk to her. he is tensed and in deep thought.
The goons later come outside on the street. while buying groceries, geeta and vihaan are shocked and suspicious as they find the plumbers taking away the mattress and are enraged, oblivious, that it contains kyra inside it. They are scared to find him hollering at them to keep it inside and not outside. they are about to run, when he nabs them and asks if he should call the police. vihaan asks what were they doing inside. mamaji senses the commotion and is tensed. The goons find that kyra is getting conscious as the mattress starts wriggling. they are all shocked. the goons snatch and run away, while geeta rushes after them. he hurriedly opens the mattress to find kyra inside it, and is shocked along with crowd, while she groggily regains consciousness. mamaji senses trouble and tries to start the car, while finding that his tyre is punctured. he gets scared and runs away barefoot. The goons are chased by geeta and other women, with knives and swords. meanwhile, kyra falls in vihaan’s arms who composes her and gets her up. the people starts commenting and teasing them smiling. Kyra says that mamaji must have sent the goons. he asks if she is okay and then supports her in coming outside, while she is still weak in the knees. narmada notices this and is tensed. He asks harpreet to go and get some water and medicine for her. harpreet asks if she is drunk. She is semi-conscious, while harpreet stands curtly. narmada asks him why is he ordering as she isnt his servant and asks him to go and get water himself. he is shocked to see them like this, and then rushes inside herself. they both start critisicing her as being dramatic, adding that this wont work on them at all. She wrenches her hand and asks her to get up. she is about to get kyra up, when bebo comes and stops her, while tending to kyra. harpreet stands frustrated and angry at bebo.

Granny meanwhile comes with the children at geeta’s shop but is boggled not to find her there. they decide to put their long thought idea into implementation. they decide to make halwa in kyra’s name to impress narmada. She asks them to stand here only, and asks a fellow shopkeeper to look ovber them, while she just goes inside to get stuff. the children get inside the shop and decide to make the stuff themselves.

Inside, bebo asks if they are throwing her out. harpreet says that they are and then a verbal fight ensues. bebo shuts them, when vihaan tries to convince, and then says that IPC SECTION 498 A, under which they all shall be penalised undre a nonbailable warrant if they complain, for torturing their bahu. She then eyes harpreet sarcastically. geeta tells narmada that she should get her senses back, and reminds her of her time in the jail. she adds that this time around, she wants to send everyone in jail, and that she has gone mad. Vihaan asks her to shut up. Kyra asks geeta not to call narmada mad all the time. geeta says that its obvious, as her madness has progressed since her return from the hospital. In anger and frustration, she throws the plate away, shocking them all. geeta continues to mock her, while he asks her to be quiet. geeta asks if this is the way to behave with the bahu. harpreet says that arushi is the bahu of the house. geeta asks them to stop the drama now, and shuts them all, and says that she is declaring that kyra shall stay here in this house only. granny hears this as she comes in and is tensed. geeta adds that those who have a problem can go out. bebo asks him to explain to other mothers too to control, or else she wont take long to file an Fir. Granny is shocked. He begs bebo that he shall handle everything but not involve police in all this. kyra asks bebo to stop doing this, as is isnt needed. all are tensed and worried. She says that all have a problem with her, then she shall leave, and as it is, she doesnt want to stay in a house, where people fight due to her. All are worried. she gets emotional and then comes out of the room to find granny at the doorstep. she walks out of the house. All are tensed and worried. Kyra rushes out, to find geeta’s shop burning, in flames and in ruins and is horrified and distraught.

Precap: Kyra hears the children’s screams, who are trapped inside the shop and is horrified. Kyra screams out their names, and says that nothing shall happen to them. the people rush around hurried, scared and shocked, while kyra is distraught too, screaming for help, as the children are engulfed totally in flames.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. I think bebo start the fire n the kids no

  2. I actually like the new Aarushi . She seems like a really nice person just like Aarushi. I wish they treat her better .. They have to accept change and move on with their lives and stop living and being stuck in the past.. because thats the result they get which is PAIN , FIGHTING AND LIVING A LIFE OF MISERY !!!!

  3. Xavier u are right but I still don’t like this episode due to the death of aarushi

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