Satrangi Sasural 12th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 12th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
The children cry and ask kyra and vihaan, as they enter that their stuff is coming here and wont they stay with grannies, as they wont be able to bear it. Vihaan starts unpacking, while the children are assured by her, that they shall not stay here and shall go back. She asks him to listen too, while he is tensed. she sends the kids out to play. they comply. He says that he has made his decision and shall not change it, and they shall stay here till the contracts ends and after that, they can go their separate ways. she is shocked, and what does he mean then. He says that she knows what he means. she goes berserk and asks him to tell, as she doesnt know, and nudges him to tell. he releases himself from her grip, and asks her to understand,

and not overcomplicate things, as she came here to preserve grandpa’s property and she should do that and leave, as she isnt meant to live like this, in his troubled life, with him, his children and his parents, as They are themselves apalled, and shall keep blaming her for everything always. he adds that his children were lucky to have gotten motherly love from her, but their fate was good till this much only. she gets emotional and asks if only the children were kucky, and not he himself. he is tensed and uncomfortable. he tries to speak, while unable to resist herself, she cups his face and then kisses him on the lips, while he is taken aback. bebo sees this from a distance and thinks that things are going out of hand now. Vihaan finally, pulls her away, uncomfortable and disgusted, and embarassed too at himself, filled with mortified guilt, asking what did she do. she tries to speak, but he says that this cant happen between them, and then apologises if he ever gave her this kind of impression that emboldenede her, as he cant give arushi’s place to anyone else, and that cant happen what she presumes. Kyra is shocked and apalled too. he says that they had a deal predecided, and then asks why is she thinking of this now, as this cant happen, and that he is with her, only so that she can get her property, and once that happens, they shall part away, and that was all their journey was. She is heartbroken and says that its very easy to say this, but she doesnt need this property and money, as she doesnt need anything, as she only likes this family, and wants to stay with all of them, with the children and with him. she cups his face and asks if he understands. he shoves her hands away yet again, shocked and boggled himself. he turns away and leaves. She is frustrated, while continuing to mutter that she loves him terribly. just then, bebo enters in and asks her not to cry as she doesnt need to listen to these people anymore. Kyra is boggled. bebo says that the court has given its verdict, and that now she is the heir to everything that grandpa had and his property. she remembers vihaan’s words, while bebo asks whats she thinking. She says that she has started loving vihaan, and if the contract ends, then she shall have to go, and she doesnt want that. bebo is shocked and then adds that she shall not go, but for the formality’s sake, she shall have to sign. Kyra then takes the pen, and signs off, while bebo is happy, and thinks that now she knows how to get krya to leave him.

Scene 2:
Location: Temple
Kyra and bebo arrive at the priest, while kyra is boggled and asks why ae they here. bebo says that she just wants to know the future of their marriage, since she loves him now. bebo asks the priest to take a look at kyra’s kundali and comment. the preist tells about the husband’s death within 3 months. kuyra is shocked to hear this, while bebo is amused. Kyra refuses to believe this, and then says that this cant be. he asks her not to believe, as when her husband died before her, as she stands helplessly, then she would herself believe, and that he is shocked how is her husband alive yet, and asks her to tell if he had any terrible accidents. she remembers all of vihaan’s mishaps. he asks when did they get married. when she says that it was 11th august, and then he is shocked and says that today her marriage completes 3 months, on the amavasya of Diwali, and she has to terminate the relationship. He tells her that vihaan is in grave danger. kyra is shocked. The priest tells kyra that she needs to leave her husband today itself, before midnight, or else by the morning, vihaan wont survive to see the light of the day. kyra is aghaast and apalled, and says that she wont do it. he sys that she is playing with fire, and later she shouldnt tell that she wasnt warned. bebo asks her to understand. but she rushes away from there. bebo is amused.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Kyra comes home to find vihaan having burnt his hand. kyra rushedly comes to vihaan, while he tries to cool off his hand. he is boggled to see her concern. She makes him sit down, and then gets water for him, while remembering the priest’s prophecy. while he is busy, she comes and dips his hand in the water. he says that its fine. she reprimands him, and then bandages his hand, and says that he could have told her atleast, if he wanted tea. he asks her to chill. She says that had something happened to him, then she would have….and then stops. He is surprised and says that its minor and she neednt upset herself. She says that it isnt minor thing. she says that it isnt and leaves. He is boggled

Scene 4:
Location: Granny’s residence
Granny shuts them all saying that now she shall speak, and they shall all listen. she says that she needs vihaan back in the house, and that she doesnt know how to achieve that, but they shall ensure that vihaan is with them on this diwali. she says that she has been noticing them lately, and they have become uncontrollable, and she has to teach them a lesson, or else vihaan wouldnt have gone. harpreet comes in asking where did he go. they are all tensed. granny taunts her saying that only she was remaining. harpreet asks whats wrong. granny says that she has gone mad due to the mothers, and that he left the house. harpreet is shocked and then says that definitely kyra must have done something. granny asks her to stay in, saying that she wont stand if anyone as much as speaks a word to kyra. she also adds that harpreet wont go alone, but they all shall, and apologise to her and vihaan and get them back in the house. They all comply, seeing her anger. Kyra comes in saying that it isnt needed, as he shall come in the house, for Diwali, and she shall herself get him here. granny is overwhelmed, while kyra assures that they shall spend the diwali with their son.

Scene 5:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Later, kyra comes in with the divorce papers and says that she is leaving. He is shocked and boggled, and asks where. she says that she got the property and what work she had come here for is over, and all the formalities are done, and one remains thats the divorce. She hands him the divorce papers and asks him to sign. he is taken aback and boggled too at the haste. she also adds that she hasnt told anyone anything, as she doesnt want to spoil their mood, and wants him to spend diwali night with his mothers. He says that this isnt possible. she says that he should go there, as after tonight, she shall leave as it is. the screen freezes on her shocked face.

Precap: granny sees the divorce papers in kyra’s bags, and is shocked. she lets out a scream calling out vihaan’s name, and then collapses on the floor, unconscious. She is rushed to the hospital. the doctors try and revive granny, with elctroshocking the heart, but in vain. She finally flatlines. He comes out and apologises to vihaan and his family, saying that she is no more. They are all apalled and aghast.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Don’t tell me she died i don’t think so only kyra could make her come back

  2. Granny get heart attack after trusted krya and and see the divorce doc.nanny had hopes over kyra for the family.she knows about kyra wealrh


  3. Oh no don’t tell me that granny died. I’m sure that if nany died then this soap is going tI be stupid

  4. Seems like this story is going to end soon. From thw ay the storyling is going nothing more is left .

  5. only hoping that granny is not deid because kyra whud be blame for it all. and there whud be no one to understand kyra granny is the only suport that vehan have other than kyra… sad

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