Satrangi Sasural 12th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 12th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Jail and the airport waioting lounge
Outside the police station, arushi and vihaan’s family are highly tensed as to how arushi shall stay and for how long she might have to stay./ granny hopes that vibha gets better soon. Meanwhile, vihaan is having hiccups, when a girl comes and presentes to him the same solution, that arushi used to give to him. He is very happy to know that the girl’s name is also arushi. He is very worried as to why arushi isnt picking up the phone. He begins to get angry at her, for being so rash and irresponsible. suddenly, Vihaan has tears in his eyes, and wonders why, without realising tht his beloved is crying too in jail. Arushi says that she wont be able to live for a single minute without him, and hopes desperately that he was

here with her right now, to get her out of this trouble. Vihaan meanwhile misconceives it as the fact that he must be missing her so terribly that tears welled up in his eyes. As he eyes the locket, containing his and arushi’s pic, a stranger passes by and accidentally brushes past him, and the locket falls on the ground. he finds his locket broken, and arushi’s pic detached from it and gets tensed. he tries to ward off all the negative ideas that crop his mind, and decides to put it to rest.

Later, girish and jhanvi get food for arushi, and feed it to her, themselves, but she is unable to eat, as she is reminded that vihaan wont be able to stay without her, or eat or live without her. At the same time, vihaan too cribs that he is so restless, and noone is bothered, self victimising himself, that even arushi doesnt care for him at all.

Scene 2:
Location: City hospital
All are tensed about vibha’s condition, but none of the hospital staff informs. They hope all gets okay. The doctor finally comes and says that priyanka is okay but vibha is still in critical condititon. they are tensed. her husband again cribs about the way the rich people have spoiled their life. Granny says that even their daughter is hurt, and they should juust pray and hope fervently that all shall be okay, instead of giving up hope. the mother asks her not to mind, as they are poor people, and cant even afford this big hospital. Granny agrees to bear all the bills, and hopes that everything is okay. Meanwhile vibha’s mother and her husband, are evilly smiling, that vibha proved good to them even in death.

In her ward, priyanka is haunted by the accident flashbacks, and wakes up with a start. She hollers for the nurse, who immediately arrives. she asks about her family. the nurse explains everything, and that arushi got her here and now she is in jail. priyanka is shocked, to know that arushi accepted of rash driving and a hit case, and she is liable to be sent to jail for a long time. Priyanka is shocked and speechless. She remembers the way she had always rebuked and insulted arushi, and thinks that she cant let arushi be punished for a fault thats not her. She decides to sneak out somehow. outside, the nruse tells about priyanka’s better condition, and they are relieved. they also get to know that vibha is out of danger. The mother and vibha’s husband are disappointed. They decide that they cant let it happen and that they shall have to do something as they cant afford this. the nruse then asks geranny that any two people can stay here, and urges not to create a crowd. narmada calls mini to come to the hospital and decides with granny that she and raunak, a sseemingly decent guy shall spend the time here.

Later, priyanka gets up, removing the mask, saying that she would have to meet arushi anyhow, as she cant let her take the blame.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Granny and others are praying, when they get vihaan’s call on priyanka’s number. they are hesitant to pick it, but finally granny picks it up, after having decided that they shall not tell vihaan the news of arushi and unnecessarily bother him. He has a nice talk with granny. He then finally asks about arushi, taunting that she used to boast about missing him, but didnt give him a single call. Granny is tensed as she expresses this to others that he wants to talk to arushi. She gives the phone to narmada, who lies that arushi has gone to her place. Vihaan thinks that he is a little relieved now. the mothers are tensed. the screen freezes on granny’s face.

Precap: Vihaan finally gets a chance to talk to arushi, who suppresses her emotions, and tries to maintain a calm face. he asks whats he doing. She says that she got busy helping girish fill up a form. The constable comes and abruptly snatcehs the phone away, and then cancels it. He is highly tenmsed. Vihaan wonders whats happeneing, and why arushi lied, or did narmada lie. He is extremely tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. come on aushi speak with your husband Vihaan and let him know what is really going on so that he can get you out of jail.

    arushi speak with your husband Vihaan and let him know what is really going on instead of making him worry as for prianka it is about time you come forward and let the family know what really happened instead if being a coward and hiding behind that mask of yours

  2. arushi was crying out for pain with her belly I hope she is pregnant and Vihaan could chastise her for the way she is treating arushi

  3. This part of the series is really nonsense.This bullshit with Priyanka and then Arushi who feels she should lie that they could love her is not making any damn sense.When will Arushi life begins.When eill she be a good wife if she is continually bombarded with these useless attacks from this woman.This makes me sick to my stomach.

  4. A very nice episode.

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