Satrangi Sasural 12th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 12th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: On the road and hospital
Kyra begs the person to return the phone. he demands for 2 lakhs, and she has no option but to haplessly comply. she thinks that she would do something once she meets the person. then she gives an address, and rushes to meet him there. mili comes there after her, and then calls the same guy, asking him for the phone, at his rate. he says that he is getting 5lakhs. She says that she shall give ten. he hurriedly complies. then she gives him an address, and he says that he shall arrive there soon.

As kyra waits for the person, where they are designated to meet, she starts getting anxious that he isnt coming. she starts getting tensed whether he would come or not, and what would she do, if she doesnt get the phone, and how she would

have to inform the police too immediately when he comes with the phone. meanwhile, the person arrives there and then asks if anyone is there, oblivious that mili lurks behind him. she comes up, and he demands for the money. Mili says that as far as she knows, he made the deal in 2 lakhs. he asks her to give the money or else he leaves. She clarifies that he shall neither get the money, nor shall be be allowed to leave. the man doesnt realise when vihaan creeps behind him, and twists his neck killing him. they both eye each other evilly. Whereas, kyra doesnt find the person coming, and goes to his home, and finds that there too he hasnt turned up yet. she wonders what to do. She then dials the number, but there is no response. she deduces that mili is behind this and she shall not spare her.

Meanwhile, in the hospital, the police informs the mothers that kyra’s time is up, and she hasnt returned yet. Narmada says that she wont return too. granny is hopeful that the truth shall prevail. all the mothers are tensed. narmada and harpreet continue to reprimand her for her wrongly placed belief in kyra. geeta however complies with granny only. Mili and vihaan return. mili asks why hasnt she come back, if she hasnt run away, with her proof of innocence. just then, the police gets kyra’s call, and all get alert. the police informs kyra that her time is up, and if she has any evidence. Kyra says yes that she has it. mili and vihaan are tensed and shocked to hear this. the mothers are tensed too. Mili wonders how is this possible, as they have the phone. Kyra says that to get the evidence, the police shall have to come there, as she cant disclose it there,
as the criminal is amidst them. the police understands and assures her, that if the recording proves otherwise, then no one shall be able to convict her. he says that he is coming. He leaves. granny notices mili tensed, but she says that she is fine. she excuses herself to go to the washroom, while vihaan is tensed. granny continues to say that she knew kyra was innocent. narmada says that this is a new drama. just then, vihaan’s phone rings with kaira’s call, and she tells him, of her plan, that she has told the police falsely that she has evidence, so that police comes, and when mili gets to know, she tries to stop them. she asks him to come with all the mothers, in the parking lot, so that they can expose mili completely. granny asks who was it, and he says that it was a wrong number. He thinks that he has to alert mili, and excuse himself, and leaves with the phone.

meanwhile, the police arrive in the parking lot and look around for her. Mili too follows them and sots them in the parking lot, and then spots kyra too, from her back side. she is tensed, as she awaits what can happen. she finds an iron rod kept on the ground, and then stealthily picks it up and starts approaching her. kyra who has implanted that girl, while she herself hides behind another car, to track mili’s moves. She wonders why hasnt vihaan come yet. She decides to go in and check. meanwhile, mili raises the rod to hit her.

Inside the hospital, as vihaan dials the number, mili cancels. he dials yet again, he doesnt realise, as kyra comes behind him. he puts the phone down. she eyes him questioningly, asking what happened, and why didnt he get the mothers down, as she was waiting for him. kyra finds that he is calling mili, and asks why is he calling mili, totally boggled and puzzled. he is at a loss for an answer. She continues to ask. the mothers come out too. vihaan gets unnerved, while kyra faces the mothers, and then blurts that she doesnt have evidence, and tells about her trap to get mili. they are all shocked. just then, the police inspector comes in with mili, in their grasp, saying that she was found in the parking lot, trying to hurt that looked like kyra, and how she was caught. vihaan is shocked, while mili is boggled. kyra says that she had no other plan. Narmada and harpreet are boggled. the mothers are stunned to hear this. Mili eyes them shamefacedly. Kyra says that mili fell for her booty trap of evidence. mili continues to protest that kyra has trapped and is blaming her. she turns to narmada and harpreet and then vihaan. the mothers are shocked, as mili is taken away by the guard, while kyra eyes her viciously. Vihaan stands helplessly. granny says that she had full faith that she is innocent. kyra smiles. harpreet and narmada still say that kyra has trapped mili, and they dont trust kyra at all. They ask him to go and get mili freed. kyra says that he wont go anywhere. She says that they shall all go home, and celebrate the children’s birthday, and that today is lohri, and they shall celebrate it together. She turns around to find vihaan upset, and wonders why isnt he happy. But he puts on his pretentious smile. She is boggled.

Scene 2:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Vihaan and the entire family cut the cake together, while all are happy for the kids. narmada and harpreet eye her disgustedly. Just then, mili comes in, and all are shocked, while narmada, harpreet and vihaan are plesantly surprised. the lady constable comes in after her, and tells that they caught the person who stole kyra’s phone and how he committed suicide leaving a note, blaming noone but himself and his guilt for having blackmailed them for his crime as the reason for his death. Kyra is shocked to hear this. the police says that they have sent kyra’s phone to the forensic lab for investigation, but it doesnt have any audio recordings. Kyra asks why they left mili, as they saw mili attacking the lady presuming to be her, and that she wants to ruin the family. mili steps in with her drama, teary eyed, saying that she did hurt the woman, but thinking that its kyra, as she tried to kill the entire family. the mothers are tensed. Mili says that she is full of rage for kyra, and just to warn her, she took that step, but didnt know that it was her planning to trap her, and if its a sin to look after her family, she would do this again and again. The constable says that for the lack of solid evidence, they had to leave her. she leaves. kyra eyes mili furiously. the mothers go to their desired bahus. A woman comes in asking them to come out and enjoy the lohri bonfire. granny asks them to come along, and celebrate the festival forgetting everything. All leave, leaving behind kyra and mili, as they confront each other. The screen freezes on kyra’s tensed face.

Precap: Mili challenges kyra that she shall spoil her entire family. kyra asks if she would be able to do that, and ruin her family. Mili says that she would ruin her first, so that she cant save her own family. In the bonfire, mili thinks that now she wont be able to escape her ire. kyra too vehemently thinks that he lord has, and always shall protect her.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. I will truly miss watching zee tv but in another sense I am glad that it is coming off the air because these writers do not know when to bring a serial to an end and I mean a good end imagine all that Vihaan and arushi and the mothers have been through with vibha and still these writers could not end it on a happy note no they had to start this shit storyline with mili and her witch craft we are so fed up with all this black magic witch craft nonsense in all these serials and now it is just prolonging with milli WRITERS TO TELL THE TRUTH WE ARE TOTALLY FED UP WITH IT MAYBE THAT IS WHY Z TV IS GOING OFF THE AIR LIKE I SAID IT WILL BE MISSED IN A WAY BUT WE TOO ARE FED UP THE SHIT AND IT IS NOT JUST ONE SERIAL IT IS ALL KAMAI RAJA, QUBOOL HAI, KUM KUM BHAGYA, KAALA TEEKA,EK THA RAJA AND MOST OF ALL SATRANGI SASURAL THAT ONE SERIAL IS WAY TOO MESSED UP SO GOOD RIDDNCE Z TV IT WAS GOOD WHILE IT LASTED AND THAT IS ONLY IN THE BEGINNING

  2. correct spelling JAMAI RAJA

  3. Looks like they going to get rid of Vihan otherwise he wont commit murder.

  4. Its time Vihan character bids adieu. No personality.

  5. Vihan’s role has become boring and useless . Time to let the good win over the bad.
    Mili’s Magic has played its role for so long. Pls stop this magic things.
    It’s spoiling everything.

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