Satrangi Sasural 12th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 12th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s reisdence
As vihaan comes inside in his car, he is stopped by prahlad and girish, who get down on his feet, asking rather begging him to marry arushi. prahlad asks vihaaan, to help them winning over his mothers. He says that it isnt that easy, and that he shall definitely marry arushi. he proposes a condition, that they wont interfere in any which way in their marriage finalisation, as they have already ruined it enough. prahlad and girishg are tensed, but comply neverthlesss, showing an overexuberant display of love and affection towards vihaan, who’s irritable, but doesnt express it. he leaves. He asks them to go home, and they comply. vihaan is tensed as he goes inside. girish tells that there’s definitely something cooking in his

mind. Prahlad decides to watch him, till he doesnt marry arushi, and they love in merriment thereafter.

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Scene 2:
Location: Old age shelter
narmada comes to a Kusum Ben, in the old age shelter, as its her birthday, and is shocked to know that a surprise birthday is being planned for her, which actually arushi has planned. Kusum thanks arushi, that she should be lucky to have a daughter like her, and everyone should. arushi cheers her up. narmada is happy to see arushi. the ward boy announces that her son has come. she gets very happy that her son has come to take her home after seven years. Kusum is very happy to see that her son has come. She rushes to hug him. But the son says to him, that they are shifting to America, and since they are falling short of money, they have decide to sell the house. He says that he has come to take her signatures. she is shocked. he asks whats she thinking, as once she signs, he can take off. All are disgusted. The others ask kusum not to. she says that its her son and her property, as he would be happy in america, and she cant shatter their dreams. the son becomes happy. she signs off the papers. Arushi is enraged, while she goes inside. The son thanks her and leaves. She is too grieved. Arushi is too enraged, not to react. She goes to that person and slaps him tight, saying that this is for what he did. She asks how can he leave his mother like this and enjoy life. She says that his children too are seeing what he is doing. She points out how wrong he is, and how non complaining she is. He is tensed. Narmada eyes this. Arushi advises him too to book a room, here as soon his children would do the same to him. She brands him shameless, and leaves. Narmada sees all this. They come inside, to find kusum refusing to take her meds, saying that she is fine. the son comes and asks her to drink the medicine. She asks why he hasnt left. The son understands his mistakes, and apologises profusely for the torture that he out her through. narmada goes to arushi and asks why is she crying. She says that these are tears of happiness. narmada asks her to be happy always.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Narmada comes back to find that all the mothers along with her, have selected a girl for vihaan. Vihaan thinks that he knows th girl everyone is talking about, and that without any plan, she impressed narmada too. the ladies start fighting over who vihaan shall marry. He is amused, as they all find out that all the girls’ name is Arushi, and are shocked. they show the pic to Vihaan, who says that he likes her instantly. the ladies are super happy, while vihaan stands amused. They decide to show the girl to vihaan, and he resignedly says yes, barely hiding his excitement. he asks what if he doesnt like her, just to have fun. They decide to take a combined interview, which gets the fun out of vihaan, while the ladies are excited. he hopes that arushi passes this.

Scene 4:
Location: Arushi’s residence
Arushi gets ready to face vihaan’s mothers. she is least interested, while prahlad keeps showering love on her. She and her mother storm out. Prahlad thinks that his daughter wont be able to stay away and angry at her father for long, and starts dreaming of the dowry that he would steal from vihaan, for his life.

Scene 5:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Arushi faces them all, along with vihaan, while they both pretend to be casual. they all then decide to interrogate her, while she is super tensed. He asks her to relax. harpreet asks questions on cooking, and she stands speechless. All ladies look expectantly. Arushi says that she doesnt know how to cook, astounding everybody. Mini thinks that her wicket went down. she says that she might not know cooking, but she would learn soon, so that vihaan never goes hungry. all the ladies are impressed. All the ladies start throwing questions from all ends, on matters which concerns and is dearest to them the most, like Mini on her fitness, priyanka regarding her temperament, geeta regarding her worshipping, nilima regarding her business and narmada regading her family. All are super happy with her answers, as she satisfies them perfectly. Arushi says that she shall work, but only with their permission. geeta says that she doesnt need to work, and if she does, who will manage the house. Arushi sits tensed. nilima stands for her. Arushi says that she too has planned to manage house and office properly. Arushi answers narmada’s questions perfectly too. Finally granny comes anrgily, asking whats going on. As she finds out, and sees arushi, she gets tensed. The screen freezes on Granny’s face.

Precap: As mini and others excitedly open their house to welcome their future in laws, they are surprised to see arushi’s parents, they re shocked to find that its girish and prahlad’s family. Arushi and her mother and dadaji are tensed of their reaction, along with vihaan.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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