Satrangi Sasural 12th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 12th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Kyra and vihaan take blessings from everyone, but there is visible tension between him and narmada. He tells her apalled, that the mother who tries to come in the way of her son’s happiness, she doesnt deserve to be called a mother. All are shocked. granny laments that they treated him and kyra so badly, which forced him to behave like this and alienate himself from the rest of the family. Nilima says that he has forgotton about the happiness of his mothers. Granny denies that they have in fact forgotten about him and his happiness, and not the other way around. geeta asks granny not to waste her time on these adamant people. Geeta asks her to come along, for the griha pravesh ritual. She complies.

As the griha pravesh starts,

granny does their ceremonial puja, whil all weatch, as vihaan and kyra look at each other happily. Geeta then places the kalash, as kyra promises to herself, that she shall absolve all differences between him and his mothers, as somewhere or the other, she is responsible for this, and she shall have to get them back on talking terms. Granny asks kyra to drop the kalash, and she excitedly puts her foot ahead and does. Granny then asks her to put her left foot in the thali, but before she can, vihaan and kyra are shocked, as mili steps her foot in the alta, while granny asks her not to do this ritual, as she isnt married, and geeta says that its meant for kyra and vihaan. Kyra retreats back. Nilima and mini too ask her to stop this. But harpreet and narmada come and say that she is his half wife, as she took 3 and a half pheras with him, and the rituals of the marriage, that too before kyra, so she has the rightful ownership of vihaan, as his wife. They are shocked to hear this. kyra is distraught. Vihaan is outraged. geeta asks if she has gone mad totally. Narmada vehemently defends mili, that she isnt at fault, as she was already denying but they all convinced, and she was thrown out, the minute kyra stepped in. She asks if she even understands what she means. granny asks if she is suggesting two wives. Narmada says that only one rightful wife is there, and thats arushi’s sister, Mili. Mili thinks that now the target is right as she remembers how she had blackmailed them into this. she goes back into flashback. harpreet says to her that they understand her pain and asks her to forget it. She asks how, as she had denied, but she was forced, and when she agreed, then they threw her out dejectedly, and asks what justice is this for a girl. She says that her sister sacrificed her life, and yet they threw her out, in the name of spirit salvation, when she didnt want to do. Mili wonders why this happened. Nilima tries to explain that kyra was his wife, and this marriage was merely a formality for arushi’s sake. Priyanka adds that arushi is dead already, and that kyra is his second wife. Narmada asks what about her now, as whats her fault. Mili tries to emotionally blackmail them that she doesnt know where she shall go, as she is destined for a half life, when arushi got released, and starts talking suicidal. narmada asks what shall she do. Mili says that she shall kill herself, as this life cant get any worse, and its best that she does to arushi. Harpreet asks her not to speak so, or lose hope, as they shall do something. Mili smiles remembering this. Vihaan asks how can they think this, as she isnt his wife at all, since they didnt finish the marriage. Narmada tells vihaan that their marriage was a contract too, and this isnt a marriage. granny says that they performed all rituals now. harpreet advocates for mili, while narmada joins in. They say that destiny too doesnt favour this marriage, as every phera created trouble, which they conveniently ignored and begs them to try and understand. Granny too asks them to accept this marriage now. mili eyes them evilly. geeta gets enraged and says that they are totally mad. Mili deliberately puts her other foot down in the alta and begs them to stop this, as she has been humiliated enough and cant bear it anymore, and walks in, creating the imprints of her footstep in the house as she does so. Narmada begs vihaan to accept mili, as they wont be able to accept kyra. granny and geeta are frustrated saying that the truth shall not change with this opinion, as kyra shall remain the bahu of the house. then they ask kyra to step inside with the rituals. She dons both her feet in the alta and then starts walking ahead, confused and boggled. Kyra steps in distraught and apalled, resigning herself to coming in second. Mili eyes them evilly, as she places her footprints right next to mili’s. narmada and harpreet are shocked to see her foot prints as they are reverse, and are shocked as they comment that such footprints are of the ghosts. Kyra is thoroughly boggled and shocked too. All look down and are shocked too, while priyanka and nilima are boggled. But they find that its all straight, and then reprimand themn severely for this nonsense. He finally bursts into anger at whats going on and says that he was bearing all this while only for their sake, but they cant take this nonsense any further. harpreet and narmada are however boggled. he cites all this as drama and asks whats the problem. All are tensed. harpreet and narmada resigndly give up, but both confused and boggled. All wish goodnight and lead to their rooms.

As vihaan and kyra step in, they find the room, set up in a romantic manner, with the bed beautifully decorated for their wedding night, but the kids soundly asleep in it. They eye each other awkwardly yet romantically. He goes upto the children, and then kyra joins him too. They together love at the children lovingly, while she looks at him. he looks at her and smiles too, and then takes her hand, and cups it in his, as if thanking her for what she did. she is overwhelmed with emotions. She also thanks him, for his support. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Kyra walks in the kitchen, to find mili burning the puja thali red hot, while its all set for the morning prayers. she is boggled. Later, beside the temple, as all are ready for the morning prayers, Narmada asks mili to come and do the puja. She hesitates. Kyra too encourages her to come along, as all are waiting. Mili eyes the puja thali tensedly. Suddenly, much to their surprise, the puja thali falls on the floor, shocking them all.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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