Satrangi Sasural 12th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 12th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location Vihaan’s residence
All the mothers are shocked to hear vihaan’s order, that from this day forth, her maternity leave starts, and she has to go to her mother’s house. Arushi is shocked, while the mothers are apalled.

Later, Vibha reminds arushi, while she is packing her stuff, that she had told her, that he shall himself leave arushi out of the house, and arushi did lose finally. She says that she did win finally. She begins to go, when she is stopped by arushi, who stands up and says that the game isnt over yet, and till she doesnt reach the finish line, she cant be declared the winner, and hence asks her to wait as she would return back soon. Vibha says that this wont happen. Arushi says that now the game is interesting, and asks her too

to enjoy like she is. Vibha leaves. Arushi eyes the tablet, thinking that vibha doesnt know about this, and that now all she has to do is find out about this tablet, and hence she cant leave the house right now. Harpreet and geeta come with granny, while they wonder what to do, as they cant let her go like this. Arushi asks her not to do anything, as she isnt going anywhere, and will stay here only with them. They ask how. She smiles. As the time draws near, all the mothers get tensed, while arushi comes down to leave. vihaan wishes her the best, and says that manohar shall drop her. Geeta says that manohar isnt here as he has gone with narmada and mini to the temple. vihaan is boggled, and they ask him only to drop her. They are amused, while vibha is furious. Granny says that they cant let arushi go alone in this rainy weather. Vihaan agrees to go, and vibha immediately says that she too shall go, so that after dropping arushi, they can have some leisure time. Vihaan agrees. Hurriedly, Granny asks how can she go, and then starts mumbling. vibha boggled, asks why. granny says that today is Ekadashi, and after her griha pravesh, she has to prepare food, as a customary ritual. vibha is angry, and vihaan agrees that he shall leave arushi alone. Vibha tries to protest, while granny asks her to get going, as she has to do everything herself. Vibha is tensed. Granny says that this is a test of the bahu, and everyone enjoys. vihaan is amused too. vibha sits resignedly. Vihaan reaches for her bags at the same time arushi does, and their hands touch. They look at each other awkardly while the mothers are amused. Arushi lets go, while vihaan carries them. While vihaan takes her luggage out, Arushi takes a tearful and sad goodbye from all the mothers. vihaan takes her luggage and goes out. Arushi leaves. geeta then comes to vibha and says that she was so interested in becoming the bahu, now she would know what it means to have seven mother in laws’ and wrenches her hand terribly. Vibha is angry.

Later, Harpreet cribs about tea, while vibha asks her to drink if she wants or throw it away. harpreet reminds her that she is interested to be the bahu, then she should brace up for it. Granny and geeta too holler and reprimand her, saying that she should have thought about this earlier. Vibha takes the tea and is about to turn back to the kitchen when geeta intentionally pulls her leg ahead, so that vibha trips and loses her balance, causing the tea cups to fall on the floor. Vibha turns around and raises her hand to slap her, but harpreet catches it midway angrily. Geeta and granny are shocked. Harpreet turns her around and then asks her to beware, or else she would have to face harpreet’s slap herself. Vibha is in a rage. harpreet asks her to be in her limits. Vibha tells them that they are making a big mistake, as arushi is gone, and she is their bahu. She says that arushi shall never return back now, and is gone forever, and now its only her. geeta assures her that arushi doesnt get defeated so easily and soon she would return back. she asks vibha to get lost and prepare food. vibha eyes them angrily.

Scene 2:
Location: Kasturi’s client’s residence
Girish comes in tensedly, while the client says that she knew he would come. he says that he came to return the money, as his mother asked him to do, since it was additional. She says that the additional money was for him. he says that he has nothing to do with her, and that he doesnt need money from her. He asks her to forget what happened yesterday. she comes close to him. she seductively asks if he can actually forget what happened yesterday. She grabs him by the shirt and takes him to the bedroom, while he is frazzled.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
While on the road, arushi eyes vihaan lovingly, while he drives. He unconsciously takes a turn, and arushi is surprised, and asks how did he know that this turn would lead them to her house, and if he remembered back. Vihaan says that he himself felt like it intuitively. Arushi says that this means he remembers the road, and asks if he remembers the house, in Laxmi nagar. He is boggled and stops the car. he asks if they have another house. she asks him to try and remember. He says that he doesnt. She gives him the next directions. She is highly hopeful of vihaan’s memory coming back soon. She takes it as a big sign, and thinks that vihaan remembered naturally, and that now she would have to create more such situations, that make him remember his routine that comes naturally to him, and that he comes out of the darkness, and then throws vibha out of the house. she takes out her mobile, and sends kasturi a message. She reads it and is shocked.

Scene 4:
Location: Kasturi’s residence
Arushi and vihaan come to kasturi’s place, where they are all tensed too. Arushi introduces him to her family, and they all greet her. Vihaan tells them why is arushi here, and that she would stay here till the delivery. he adds that she shall be given her monthly salary on time, and if they need anything else, he would himself see to it that she gets them and he delivers it himself. She thanks him. He takes their leave. All of her family watch her tensedly. he begins to wear his shoes, while arushi asks her to do what she told her to do. Kasturi slaps arushi tight, while she winces in pain. Vihaan is shocked, as kasturi starts pretending to be an evil stepmother, asking who is going to take care of her and the baby now, and that she became a burden now, as she would have done something wrong, hence such nice people left her here. she says that she wont be treated royally, and that she would have to work. She asks her to go and start working, cribbing about her bad luck, that she got married in this house, and now has to take care of stepdaughter and her child too. Vihaan is shocked to know of this. Dadaji and jhanvi are tensed. She asks arushi if she would speak anything, or should she slap her. she raises her hand, but vihaan stops it midway, eyeing her angrily. Arushi waits for his reaction. he warns her not to, asking how could she raise her hand on arushi, being her mother, and being a woman herself, how could she do this, to another woman. He says that she doesnt deserve to be called a mother. he says that right now, arushi needs her family and especially the mother the most. He asks her if she cant see arushi’s loneliness and sadness. Kasturi pretends to be unaffected. vihaan says that he was wrong in thinking that arushi would be pampered, taken care of, and loved here. He says that in her pregnant state, he wont let arushi stay here even for a single second. Arushi is overwhelmed with emotions, as he stands up for her, while all others are relieved, that one way or other, arushi is back with vihaan again. The screen freezes on arushi’s, vibha’s and vihaan’s faces.

Precap: vibha tells granny that she prepared the food after much effort, and now she intentionally burnt it down. She warns them not to try and be oversmart and stop with their tactics. Vibha warns them that if they dont comply, then arushi is already thrown out, and if they dont straighten up, then she shall start to throw them out too of the house, one by one. They are tensed. Arushi asks her not to even dare think, that arushi isnt with them. Vibha eyes her in shock and disgust, as she stands at the entrance. the mothers eye arushi, relieved and happy.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Nice episode
    Vibha don’t put ur hopes too high girl what u think that u can get arushi out of the house then u must be dreaming i don’t think u know arushi yet when it come to her vihaan she can do anything for him to be safe n be out of danger so instead of challenge the mother’s i think u shld start worring about herself cuz arushi is back to win her husband back

  2. I cannot wait for arushi to get that tablet tested so they would know the truth that the tablet is delaying his memory coming back arushi I know you are a no nonsense person so put vibha in her place and I like the act that you put on with kasturi to make Vihaan think you are being ill treated by your mother way to go girl and you are back where you rightfully belong so vibha on your landing gear because you are about to be catapulted into the air out on your behind I definitely hope that the seven mothers beat you to a pulp first one thing for sure I hope that you are charged by the police so writers I hope you know that what vibha is doing to Vihaan is an offence giving him drugs that he should not be taking she vibha needs to be in jail with the rest of the family step mother and husband I cannot wait to see that happen LOL I knew it was too good to be true your own husband leave you for your step mother a way older woman there had to be a reason they both sensed that you were a good for nothing rat anyway watch out ratvib your doom is near

  3. Super duper episode.


  5. how come email address are published what required fields are marked then

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  6. The writers need to re-think cancelling this beautiful story – pleeeaaaze

  7. wow!i like kasturi en arushi’s act,come on arushi en show her how to behave decently en to earn everyone love en respect especially with the seven mother..can’t wait to see vibha thrown out by vihan himself

  8. Love Vihaan & arushi & Granny Nice story great acting but i am missing Josha akbar which was one of my favourite so a part two will be great

  9. I must say that the writers r talented…. Arushi is strong & she will overcome her problems & get her vihaan back..ankita from pavitra rishta endured worst & she won her love bk …gunjan & rachna from sapne suhane endured worst & they got their loves bk….because they were strong & they fought through it..especially anika..nt forgetting anika was also pregnant… Arushi i kno u can do

  10. It…
    Ohhhhh & vibha needs to be thought a lesson since she’s trying to interfere with true love.. Vihaan & arushi was put together by god(in the serial)….even tho i cry every time i watch this serial i always feel pleased & inspired… Gud job!!

  11. As much as I dislike this repetitive memory loss track, I am glad at least everyday we see some kind of progress and not dragging like the other shows.

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